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VMware has published a new OS Optimization tool for VDI machines. There are a lot of new things, and fixes: Change Log. Windows 10 template (beta) Login time optimization, for Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1. Visual effect correction, now works for both current user and new users. This change applies to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 the one I've seen the tool is the power policy, you need to use gpedit to set to your own policy and then make sure the screen timeout in the power policy is VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o recommended -t “VMware Templates\Windows 10 1809-2004-Server 2019” -v -notification disable -visualeffect performance -windowsupdate enable -storeapp remove-all --exclude paint3D calculator -background #20B2AA -finalize all Customizing Built-In OS Optimization Tool Templates Beyond its built-in optimization capabilities, the OS Optimization Tool enables you to create custom templates. Using the OS Optimization Tool template editor, you can create and apply your own optimizations.

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Thanks for that good workaround. Did you also try recreating HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4340}? This didn't help in my particular case, i would like to work out if indeed this was the root cause.Has anyone had VMs lock after 15 minutes of inactivity after running the Optimization tool? I'm unable to reverse or modify this setting. I've tried multiple settings, reg changes, GPO changes. The VMs continue to lock after 15 minutes."

VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -generalize Finalize Performs tasks to clean up the system and clear information. These tasks are generally recommended to be run as the last step before shutting down to use the prepared master image in Horizon. These should also be used after a revision to the Windows image with application installation or update, or a Windows update process. Anyone use VMware OS optimization tool (fling) on production VM's? I'm rebuilding my pools, and refreshing my snapshot. Previously I've used the optimization tool and it seems to have been working, but I'm wondering if anyone else is using this, or if I should be going a different route until this is no longer a fling The VMware OS Optimization Tool helps optimize Windows 7/8/2008/2012/10 systems for use with VMware Horizon View. The optimization tool includes customizable templates to enable or disable Windows system services and features, per VMware recommendations and best practices, across multiple systems

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What does this mean and can you share what you've set in the gpos, also look at power settings as well.The graphical chart makes it easy to review how close the analyzed system is to being optimally configured for best performance in terms of the optimization importance. VMware Flings Flings. Anonymous • Jun 26, 2017. Hi Jamie, This is my solution, a little long but works great! VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o -t “VMware Templates\Windows 10 1809-2004-Server 2019” - notification disable Windows Update Specify whether Windows Update is enabled or disabled. When enabled Windows updates will be downloaded and installed. With non-persistent desktops it is highly recommended to disable Windows updates and handle updates through the master VM and by updating the pool.The OS Optimization Tool includes the ability to automate and help with some of the common clean up tasks that are typically run just before using the prepared image. These include system clean up tasks and clearing information that makes the image cleaner and ready for use with Horizon.

After a few moments, the tool should come back with recommended configuration changes for your system. It will display the current Optimization applied and the recommended Optimization Not Applied. These “not applied” settings are the settings that get changed when you run the Optimize process.--exclude: can be used on conjunction with the remove-all parameter to specify certain applications to be kept.Caution: In the Group Apply HKEY_USERS Settings to Registry, do not change any settings in the Steps for:

After running the OS Optimization Tool version b1094 the Security Tab under the Internet Options of IE11 becomes locked down. The zones all have keys over them and cannot be edited. After rolling back the optimization it still remains locked down along with every new profile created VMware LABS - Updated Fling. VMware OS Optimization Tool. Davoud Teimouri - Virtualization and Data Center says: [] Veeam Backup & Replication Best Practices [] Veeam Backup & Replication - Re-IP Rule on Linux VM - Davoud Teimouri - Virtualization and Data Center says if i do not run the optimization tool for a test VM i can adjust settings like i want. but the moment i do, i cannot. The VMware OS Optimization Tool helps in preparing and optimizing Windows 10/8/7 and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008 systems for use with VMware Horizon. At a high level, the process of creating a master VM image consists of the following steps

The Common Options button opens a dialog where the tabs allow you to quickly and easily choose and set preferences to control common functionality.Horizon 7 is a desktop virtualization solution that enables organizations to deliver virtualized or remote desktops and applications to end users through a single platform.The OS Optimization Tool will detect if Windows is in audit mode. If it does not detect audit mode, Sysprep does not need to be run. In that case the OS Optimization Tool it will display a warning and disable the Generalize button at the bottom of the screen.

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  1. Hi all. My last project was based on VMware Horizon View & Windows 10. So there are a lot of guides out there (see link list at the end). I did some other changes that helped me
  2. Note: If the icon next to an item is a green check mark, selecting or deselecting the item will make no difference.
  3. Amongst the settings in the common options dialog there is the option to remove Windows 10 Store Apps while keeping the commonly used ones. In the example below, all Windows Store Apps will be removed apart from Alarms & Clock, Calculator, and Paint3D.
  4. 8 : Create local group policies. (To enable this option, copy LGPO.exe into the Windows\System32 or the current user directory).
  5. Included with that, the tool provides customizable templates to enable or disable Windows system services and features in line with the recommendations made by VMware according to documented best practices.

well i have tried different registry changes, another person with the same problem said he has done GPO settings In addition to many updates and new releases this quarter, Fling download numbers are at a record high. At the end of last quarter, the top Fling (OS Optimization Tool) had 9,914 downloads. This quarter, the top Fling (Embedded Host Client) leads with a whopping 21,829 downloads, with the OS Optimization Tool close behind In January seven flings received an updated while no new flings have been released, it can't have a launch party every month can we? Six familiar names with the vSphere HTML5 Web Client , Desktop Watermark , Horizon Toolbox , HCIBench , Blockchain on vSphere and the OS Optimization tool plus the lesser updated (last update august 2016) DoD. In the example above, the built-in Windows 10 1809-2004-Server 2019 template has been copied. This allows you to edit and change settings.Windows was designed for physical hardware, specifically desktops, and for that hardware to be accessed by just one user at a time. Windows uses many resources to present a responsive desktop, but many of its settings are unnecessary or even detrimental when applied to a virtual environment. These actions include, for example, animating windows as the user opens them. Performing this animation takes significant CPU resources, which decreases the number of desktops that you can host per physical server.  Consequently, this nonessential function in a virtual machine (VM) environment increases the amount of system hardware that you need. Even if hardware is plentiful, Windows animations do not perform well when accessed remotely, especially when connecting over a slow WAN or Internet connection. As a result, keeping animations enabled (in addition to other features unnecessary for VMs) impairs the end-user experience.

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Being experts in improving user-experience, and as the industry-standard in VDI performance testing, we here at Login VSI decided we should test the effects of optimizing your desktop images and demonstrate how to perform these steps in your VDI environment.Could you try if recreating the REG_SZ StubPath value under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4340}, and setting it to U (without the quotes) fixes the issue? That's the registry value that's removed by OSOT, which results in these symptoms. Optimize the Windows operating system in virtual desktops and RDSH servers using the VMware Operating System Optimization Tool, but recognize that some optimizations applied by default might reduce quality or disable features required to support higher-quality applications

VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o -t "My Templates\My Windows 10 1809-2004" Optimize all default selected items, with specified template file. You can optimize an image using the VMware OS Optimization tool VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o Optimize, using with the default template, for only recommended items and mandatory items. Show verbose messages. The VMware OS Optimization Tool helps optimize Windows 7/8/2008/2012 systems for use with VMware Horizon View. The optimization tool includes customizable templates to enable or disable Windows system services and features, per VMware recommendations and best practices, across multiple systems #000000: Is the hex value of the color. See https://htmlcolorcodes.com/color-names/ for a list of possible colors and the corresponding hex value.

This Fling supports the most popular USB network adapter chipsets found in the market. Virtual Machine Compute Optimizer. The Virtual Machine Computer Optimizer (VMCO) is a Powershell script that uses the PowerCLI module to capture information about the hosts and VMS running in your vSphere environment, and reports back on whether the VMs are. The VMware Labs flings monthly for March 2018 By Wouter 02/04/2018 23/05/2018 Fling, vExpert. So how was your april fools this year? I bet a lot of children have been looking for eggs that where never hidden. VMware OS Optimization Tool. Some use scripts, some use other tools but for me the OSOT is the preferred method to optimize my golden. does anybody know what setting i need to adjust in the tool to let me do what i would like? because i am unable to find it in there.These options normally involve configuring multiple individual settings. By grouping the actions together, the individual settings get configured as necessary to give the desired outcome. VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o -v > c:\temp\mylog.txt 2>&1 Controlling Common Options When running an optimize command (-o) you can also specify the common options settings.

2 : Compact. Enables CompactOS to compress specific Windows system files to free up space. Can take several minutes to execute.Mandatory – You must apply the optimization to the item in the target system because of problems or issues that the OS Optimization Tool has identified.Before you optimize the master image, you can export the analysis results to an HTML file for record keeping and to share with other personnel. You can also compare the analysis results with the post optimization results.

The VMware Labs flings monthly for July 2018 By Wouter 01/08/2018 01/08/2018 ESXI , EUC Champion , Fling , Horizon , vExpert , VMware , vSphere It's been a busy month in the world of flings all of the flings except for one on the first page are new or updated ones Caution: If the icon next to an item is a blue i, and it has been deselected by the OS Optimization Tool, selecting it for optimization can cause instability. Test the optimization of this item before putting it into a production environment.

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This video covers what is new in the VM storage policies interface in vSphere Client 6.7. Installing a guest OS on a VM by uploading an ISO Image in the vSphere Web Client VMware Fling. Optimize using a specified template with the default selected items and disabling system notifications. VMWARE FLINGS. https://labs.vmware.com. What I refer to is short term projects the incredibly talented VMware Engineers work on. There are a lot of tools to choose from depending on what you want to do. A few of my favorites: VMware OS Optimization Tool Why?? I run VMware fusion virtual machines and want to streamline and optimize the GuestOS After running the OS Optimization Tool version b1094 the Security Tab under the Internet Options of IE11 becomes locked down. The zones all have keys over them and cannot be edited. After rolling back the optimization it still remains locked down along with every new profile created. Can this be undone? A default installation of Microsoft Windows contains a number of configuration settings, components, and scheduled tasks that may not be required or are no

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You may wonder, “what if I want to revert back to the settings before running the optimization tool?”. This is a valid question. The VMware OS Optimization Tool has you covered. If you click the History button in the top ribbon. It will display the various “states” that it has captured. You can rollback your Windows OS to the previous state before the optimizations were applied. It basically reverses the operation that it performed when applying the configuration changes.This guide is written for data center administrators and IT personnel who want to optimize Windows operating systems. The guide assists you in working with the OS Optimization Tool and provides an ongoing reference as you become a more proficient OS Optimization Tool user. VMware will periodically update this document to reflect continuing enhancements to the OS Optimization Tool and future releases of the Windows operating system.The installation is as simple as can be, so I've made this handy little video, showing exactly how to install VMware OSOT:During the initial VM creation step you install Windows. As part of the Windows installation you should enter audit mode.

VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT) The VMware OS Optimization Tool or OSOT is a creation from the VMware Flings Labs and is community driven. The VMware OSOT also uses templates to analyze and optimize your virtual machine. Out of the box it comes with an abundance of templates. There are templates for Windows 7, 8.1 ,10 2008-2012, and 2016 Note: You can also optimize physical machines by removing nonessential functions in a similar manner. However, the focus of this document is on the administration of master images to be deployed to end users or used as RDSH servers. VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o recommended -v Optimize all default selected items, with a specified VMware template.

Optional – The OS Optimization Tool has no recommendation regarding applying the optimization to the item in the target system. Determine if the setting is applicable to your organization’s use cases. The OS Optimization Tool is a free VMware Fling that you can download. OS Optimization Tool Features . A row of tab buttons provides the main functions and operations of the OS Optimization Tool: Optimize - Analyze the current state of Windows using a template and then apply the selected optimizations The company Login VSI provides end-user performance insights for virtualized desktop and server based computing environments. Enterprise IT departments use flagship product Login VSI (for scalability testing) and new addition Login PI (for availability testing) in all phases of their virtual desktop deployment—from planning to deployment to change management—to build and safeguard a good performance, a high availability, and (as a result) a good and consistent end-user experience. For more information about Login VSI or for a free test license contact us.

VMware has had their Lab Flings program going for a number of years now and in 2015 I wrote this post listing out my Top 5 Flings. Since then there have been some awesome Flings released and I thought it was a good time to update my Top 5 Flings to reflect the continued awesomeness generated within the VMware Labs. Since my last post there have also been a number of flings that have found. WINDOWS 10 OPTIMIZATION TEST RESULTS Introduction This paper presents crucial test results that demonstrate the benefits of the VMware Operating System Optimization Tool (OSOT) Fling for View desktops in VMware Horizon® 7. It compares optimized and non-optimized versions of Windows 10 and optimized Windows 7, highlighting the resources needed t

If you see SUCCESS, you do not have to be concerned about the Expected Result or Actual Result values in their respective columns because the item has been optimized.I’m a fierce believer in automation: everything you can automate, should be automated. I’ve observed so many times that manual steps leave small errors in your desktop images that can cause mayhem, therefore I wouldn’t do anything to my VDI environment that cannot be automated. So, does VMware OSOT allow automation? Yes it does! I’ve integrated it nicely in our Microsoft MDT environment but the same thing should work for other systems like SCCM. The OS Optimization Tool is a fling created by VMware. This tool allows you to enable or disable windows services and features defined in the optimization guide. Note: A VMware fling is an unsupported software tool created by VMware Engineer(s). Users of a said fling are encouraged to leave comments and or report bugs When you first launch the VMware OS Optimization Tool, if you have never used it before, you first run the Analyze step. This analyzes your system for the current state of settings, configuration, and other configurables to see what may need to be adjusted.

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VMware OS Optimization Tool is a free program for devices running Windows designed to optimize those devices for running VMWare Horizon View. While that is the main purpose, it is an optimization software that has its uses even if VMware Horizon View is not installed on the computer Another type of optimization that is frequently performed is one that is made spontaneously to remote systems. This kind of optimization is often performed to tune something that was not optimized when the system was first deployed. However, it is also performed because something has changed, and new optimizations are needed on remote systems that cannot be redeployed. You can perform both types of optimization using the OS Optimization Tool. The Windows 10 Optimization Test Results: View in VMware Horizon 7 white paper is short and sweet, and the main points are easy to grasp. What are they? There is a lot of useful information in our new VMware Windows Operating System Optimization Tool Guide. The OSOT Fling provides extra information and tips for further tuning and optimization VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o -t “VMware Templates\Windows 10 1809-2004-Server 2019” -background #87CEEB Generalize Generalizing the Windows image removes computer-specific information so that the image can be safely cloned and deployed throughout the enterprise. This performs a Sysprep using the provided unattend answer file.

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  1. istrator for the user name and leave the password field blank.
  2. What Are VMWare Flings? VMWare flings are apps and tools designed by their engineers to be played with and explored. These apps and tools are meant to be used with VMWare's virtualization platform. Many provide solutions to problems or dateadd inconveniences within certain programs. For example, their VMWare OS Optimization Tool was designed.
  3. On a continual monthly basis in 2016, the OSOT has received more downloads than any other End-User-Computing Fling, or even any other End-User-Computing document. It is now more popular and widely used than anyone imagined when it was initially developed. The OSOT also has a lot of community-driven input, and new versions are released at a relatively fast pace.
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  1. PowervRACloud is a PowerShell module that abstracts the VMware vRealize Automation Cloud APIs to a set of easily used PowerShell functions. This tool provides a comprehensive command line environment for managing your VMware vRealize Automation Cloud environment.
  2. Ubuntu OVA for Horizon is a pre-packaged OVA built on Ubuntu that automates the configuration needed for a Linux Desktop Template to be used in a VMware Horizon 7 environment.
  3. New VMware Fling - OS Optimization Tool The VMware OS Optimization Tool helps optimize Windows 7 desktops for use with VMware Horizon View. The optimization tool includes customizable templates to enable or disable Windows system services and features, per VMware recommendations and best practices, across multiple systems
  4. This utility from VMware just went out as a Fling and it's called VMware OS Optimization Tool. This is the first release which can be used for Windows 7/8 desktops. It's a small MSI package (3.5 Megs) which can be used two ways. In fact there are two icons on the desktop when you first install it. Update: Recently updated to support.
  5. Note: Custom Optimization is used to add an additional operation during optimization, and Custom RollBack is used to add an additional operation during rollback. Entering information for one Action Type does not negate any information already entered for another Action Type. These operations are additive.
  6. The following is a look at a few screens of the new VMware OS Optimization Tool showing the analyze, optimize, and rollback screens.
  7. Hi Jamie, This is my solution, a little long but works great!! add a five REG KEYS in the base image or add with UEM to users.

No real 'optimization for virtualization' needed if you deployed it as a virtual. The only 'cleanup' I've ever done is a P2V cleanup of useless driver software or the optimization tool from vmware's lab for virtual desktop parents The VMware OS Optimization Tool is a VMware Fling that helps optimize Windows 7/8/2008/2012/10 systems for use with VMware . The optimization tool includes customizable templates to enable or disable Windows system services and features, per VMware recommendations and best practices, across multiple systems Note: The OS Optimization Tool does not support optimizing Windows Server 2008 or 2012 when those operating systems are used as single-session desktops.

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The text box names and values for each action parameter type are described in the following sub-steps and tables. for VMware Horizon Air™ Desktops and VMware Horizon Air Apps using the VMware Operating System VMware Operating System Optimization Tool The free VMware OSOT makes it easy to apply configuration settings to virtual desktops and servers. It includes The OSOT is a free VMware Fling that you can download. Using the OSO

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VMware OSOT performs a full scan of your desktop image and advises you on optimizations that you can apply. In this blog, Login VSI, the industry-standard in VDI performance testing, reviews VMware OSOT, showing you how to optimize desktop images, install, use and automate VMware OSOT, presenting results and findings to help you better understand VMware OSOT A product of a VMware fling, this is essential for the toolkit of any EUC specialists or any one that finds themselves deploying desktops on a regular basis. Listen as Curtis us leads us through the uses, features and specs of the VMware OS Optimization tool When you are satisfied with the optimizations that you have selected in the Optimizations column during the Analyze step, you are ready to perform the optimization.

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How-to automate? VMware OSOT has an extensive command-line options list. I’ve gone for some basic ones that automatically detect the operating system and decide on the best template for that operating system by itself as in my lab I have a big list of operating systems running. If you do however have task sequences per operating system I would recommend setting this to a fixed value. Customize the Guest Windows Client Operating System of the Master VDI Desktop Virtual Machine After the master image virtual machine (VM) for a VDI desktop is created and you have paired it to Horizon Cloud, but before converting it into a published image, you customize the guest Windows operating system (OS) to install and configure all of the things you want to have in your end users' VDI. 3:33 #10 HCI Bench VMware Fling. 6:49 VMware Flings. 8:37 #9 vCenter Converter. 10:48 #8 Onyx VMware Fling - Code Capture. 12:13 #7 6.5 REST API and API Explorer. 15:34 #6 AsBuilt Report by Tim Carman. 18:48 #5 Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility by William Lam. 22:39 #4 ESXTOP. 26:50 #3 vCheck by Alan Renouf. 30:28 #2 PowerCLI. 33:00 #1. The one, the only and the real VMware OS Optimization Tool. Simply the best tool out there to optimize your windows image. Changelog. January, 2020, b1140. Includes various bug fixes. Optimize Results. A new button has been added to the results page that displays once an optimization job has completed

VMware OS Optimization Tool provides a great command line utility in order to automate the optimization process in your environment. It is nice to notice that automation is available! Navigate to the directory where the executable is located, and run the following command vRealize Operations REST Notifications Helper helps vRealize Operations Manager users improve and customize the REST notifications of alerts. It collects the most useful information about an alert before sending it to third parties. VMware OSOT, which stands for OS Optimization Tool, is a free tool provided by VMware Labs. The tool allows you to optimize an operating system using predefined templates which are created by VMware and the community The VMware OS Optimization Tool is a VMware Fling that helps optimize Windows 7/8/2008/2012/10 systems for use with VMware . The optimization tool includes customizable templates to enable or.

The VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT), a VMware Fling, helps optimize the performance of Windows-based virtual desktops used with View in VMware Horizon 7, VMware Horizon Air Cloud-Hosted Desktops and Apps, and VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode.. The recently published update of the VMware Windows Operating System Optimization Tool Guide (OSOT Guide), which documents the use of the OSOT. VMware OS Optimization Tool Update (OSOT) - Free Utility for OS and Server Optimization VMware Fling templates, Download templates, and my templates. You can create new template based on existing template. professional blogger, vExpert x11, Veeam Vanguard x5, VCAP-DCA/DCD, VCP, ESX Virtualization site has started as a simple. The following screenshot shows the prompt after you install Windows Server 2016. You would press CTRL+SHIFT+F3 to switch to audit mode in Windows Server 2016 when you see this prompt.

Infrastructure Deployer for vCloud NFV is an automation-based deployment tool used for setting up the VMware vCloud NFV platform (NFV 3.2 VCD edition). Thankfully, there is a great tool provided via a VMware fling that helps out tremendously when optimizing our guest operating system for use with VMware Horizon View 7.1. I am using Windows 10 in my test lab, but the optimization tool also works for Windows Windows 7/8/2008/2012

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The pace of OSOT development is gratifying, but it poses difficulties in providing up-to-date documentation. In addition, the OSOT Guide rewrite and refocus delayed the task of documenting some specific OSOT details. VMware Flings On This Post Hide 1 VMware Flings 1.1 Updated Flings - August 2017 1.1.1 VMware OS Optimization Tool Changes 1.1.2 ESXi Embedded Host Client Changes 1.1.3 vSphere HTML5 Web Client 1.1.4 VisualEsxtop Flings are apps and tools built by VMware engineers and community that are intended.. The VMware OS Optimization tool is a graphical user interface based tool, which helps you to analyze the different system components like registry entries, services, and schedules. It displays the status of these components in the graphical form, which helps you to understand the utilization of the system and then optimize it for better.

VMware OS Optimization Tool. When I start VMware OS Optimization Tools for the first time I check for updates before I proceed. Updates are found under the Public Templates section: Next, I'll make a copy of the template I'm going to use, Windows 10, click Copy and Edit I give my template a new nam The key to optimization is to configure services and settings specific to the operating system being used. Therefore, always use the OS Optimization Tool template that matches the OS version that your virtual machine is using. VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o -t template [-visualeffect [performance | balanced | quality]] [-notification [enable | disable]] [-notification [enable | disable]] [-windowsupdate [enable | disable]] [-storeapp [keep-all | remove-all [--exclude [Alarms | ScreenSketch | Camera | SoundRecorder | Calculator | StickyNotes | MSPaint | Photos | WebExtension]]] [-background #000000] The common options interface only supports official VMware Windows 10 templates, which means that the template name is mandatory.  Currently the template should be either: VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o -t “VMware Templates\Windows 10 1809-2004-Server 2019” -visualeffect performance Notification Specify whether system notifications are enabled or disabled. These include balloon tips, lock screen notification, security and maintenance notifications.Once Windows is in audit mode it will display a prompt to run the System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) each time Windows is rebooted and you logon.

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Using the recommendations provided in the OS Optimization Tool, you are maximizing the efficiency and performance of your virtual desktops and RDSH servers.A Step is an optimization setting within a Group. You can create and add Steps and edit, reorder, or remove them to customize a template.Each OS Optimization Tool template has a list of modifications, called Steps, which are organized into Groups.

Note: If you have not saved your changes, you can remove all your changes by clicking the Reset button.The obvious use case here is VDI. However, you are not limited to running the VMware OS Optmization Tool for VDI purposes. You can run the tool on any supported Windows installations and reap the benefits of improved performance. VMware Fling - VMware OS Optimization Tool by Erik Scholten; Installing the Windows agent for Log Insight by Anne Jan Elsinga; Windows applications on Chromebook with BLAST by Erik Scholten; VMware Fusion 7 released by Erik Scholten; PowerShell Friday: Getting Started with PowerShell and by Anne Jan Elsing The OS Optimization Tool also has features to assist with the generalization of a Windows image and also to automate many of the clean-up tasks that are run as a final step before using the image.

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Windows OS optimizations A default installation of Microsoft Windows contains a number of configuration settings, components, and scheduled tasks that may not be required or are not desirable in a Horizon environment The built-in OS Optimization Tool templates are read-only, so you do not have to worry about accidentally changing them. You can copy any built-in template to create your own version that is editable. VMware Flings Flings. Download this Virtual Reality Application for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go, you will watch this VR experience hosted by VMware, Bask Iyer, CIO and Chief Digital Transformation officer, as he walks us through 4 key technologies Cloud, Mobile, IoT and AI and illustrates new opportunities for technology to deliver a positive impact on society

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In 1092 this is still NOT fixed. I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this problem out until I was directed here.Guys I have the same problem with a customer. Pim I have tried adding the reg key and it's made no difference.

I have been looking at the VMware Fling OS Optimization for Horizon deployments. Link But it is for Windows 7/8/2008/2012. Interested if anyone has used the script above for a Windows 10 Horizon deployment. level 2. Original Poster 1 point · 4 years ago. Going to test this with horizon tomorrow VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o -t template [-visualeffect [performance | balanced | quality]] This controls the system advanced properties changing Visual Effects to one of the following:Many of the services and default behaviors included with Windows are unnecessary. By disabling unneeded services and other performance impacting settings, both performance and the end user experience are optimized.

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マスタイメージ作成時、 お約束のBatchを作りこんでいましたが、これは便利です。 適用できているかどうかひと目でチェックできるのが良いです This is not solved yet, because it's caused by the setting "Remove Windows Desktop Update Setup" in the section "Improving Logon Time". If you don't select this optimization, you won't experience the Folder Redirection issue with UEM as mentioned above.

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VMware Fling - VMware OS Optimization Tool by Erik Scholten 2 August 2014 The VMware OS Optimization Tool helps optimize Windows 7/8/2008/2012 systems for use with VMware Horizon View VMware OS Optimization Tool - This fling is brand new and I'm pretty excited to try it. The tool helps admins optimize their Windows OS templates for use with VMware View in VDI environments Last month one new fling was released: Kubernetes eXtensible Desktop Client (KXDC), seven received updates: App Volumes Entitlement Sync, vSphere HTML5 Web Client, DoD Security Technical Implementation Guide(STIG) ESXi VIB, VMware OS Optimization Tool, vSphere Mobile Client, Workspace One UEM Workload Migration Tool, USB Network Native Driver. VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -o -t “VMware Templates\Windows 10 1809-2004-Server 2019” -storeapp remove-all --exclude alarms calculator Optimize using a specified template with the default selected items and keep all of the Windows Store Apps. In case you haven't heard, VMware has a VMware OS Optimization Tool that helps prepare and optimize Windows 10/8/7 as well as Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008 systems for use with VMware Horizon. In the past few days, there was a major new release dropped on the VMware Flings site

Horizon Cloud provides virtual desktops and hosted apps as a cloud service, deploying and managing them in the cloud. Like the user experience in Horizon 7, users can securely access their desktops and apps from any device or browser. Author: Felix Block, @fligh_MUC Purpose of this article is to give you some best practices around cleaning a Windows 10 image to allow a Sysprep and the use of this image in Horizon Cloud on Azure. I faced a lot of problems when customer create a master image in Horizon Cloud on Azure due to [ VMwareOSOptimizationTool.exe -generalize "C:\unattend.xml" Generalize using the built-in SysPrep unattend answer file. VMware has released a new Fling called the VMware OS Optimization Tool for Windows 7.. One of my bugbears with the whole VDI industry is the I in VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.Many people often focus too much time and effort designing the infrastructure part of delivering virtual desktops: hypervisors, clusters, brokers, security, storage, networks, streaming, provisioning etc. and.

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