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After spending three years in the Armory's captivity, Nora's magical and vampiric abilities were severely weakened. Her strength as a vampire was below average as she was easily subdued by Enzo, a younger vampire. This is due to the fact that she hardly fed on blood during her time in the Armory. Her magic was also weakened as Enzo managed to break through it after a struggle. This is due to the fact that Nora's main source of magic was her vampirism from which she siphoned power, yet she hadn't fed in three years thus was very weakened. Still, she was able to recover quickly from a pill that blocked her magic and easily performed a cloaking spell later on. Finally, in combination with Mary Louise's magic, they were able to destroy the Phoenix Stone, causing a massive explosion that killed both of them. In I Was Feeling Epic, Lucy appears as a spirit alongside Bonnie and other deceased Bennett witches from their ancestral coven to stop hellfire from consuming Mystic Falls, in which they succeeded. Isobel is the 21st episode of the first season of The CW television series, The Vampire Diaries and the 21st episode of the series overall. It originally aired on May 6, 2010. The episode was written by Caroline Dries and Brian Young and directed by J. Miller Tobi The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural teen drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith.The series premiered on The CW on September 10, 2009, and concluded on March 10, 2017, airing 171 episodes over eight seasons

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  1. In Plan B, Caroline comes out of the dungeon and catches Bonnie on her way out of the Salvatore residence. She had just helped Damon abduct Mason by using her witch power to give him repeated brain aneurysm causing him great pain allowing Damon to knock him out take him home and torture him. Bonnie says "hi" awkwardly to Caroline's nervous "hey". Bonnie ask how is her mom and that Elena filled her in on everything. Caroline tells her that she is going to take her home that night. Bonnie wants to say something feels uncomfortable then tells Caroline she got to go. Wanting desperately to reconnect to her friend Caroline stops her by asking if she found the moon stone. "Not yet" she says. Awkward pause and then Bonnie asks about a well they used to play near when they were kids and asks her where it was. "On the edge of the old Lockwood property. Why?" Caroline asks back. As Bonnie texts Stefan she says that is probably where Mason has hid the moonstone.
  2. The newest vampire drama to hit The CW is Legacies, a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals centered on Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell), the tribrid daughter of Klaus (Joseph.
  3. While in the wedding dress shop, Bonnie laughs to herself when Caroline tells the shopkeeper what type of dresses she is searching for. The shopkeeper grabs the dresses and carries them away, leaving Caroline and Bonnie to converse some more. While they idly chat, Damon suddenly barges into the shop and instantly kills the shopkeeper. Bonnie and Caroline are alarmed to find him there and Damon attempts to attack and even kill Bonnie, but Caroline protects her and she is able to fight Damon off for them to escape. Later, they are held hostage by Sybil and the siren tries to get information out of Bonnie being both Enzo and Damon cared about her. In the end, Caroline and Bonnie fight together to try and save Damon and Enzo from fighting each other (thanks to Sybil's mental influence). In the end, Caroline is able to subdue Sybil after Alaric incapacitates her with a siren-weapon, the pitchfork.
  4. The Vampire Diaries is based on a novel series penned by L.J. Smith where you are given the insight into the diary of 17-year old Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). Elena and her 15-year-old brother.
  5. In Woke Up With a Monster, Liv trains Jo after 18 years of being magic-less. So she has a chance against Kai for winning the merge. Later when Damon and her head down to the high school where Kai has Elena held hostage, but Luke forcibly takes her away back to Whitmore so they can go back to Portland. Liv knows she told their dad what she been doing and she admits she knows Luke will win the merge between since he's stronger. Later Luke tells her they're not going back home because he's willing to defy their coven because he doesn't want to kill her.

Few shows have featured as many on-screen deaths as The Vampire Diaries.During its eight seasons, nearly every main character died. A lot of them didn't end up being permanent because dealing with the supernatural the way The Vampire Diaries did allow them to play loosely with these things. Even with most deaths being undone, they still carried a lot of emotional weight BONNIE SHEILA BENNETT is a very powerful witch (currently disempowered) and one of the two main female characters of The Vampire Diaries. After Season Six and as of Season Eight, she has replaced Damon as the tritagonist of the series (with Stefan replacing Elena as the protagonist and Damon replacing Stefan as the deuteragonist). Bonnie also replaces Elena as the main female character and.

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In I'll Remember, Liv is attending Alaric's Occult Studies class, chuckling at the irony of talking about resurrection with one of the very people she resurrected. Tyler shows up late to class and takes a seat next to Liv, who uses her magic to turn his book to the page the rest of the class is on. Later, she is seen drinking among the other students during the pre-football game party in the parking lot next to the stadium. After she hears about Tyler attacking her brother, she goes and confronts Tyler about it, telling him to back off and to apologize to Luke. She also reminds him that he was one of the people she resurrected when he gets angry about Luke's "solution" for helping Elena cope with Damon's death. Critics Consensus: A bloody delight, The Vampire Diaries continues its winning run with its trademark twists, shocking deaths, and consistent character development. 2011, CW, 22 episode

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Vampire Diaries: Kat Graham on why playing Bonnie was her 'saving grace' By Kat Graham February 23, 2017 at 11:17 AM ES Bonnie's pink lace top and denim overalls on The Vampire Diaries Rag Long-Sleeve Lace Swing Top in Wild Ginger Kat Graham As Janessa Jan Nessa Blue Genie Aka The Second Daughter To The Blue Genie,Janessa Aka Jan Aka Nessa Have Siblings Named Gene And Jordana Blue Genie And Etc In Disturbing Behavior, we first see Caroline; she has arrived unexpectedly at the Gilbert residence. Not only does she have a bowl of chili, she has Bonnie. Bonnie says “I leave town for the summer and everything goes to hell for the both of you?” Elena and Caroline exchange glances and Caroline nods in agreement. Later on, the girls are catching up in Elena’s kitchen. Bonnie apathetically recalls how boring and normal her dad’s side of the family is and Caroline says that she’d kill for a normal family after all that she’s been through recently. Elena suddenly exclaims in pain and Caroline thinks that she has burnt her, but Elena’s necklace is what’s doing the burning. The necklace not only burn Elena, but Bonnie as well. It seemed like the spell gave it some kind of an electric current. At the latest Mystic Falls celebration, and Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena are on the outskirts of the event as they try to figure out what’s going on with Elena’s necklace. While Bonnie reads up on an “identification spell” that she thinks will be useful because Bonnie tells them to look at the necklace that is now floating in the air.

Legacies Season 1 just finished its run, with multiple characters from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals either stopping by or being name-dropped on the spinoff. (cough Caroline cough) Julie. As seen in Gone Girl, Liv was a bit of a flirt towards Jeremy. She was ambitious and likes to do things her way, instead of taking Bonnie's advice. It's shown that she's quite a talented actress, as she successfully manipulated Bonnie into thinking that she was a novice witch, when in reality she was quite talented. Liv had shown how determined she was to protect the doppelgängers and prevent the Travelers from succeeding. She was more than willing to kill Elena as a last resort. However, despite all of that, she was not all business. She really did care about Bonnie, despite having tricked her before. Also, she seems to be more personable than her twin brother, who refused to work with Jeremy, Matt, and Tyler to protect the town from the Travelers.

Fandoms: The Vampire Diaries (TV), The Vampire Diaries & Related Fandoms, The Originals (TV), Legacies (TV 2018) General Audiences Graphic Depictions Of Violenc Caroline bought costumes for herself and Bonnie for the Halloween Party, both of them masquerading as witches. After Caroline broke up with Damon, she gave Bonnie a crystal necklace she had taken when he disappeared. Later on, it proved that the necklace once belonged to Bonnie's witch ancestor Emily Bennett by Bonnie's grandmother. Damon wanted the crystal back and persuaded Caroline to try and take it from Bonnie, but the necklace shocked her. Hurt when Damon insulted her, Caroline drank herself drunk and ignored Bonnie's attempts to help her. See also: List of The Originals Pairing Names The following are pairings in the Vampire Diaries fandom, due to its spin-off nature, there are characters from The Originals included, though only in the context of and as they appeared on The Vampire Diaries tv show

'The Vampire Diaries' is coming to an end in a little over 24 hours and we are not okay. So, we've compiled some quotes -- some funny, some you'll probably need tissues for -- that will. In I Alone, Damon Salvatore went to where Lucy was living off-screen to obtain her Bennett blood so that he and Elena could use it with the Ascendant (and Liv Parker's magical assistance) to rescue Bonnie from the 1994 Prison World. Lucy gave Damon the blood he requested, presumably after learning why it was necessary, but this attempt to bring Bonnie back to the living world was unsuccessful, it wouldn't be for many more episodes that Bonnie ended up finding her way back to her loved ones. If you've ever found yourself shaking your head at the whole Whitmore College storyline of the hit CW show, The Vampire Diaries, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the world of The Vampire Diaries.The popular supernatural drama featured a love triangle between two immortal brothers and one beautiful human teen girl, and the supernatural threats they had to battle both from. Caroline and Bonnie were very good friends with each other before Caroline became a vampire. They were cheerleaders in high school and they were also best friends with Elena Gilbert. Caroline was a shallow girl who envied Elena and usually talked to Bonnie about it. But, after becoming a vampire, Caroline proved to Bonnie that not only was she not an immature girl anymore, she was a new, a selfless and a confident Caroline inside. Vampire Diaries EP Explains Bonnie's New Relationship, Damon's Dark Plan, the Latest 'Steroline' Crisis and More By Andy Swift / November 5 2015, 5:59 PM PST Courtesy of The C

In This Woman's Work, Valerie recruits Nora, Mary Louise, and Beau to help Caroline deliver her babies. Together, the four Heretics give Caroline their magic so that the babies would not siphon Caroline's vampire magic. However, Beau's scar opens up and they rush out of the room. Nora calls Bonnie and asks if she allowed Rayna to get her sword. When Bonnie denies it, Nora tells her about Beau's scar and how Rayna will soon be coming for him and any vampire in her path. Nora goes on to tell her how they're at the hospital helping to deliver Caroline's babies and how anyone marked by Rayna's sword becomes a target no matter where they are. Nora tells Beau that they will protect him and get him away from Rayna. After Stefan tries to convince them not to leave, Valerie convinces him to let Nora, Mary Louise, and Beau run. Nora tries to get Valerie to come with them but Valerie insists on staying to keep the babies a chance. Outside the hospital, Rayna kills Beau with her sword just before Nora escapes with Mary Louise. In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, after her father calls her name at the top of his voice, Tyler wakes up and looks around for Liv, who is under a pile of rubble. After removing the rubble, Liv sees that Tyler has a shard of glass through his stomach. She tells Tyler that something is wrong and that she thinks that she is dying. Tyler removes the shard of glass and suggests that he should go and get some help. Liv sees that Tyler is going to die from blood loss if he carries on, so she suggests that she sacrifices her life in order to enact Tyler's werewolf curse so that he heals because she was going to die anyway. Liv says that her death might as well help Tyler. Tyler refuses at first, but after Liv basically begs him to do it, he agrees. Then, he covers her nose and mouth with his hands, subsequently killing her and activating his werewolf gene. In The Downward Spiral, Bonnie is out of her Prison World and she realizes that she missed Elizabeth Forbes' death. Bonnie later encounters Caroline with no humanity and was amused at how "Caroline-like" (as Bonnie called it) Caroline still was without the humanity-aspect. Find out who your boyfriend from the CW's The Vampire Diaries is March 29, 2017 · 609 takers. Fantasy » Share quiz . Who is your Vampire Diaries boyfriend? dncingintherain. 1. 13. What was your favorite season of the vampire diaries? season 1. season 2. season 3. season 4. season 5. season 6. season 7. season 8.

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Graham ging auf die Hebrew School und spricht Englisch, Spanisch und Französisch sowie ein wenig Portugiesisch und Hebräisch. Bonnie's green henley tank top on The Vampire Diaries. Elena's black floral dress on The Vampire Diaries. Elena's blue and pink checked shirt on The Vampire Diaries. Caroline's red zip-front top and leather jacket on The Vampire Diaries. Caroline's Christmas apron on The Vampire Diaries Add an image Suddenly, the rules changed in season 8 during Friday's episode, six episodes before The Vampire Diaries ends. At first, when Caroline is describing the plan to use the cure on Cade, the rules. In I'd Leave My Happy Home For You, Kai feeds the other Heretics, reviving them and they continue to feed them until he finds a way for them to get out. While Kai is making dinner, the Heretics are outside. Kai alerts them that their dinner is ready by ringing a bell. They all emerge from the trees and head towards the house. Kai informs them that they are getting out.

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The Vampire Diaries concluded its eight-season run on Friday with a whirlwind finale that should have you alternating between sobbing and grinning. Elena and Damon got to live happily ever after In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, She is seen drinking a few sips of blood and is complaining to Lily because she can go out in the world while they are stuck in the house. When Valerie arrives and tells them that two teens left her for dead, Nora and Mary Louise at first joke with her, but tells her not cry as they go find them for payback. She, Mary Louise and Valerie then kill the two and hang them up by their feet. She and the other heretics are at the house when Caroline brings flowers as a welcoming and tries to distract them so Matt can set up the vervain bomb. Nora and Mary Louise don't know Caroline is a vampire and compel her that her jean jacket looks good on Nora. When they try to keep her to stay, Caroline vamp speeds out and the bomb goes off. Nora and Mary Louise are seen at the ceremony and both them and Valerie cast a spell that makes the sprinklers go off. When people think it's just a joke, they make a fire and they start attacking people. Nora and Mary Louise magically make an aneurysm on Caroline and when Lily arrives, she tells them all to stop and the bloodshed ends. After the evacuation of Mystic Falls of any citizens, Damon kills Malcolm and Nora tells the others not to show Lily as she will be very upset. Unfortunately, Lily shows up and cries hysterically, holding Malcolm, and asks who killed him. Valerie, Nora and Mary Louise look at each other with furious looks and they have an idea who did. Bonnie: He says you promised to bring him back. Enzo: Uh, you're paraphrasing. He said, quote, I will find a way. Bonnie: Whatever. Damon: Hello. Still here, and I know what I said. Enzo: Bey. Remind him he doesn't have a very good track record for keeping promises. Bonnie: Please stop talking. Enzo: The other side is on the brink of collapse.

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  1. Vampire Diaries Quotes. Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie, will haunt me, forever. Damon. Permalink: Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today.I.
  2. Add an image
  3. Vor ihrem Durchbruch als Hexe Bonnie Bennett in der Fernsehserie Vampire Diaries 2009 spielte sie mehrere Nebenrollen, darunter auch in dem Erfolgsfilm 17 Again – Back to High School mit Zac Efron in der Hauptrolle. In dem Film Honey 2 – Lass keinen Move aus war Graham erstmals selbst in der Hauptrolle als Tänzerin Maria Ramirez zu sehen. In dem 2018 erschienen Spielfilm The Holiday Calendar spielte sie die Hauptrolle der Abby Sutton. Neben ihrer Arbeit als Schauspielerin ist sie auch als Musikerin tätig. So hat sie zum Beispiel schon Songs für Will.i.am und Nelly geschrieben, bei Letzterem war sie in dem Musikvideo zu Just a Dream zu sehen. Im Jahr 2009 nahm sie den Song Sassy auf, 2010 folgte das dazugehörige Video.
  4. The twins were taught magic from a very young age, including mastering a simple locator spell in third grade. They also used to play hide-and-seek, and figured out a way to cheat by using a spell to see through one another's eyes.
  5. g her that a witch, and especially a fellow Bennett witch such as Bonnie, would be in attendance at the party where they had planned to steal the moonstone. She is also known to return a debt when she can, as she also mentioned that she only helped Katherine with the linking spell to repay her for saving her life sometime before the Masquerade Ball. She also seems to look out for others, as she made sure to tell Stefan and Damon that Elena was okay and that she would heal quickly since she had Bonnie to help her.

The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017. Error: please try again. In the fourth season premiere, Elena awakens. Liv also had a sarcastic demeanor, but was also loyal, compassionate and dedicated to her coven. She was also protective towards her brother and has a flirtatious side towards Jeremy and Tyler.

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In Somebody That I Used to Know, Alex St. John claimed her sister killed Lucy after she sealed the vault under the Armory's basement, imprisoning Yvette, their sister, for four years. So many fans wanted a happier ending for Bonnie and Enzo. In The Vampire Diaries' series finale, Bonnie prepared to leave Mystic Falls and travel the world.Enzo, already dead thanks but no thanks. She had a vision of what Mason did with the Moonstone by using her touch sensing powers. She tells her friend that she got to go. Caroline ask to come with her. Bonnie at first says no, but then softens and says "Sure". They then walk together still awkward but reconnecting. As Bonnie and Caroline walked at human speed to the old Lockwood well in the woods Caroline hears Elena's cries for help. She rushed to her aid at super. They help Stefan and Elena to leave the well . In Unpleasantville, they attend the dance of the decade of the 50s, Bored with the dance, Bonnie and Caroline decide to go to the Mystic Grill. Proving to Caroline to go after what you want, Bonnie heads over to Ben to strike up a conversation. The two seem to hit it off and decide on going on a date. Atticus Shane was a professor at Whitmore College, the same college where Jenna was enrolled as a graduate student, and where Elena and Caroline are currently attending. He knows A thing or two about the paranormal and works quite closely with Bonnie.His first appearance was in The Five.Atticus was also a believer in the occult who had a history with Bonnie Bennett and the Bennett Family

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Bonnie cast the spell on the ring, but Caroline indicated that she was expecting incantations and the other attributes of spell casting. Stefan chided her but Caroline protested that she wanted to make sure that the spell worked. With that Bonnie pulled back the curtains to let in all the sunlight including rays that struck Caroline. Caroline yelped and screeched but the sunlight didn't harm her at all. "It worked" Bonnie said with a bit of mocking. The Mikaelson family includes Klaus, Rebekah, Kol, Elijah, Finn, Esther and Mikael. With the new additions of Freya and Hope. Henrik was not included as he died before he could become a vampire A television series based on L.J Smith's The Vampire Diaries, which premiered on CW in 2009. The premise is pretty much the same: high school student Elena Gilbert gets entangled with her new classmate, Stefan Salvatore and his brother, Damon, eventually discovering that both of them are vampires. While the premise is the same, the TV series.

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Visit Tunefind for music from your favorite TV shows and movies. All 10 songs featured in The Vampire Diaries season 8 episode 15: We're Planning a, with scene descriptions. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon The Vampire Diaries Series Finale: Who Lived, Who Died, Vicki (Kayla Ewell) was still ringing the bell, threatening to rain hellfire on all of Mystic Falls, but Bonnie.

There's no mistaking it: Damon and Bonnie have major chemistry on The Vampire Diaries.The more we watched them adjust to their weird new life in the 1994 Prison World last season -- making. In The World Has Turned and Left Me Here, Tyler hits a man with his truck causes the fire in the corn maze, Liv suffocates the man just before he dies, therefore, being the one to kill him and preventing Tyler from triggering his werewolf gene. The Vampire Diaries Bonnie and Damon being gone/dead/somewhere was the biggest cliffhanger of the season last year, and at Comic-Con fans were screaming for both the Salvatore and the Bennett witch

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In Masquerade, Lucy is summoned to Mystic Falls, Virginia by Katherine Pierce. When they meet up, Katherine reveals that Lucy didn't have a choice and that she needed her as backup against the Salvatore brothers later that night to retrieve the moonstone. Lucy deduces that Katherine also wants her to break the Sun and the Moon Curse. Bonnie Sheila Bennett is a very powerful witch and one of the main female characters of The Vampire Diaries.Prior to its destruction, she was the Anchor to the Other Side and, until recently, a supernatural huntress.While she filled the role of counselor and confidante to all of her friends, Bonnie is a feisty, yet empathetic witch, who discovered her powers just in time to help out her family. Bonnie was last seen in The Vampire Diaries series finale, choosing to leave town to travel the world while Caroline decided to stay in Mystic Falls and run the school. At some point, it would. Jun 1, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Sarah Carey. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

After spending years in the prison world, they eventually began to run low on blood due to Lily being a Ripper. They had already drained every butcher shop within walking distance. The Heretics made a sacrifice and let themselves desiccate so that their leader, Lily could live on. Ok well he was supposed to come back to life with a bunch of other people in season 5 episode 22, but he stayed dead because he was late. He died because he was the trigger to killing a bar full of travellers to overwhelm Bonnie who was the anchor.. Add an image In The Sun Also Rises, Caroline and Bonnie is also seen with Elena, Jeremy, Stefan, Damon and Alaric at Jenna's funeral.

In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, Nora escaped the 1903 prison world but was trapped with her fellow Heretics in a container (which was cloaked with magic) until the death of Kai, which uncloaked the container, making it possible for Lily to find them. Not long after, Lily comes wondering in, calling the names of her "family". They all come wandering around the corner. Lily looks relieved and runs up to them and gives then a hug with a tear in her eye. Hello! If you are a fan of Bonnie Bennett and are looking for some stories to read about our favorite green-eyed witch then this is the community for you. In this community, you will be able to find stories of Bonnie being paired with any TVD character. Send me a message if you know any well-written story about this beautiful Bennett witch. Enjoy

218 videos Play all Vampire Diaries Season 1 ilovejustinbieber944 4x23 Damon & Elena - I am not sorry that I am in love with you [The Vampire Diaries] - Duration: 2:04. Anne0791 1,297,880 view The Vampire Diaries: 8x14 - Katherine Pierce came back, Bonnie puts Kai in the prison world - Duration: 3:14. kid 1,057,762 view The Vampire Diaries, an American supernatural drama, was officially renewed by The CW for a full 22-episode season on February 16, 2010. The first episode premiered on September 9, 2010, at 8 p.m. ET. The season picks up immediately after the events of the season one finale Consider this a premonition: The Vampire Diaries' seventh season, premiering Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW, is going to be the Year of Bonnie Bennett

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Graham wurde in Genf geboren und ist in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, aufgewachsen. Ihr Vater Joseph ist liberianischer Abstammung, ihre Mutter Natascha hat russische und polnische Wurzeln[1] und ist jüdischen Glaubens. Ihr Vater arbeitete lange Zeit als Journalist für die Vereinten Nationen (UN) und ist außerdem Pate von zwei Quincy-Jones-Kindern. Ihr Großvater hat 40 Jahre als UN-Botschafter in den Niederlanden, in Schweden, Rumänien und Kenia gedient. The Vampire Diaries series finale airs next Friday at 9 p.m., after a series retrospective at 8 p.m. on the CW. Trending Stories TAGS/ The Vampire Diaries , Ian Somerhalder , TV , Top Storie

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In Cold as Ice, despite recently breaking up with Mary Louise, Nora cannot get over her, despite Bonnie's urges to do so. Nora reveals that since she was interested in college she recently enrolled at Whitmore and helps out Bonnie with Toys for Tots and shows a compassionate, softer side of herself to a girl with cancer. Mary Louise shows and Nora refuses to reconcile with her. However Nora siphons Bonnie to the point where she's unconscious and kills Stefan with the Phoenix Stone Sword as revenge for kidnapping Mary Louise. Liv was a beautiful girl who was in her early twenties with long curly blonde hair and fair skin with a round face, dimpled chin, and bluish-greenish eyes. She was of average height, at least 5’8 with dark shaded eyes and a usually serious and unhappy expression. After their plan for kill to a original fails and Bonnie's mother is turned into a vampire, Elena hears the news and the price of saving her, leading her to seek Bonnie who is watching over Abby who is in transition. Caroline asks her to leave, because even though Bonnie is alright since the goal was to save her friend it seems that Bonnie is the one who always gets hurt. Elena decides to leave but asks Caroline to tell Bonnie about her gratitude and love.

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Years active: 1998-present: Partner(s) Cottrell Guidry (2008-2014) Musical career: Instruments: Vocals: Years active: 2002-present: Label In 500 Years of Solitude, Caroline and Bonnie prepared a breakfast break for Elena because Caroline is very excited about the break up between Damon and Elena but then receive a call from Stefan who informs them that Katherine is dying.

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In Things We Lost in the Fire, Nora shows up at Caroline's baby shower. She gives Bonnie, who invited her, some socks for Caroline's babies. Bonnie then invites her to have a drink. Matt confronts Bonnie when they're alone and asks why Nora is there. Bonnie tells him that she invited Nora and Matt lists the reasons why they shouldn't trust her. Bonnie tells him that she felt bad for her and that it's better to have a member of the Heretics as a friend rather than an enemy. Nora, who has apparently been listening to them, appears and says that maybe she should leave. Matt agrees but Bonnie says that Nora should stay. Nora says that if she doesn't, Matt might say something that would cause her to hurt him. She then uses her magic to constrict Matt's airway, but Bonnie convinces her to stop. Nora thanks Bonnie for inviting her and leaves. Later, Bonnie finds Nora sitting by herself and chastises her because Bonnie was offering her a fresh start. Nora then accuses Bonnie of sending her a postcard with an X painted on it. Bonnie, who convinces Nora that she didn't, asks why she's bothered by it and Nora tells her that it means that the Huntress, a ruthless vampire hunter, is coming for her. Bonnie tells Nora that she will do what she must to protect her friends. Nora then asks her what they should do. Liv was born on January 5, 1991 as the youngest daughter of Joshua Parker and elder twin sister to Luke by five minutes. Their parents had been trying for another pair of twins as they knew that Kai would win the Merge with Jo and be an unsuitable leader for the Gemini Coven. Not much is known about Lucy's past; however, it is apparent that she was well versed in magic and lore, even knowing about the Sun and the Moon Curse. She had frequent dealings with vampires, remarking how she had let vampires control her in the past. Sometime before the events of the series, Katherine saved her life from unknown circumstances, meaning that she had a debt to be paid. In As I Lay Dying, Caroline, Jeremy and Bonnie started to look for Damon whilst he was also being hunted by Sheriff Forbes and her deputies. It was Jeremy who found him first and he brought him to the Grill where he called the others. Liz arrived and shot at Damon but he moved out of the way and her bullet hit Jeremy instead. He was killed by her and since she was human, his ring wouldn't save him. Caroline, Bonnie and Alaric arrived to find Liz crying over Jeremy's body. Caroline tried to revive him with her blood but it was too late. Bonnie and Alaric then took him to the old mansion where he was resurrected by the dead witches. In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Liv is first seen in class while she is playing with a pen. She is inexperienced in witchcraft and tries to avoid people. When Bonnie is forced to find a witch to save Jeremy, she goes to her and begs for her help and finally, she agrees to help her. Bonnie tutors her how to do a locator spell and says that she could teach her to control her magic. She almost gives up when she accidentally breaks the lamp, but she finally manages to perform this spell.

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  1. Does Bonnie Die on The Vampire Diaries? The Vampire Diaries Just Left Things on a Serious Cliffhanger and Fans Are Pissed. March 4, 2017 by Kelsie Gibson. 9 Shares Well, it's that time, folks
  2. In Never Let Me Go, Caroline is held hostage by the Heretics inside the Salvatore Boarding House. However, due to Lily Salvatore signing the lease to the house over to another owner, none of Caroline's friends and allies can come to her rescue, especially her vampire friends. Bonnie uses Matt in a spell to try and sign over the lease to the house to him and she helped on rescuing Caroline.
  3. Am 2. Juni 2017 erschien ihr Album Love Music Funk Magic, welches sie sowohl mit geschrieben als auch mit produziert hat. Im März 2017 erschien die erste Single-Auskopplung Sometimes, die sie mit Kenny „Babyface“ Edmonds geschrieben hat.
  4. In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving, Caroline wakes up after a night of passion with Stefan to find Bonnie in her bed instead. Caroline is alarmed when she sees Bonnie laying next to her instead of Stefan and proceeds to cover herself better under the bed blankets. Bonnie smiles gleefully and wishes Caroline a happy engagement. Caroline then smiles and they both laugh when they see that Bonnie has decorated her bedroom with yellow balloons. They continue to chat about whether or not Bonnie should help Caroline search for wedding dresses. Bonnie proceeds to mention that her only competition as a maid of honor is currently in a coma and that she knows Caroline would want an early start on her June wedding preparations, despite it being months away. After much hesitation, Caroline decides to go with Bonnie for shopping for wedding dresses.
  5. In Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, she and Mary Louise briefly get engaged during their 133rd anniversary party however Nora ends it when Mary Louise sides with Julian.
  6. The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural horror romance television series created by Kevin Williamson based on the novels of the same name by author L. J. Smith.It was officially picked up for the 2009-10 season on May 19, 2009. It premiered on September 10, 2009, on The CW and received the highest ratings for a series premiere in the networks history scoring 4.91 million live viewers
  7. In Requiem for a Dream, Caroline attempts to get through to Bonnie, in Bonnie's unconscious head, by bypassing her irrational, newfound Supernatural Huntress side. Just when it looks like Caroline is helping Bonnie reach reason, Bonnie stabs Caroline which also effects her outside Bonnie's head as well. Caroline becomes Bonnie's first target as a Huntress. Despite this, Caroline continues to assist in trying to bring Bonnie back to her normal self, without much success now that Caroline is forced to go on the run from Bonnie with Stefan.
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When Kai realized that Liv and Luke were a challenge to his future leadership, he attempted to kill them, killing his other siblings and stabbing Jo in the process. Jo cloaked the twins and tricked Kai by relinquishing her magic, allowing the coven to banish him to a Prison World. After this, Liv and Luke were raised knowing that one day they would have to "merge" to see who would be the stronger witch to one day lead their coven. Also Read: 'Vampire Diaries' Star: It Would Be 'Very Strange' If Nina Dobrev Didn't Return for Series Finale He then crossed over to the other side, where old friend Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) waited. Caroline admits that she might have text messaged Tyler. Bonnie defends Caroline and turns on Elena, mad at her for having Damon compel Jeremy to leave town. Matt intervenes and Bonnie leaves. A few episodes back, Stefan killed Enzo on The Vampire Diaries, but because Bonnie has some weird powers, her grief caused a ripple effect that created a new world in which Enzo is now hiding from.

She herself claimed she had been studying witchcraft since her childhood and mentioned that she had already mastered a simple locator spell in the 3rd grade. Now that Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) has left The Vampire Diaries for good, one smoking hot 174-year-old vampire Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) is single and heartbroken.But if certain Bamon. The Vampire Diaries, a one-hour American supernatural drama, was renewed for a fourth season by the U.S. channel The CW on May 3, 2012, seven days before the third season's finale. Unlike the previous seasons that aired in September, it premiered on October 11, 2012, to avoid competition from major television shows

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In The Day I Tried To Live, Liv is out for blood on Kai for killing her brother. She first puts Tyler to sleep with a simple spell, gently guiding him to the floor then leaving him there to go after Kai. Before she went after Kai, she put a barrier spell on Damon's room trapping Damon and Elena there so that they wouldn't inter fear with her plans for Kai. While Kai is helping to get Bonnie back, Liv stabs Kai through the stomach breaking his spell to the Prison World. They both fling knives and forks at each other using their magic. They both do damage to each other before Jeremy, throws a fork at her neck giving Kai time to slip away, causing her to wander around the house. Damon, trapped in his room, listens closely and realizes that Liv is directly below him. He then breaks open a hole in his fireplace so that it joins on with the other fireplace downstairs, and drops some alcohol onto the roaring fire, blowing Liv off her feet and across the room. Later, she wakes up with no injuries what so ever. Beside her was an unhappy Tyler, stating that Elena saved her with her blood. Tyler then seems unhappy that she never even put a pillow under his head. He then says that they're over and walks out, leaving Liv calling after him. It's Elena's first day back at Mystic Falls High School since the tragic death of her parents. Along with her Aunt Jenna, Elena looks after her troubled younger brother, Jeremy. The day is a struggle for Elena until she meets the mysterious new kid at school, Stefan. As their connection grows deeper, Stefan's dangerous older brother, Damon, shows up to wreak havoc—and claim Elena for himself

Damon becomes Bonnie's Clyde on a new #TVD, TOMORROW at 8/7c! Watch the last episode now: on.cwtv.com/1NBV2j In Daddy Issues, after that Caroline is abducted and tortured, Stefan calls Elena to go and accompany Caroline because she needs her. Elena and Bonnie go to her house, saying That They are having a slumber party at her house and Caroline breaks down, crying peak gust both hug her tightly. In Dead Man on Campus, Caroline and Elena are organizing a party at the University for the return of Bonnie and for all the good events recent as Silas dead.

The Vampire Diaries: 25 Couples Ranked (And How Long They

In All My Children, Bonnie tells Elena that Esther wants to channel all of her families power to complete the spell that night during the full moon,meanwhile they try the privacy spell Esther used at the ball by letting Caroline out of the room and see if she can hear with her vampire hearing with the burning sage. Bonnie and her mother Abby meet up with Esther and Finn at the old mansion. In She's Come Undone, Caroline was trying to call Bonnie, and finally she answered the phone. Caroline asked her if she could come over to help her will turning Elena's humanity back on, but Bonnie said she wasn't going to forgive her that quickly and told her she needed to study for the final exam. In Man on Fire, Liv is forced by Enzo to use her magic to subdue Stefan and Elena at the bar where she works. If she didn't, Enzo would kill her brother whom he had kidnapped. However, Bonnie realized that Enzo's threats were actually beneficial to Liv because if Stefan or Elena died, the Travelers wouldn't be able to use them. Bonnie also tries to ask Liv's help in saving The Other Side which was falling apart due to Markos's return. Enzo almost kills Liv after turning off his humanity but Stefan saves her by feeding her his blood. Later on, Liv reveals to Bonnie that she doesn't know how to save the Other Side and that she should say her goodbyes while she still has the chance.  In Kill 'Em All, Damon and Enzo contact Caroline and Alaric to try and help save Bonnie's life from Rayna Cruz's blood pills. Caroline is later supporting Bonnie and present during the duration of Rayna and Bonnie's spelled life-swap.

Along with Elena, the three have formed a sister-like relationship, but are permanently separated from each other, as Elena's under a sleeping spell until Bonnie dies. Bonnie and Caroline are forced to carry on without Elena for the while and deal with supernatural entities together, without Elena. Although they are forced apart, due to Caroline's duty to raise twins with Alaric Saltzman and Bonnie being forced to go into hiding from the Armory, they still maintained a close friendship. Also, Caroline didn't hesitate to be one of Bonnie's closest friends to successfully help Bonnie be cured of the Supernatural Huntress' Curse. 218 videos Play all Vampire Diaries Season 1 ilovejustinbieber944 Stefan & Caroline - My Top 10 Moments Season 5 - Duration: 17:38. Shadow 1987 146,300 view Nora was a member of the Gemini Coven who left the coven because she was a Siphoner. Later she met Lillian Salvatore, a vampire who later turned her into a Hybrid: half witch, half vampire. She had a very good relationship with her mother, until the latter discovered that she was a Siphoner, and then she turned her back on Nora, breaking her heart. This and her sexuality which was frowned upon during that era was probably why her family wanted to kill her. The attempt on her life failed due to the intervention of Malcolm. In While You Were Sleeping, Liv sealed Elena inside a building so she can't harm anyone. As Elena's hallucinations progress, she stabs Liv and tells her to remove the seal or otherwise she will die and won't get vampire blood to heal herself. It is revealed that she is already a talented witch, who is aware that Bonnie is the Anchor to the Other Side and is just using her. As Luke, who is her brother, appears in her room, he tells her that their own agenda may be compromised, possibly due to the activities of the Travelers. 

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In Season Five, Liv was seen attending Whitmore College. She was introduced as an inexperienced witch and sought out Bonnie Bennett to help her. However, Liv was secretly a very powerful witch sent with her brother by their coven to stop Markos and the Travelers. In Home, after Caroline Forbes snaps Luke's neck sending him to The Other Side, Liv was forced to perform a spell that allows the deceased to be resurrected. Luke was revived and, as Liv got weaker, he told her to stop the spell. The two then flee, leaving Damon Salvatore and Bonnie trapped in the collapsing Other Side. Auszeichnungen. 2010: Teen Choice Award in der Kategorie Female Scene Stealer für die Rolle der Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries (Nominiert) 2011: Teen Choice Award in der Kategorie Female Scene Stealer für die Rolle der Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries (Gewonnen); 2012: Teen Choice Award in der Kategorie Choice TV Actress - Fantasy/Sci-Fi für die Rolle der Bonnie Bennett in The.

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suggested they try a séance, but when they tried to communicate to Emily, the crystal appeared. Believing that Bonnie had lied, Caroline decided to leave, but then Emily possessed Bonnie and left, freaking out both Elena and Caroline. waitingforyouonce is a fanfiction author that has written 45 stories for What I Like About You, General Hospital, Angel, Vampire Diaries, and Smallville Redqueen78 is a fanfiction author that has written 11 stories for Vampire Diaries. Bonnie falls into a magical coma and Klaus's daughter has the perfect solution to wake her up. You must kiss her, daddy. Hope told him with all the seriousness and conviction any seven-year-old could muster In Prayer For the Dying, Tyler and Liv are in bed together, when someone knocks at the door. Liv quickly remembers that today was the day that her father was coming over. She throws Tyler some clothes and shoves him behind the door where he couldn't be seen. Liv opens the door to be greeted by her father. He wishes her a happy birthday and reminds her about dinner later with Luke. Once her father had gone, Tyler seemed angry that Liv hadn't told him that today was her birthday, she claimed that it was in another couple of weeks. Later, while walking, Tyler suggests to Luke that he should try talking with their father to try and persuade him to change his mind on the Merge. Luke quickly denies the idea and says that it wouldn't work. At dinner with her father and Luke, Liv and Luke try and persuade him to delay the Merge. At night, Luke goes off looking for Kai. Once the Merge had been completed, Liv's father sensed it and that Luke was dead. Liv seemed deeply saddened by this news, but before she had time to mourn, her father quickly suggested that they get out of there.

Legacies is set in Mystic Falls aka the same place The Vampire Diaries was set. That's why it's only natural to wonder which stars from the original series will show up in the magic school-set. The Vampire Diaries Facebook The Vampire Diaries Twitter 10 Times Bonnie Bennett Deserved Better on The Vampire Diaries Paul Dailly at February 4, 2017 8:43 pm The Vampire Diaries recap: Season 8, Episode 2 Stefan, Bonnie, and Caroline follow Damon and Enzo to North Carolina and see a familiar face By Chancellor Agar Nora and Bonnie began talking to each other while Nora was dealing with her hard breakup with Mary Louise. They eventually gained a mutual understanding for each other, but Nora suspected Bonnie of betraying her being Mary Louise was in danger. Their friendship was short lived after this, but after resolving their issues offscreen, they became friends again and close allies. Even though they share a close friendship, Mary Louise was a bit jealous of their growing relationship, suspecting that they shared romantic feelings for each other. This is proven false after Nora gets back together with Mary Louise. 15 Best Bonnie and Damon Moments on The Vampire Diaries. The evolution of their friendship was a beautiful thing. Find images and videos about the vampire diaries, tvd and Nina Dobrev on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. *Nicola Roux* Vampire Diaries just Fangtastic

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on the CW. Do you think Bonnie will come home soon or will that be saved for the end of the season? Sound off in the comments. Her most powerful feat was the Resurrection spell she performed by channeling all the power of the dead travelers. It allowed her and Bonnie to bring back 6 people, though as one by one, they came through, the spell began to kill Liv which forced Luke to stop it. In later episodes, many times, Luke was able to overpower her. Damon died in season 5 episode 22 when they were getting rid of the Travelers which were making the MYSTIC FALLS as there official home town to live . As , they had been cursed by witches for centuries and finally they have something that they cal..

In Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take, both Caroline and Bonnie's try to move on from Elena's lifelong coma. They are both supportive of each other as they try to move on with their lives. In Christmas Through Your Eyes, the twins conspire with their older brother Kai against their sister Josette to avoid having to merge themselves. Luke arguing again with her sister, because he wants to submit to the will of the Coven because he thinks it is their duty to merge. Liv makes it clear to him that she doesn't want to be a martyr for their coven because they were the backup twins for it. Liv later gives Jo a pep talk telling she has accomplished a lot ever since she left the coven.

Nora sacrificed herself to help Mary Louise destroy the Phoenix Stone once and for all, which caused an explosion and killed the fiancées. The relationship between the vampire, Caroline Forbes and the witch, Bonnie Bennett had been complicated due to Caroline becoming a vampire and Bonnie being a witch, but they have remained close friends regardless of their differences. After Caroline found out that Bonnie is dead in For Whom the Bell Tolls, she was devastated. Later, Bonnie returns to life in Death and the Maiden, and is. Start the countdown — time is running out for Mystic Falls and The Vampire Diaries.. Episode 16 of season eight, the series finale, brings viewers back to the moment episode 15 left off. Bonnie.

She proved powerful enough to be able to cast a privacy spell without any incantations, something Bonnie had a hard time learning and figuring out. In One Way or Another, Virginia tells Bonnie that, as far as the St. John's were concerned, Lucy was the only known, living witch of the Bennett line, though she had disappeared about four years prior. This was before they found out about Bonnie being resurrected. In Resident Evil, Liv has Matt and Tyler stab themselves with the knife that kills Passengers to ensure they aren't hosting any. They do so and they are all in the clear. She proceeds to tell them about what she knows about the Travelers and how they must repeat this process to about everyone else in Mystic Falls and that her coven has been tracking the Travelers. She tells them that they are taking over towns one by one by putting Passengers in the townsfolk. Later on, she calls Jeremy to get back to work and sees him talking with Bonnie at the front door. Bonnie questions their activities but Liv ensures it is not what it looks like and is merely helping him with Math. Bonnie reminds them of how Liv had tried lying to them and even tried to kill Elena. Bonnie wants to know what is going on but Jeremy doesn't want to tell her. Liv rolls her eyes and reminds Jeremy that she's not going to break her rule again about not letting anyone in on what they're doing. Tyler comes in while on the phone with Matt and hangs up after they talk about who the Travelers might want to possess. 

That night, Lucy accompanied Katherine to the Masquerade Ball at the Lockwood Mansion. When she arrived, she briefly met Bonnie, who 'got a weird vibe' from her. Lucy confronts her 'friend', concerned that another Bennett witch was involved, and that things have changed since no one was supposed to know she was involved with Katherine's plan. Eventually, Lucy performed a spell that linked Katherine and her doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert, together, to prevent the Salvatore brothers from being able to kill Katherine. However, after the discovery that the witch she was fighting was, in fact, a Bennett witch, Lucy decided to reverse the spell placed on the doppelgängers and help Bonnie and the Salvatore's defeat Katherine. She cursed the moonstone that Katherine was seeking from the Salvatore's so that when she touched it, she was incapacitated, which allowed the Salvatore brothers to lock Katherine in the tomb. Afterward, Lucy was seen leaving Mystic Falls, having assured her little cousin that they would see each other again soon. The Vampire Diaries is an American fantasy-drama television series which was first broadcast on The CW from 2009 to 2017, airing 171 episodes over 8 seasons. Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec adapted the TV series from L.J. Smith's novel series of the same name.Some of the characters appeared in the spin-off series, The Originals. The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia In Live Through This, she and Mary Louise along with Beau help with Lily's mission to resurrect Julian from the Phoenix Stone which Valerie is totally against as she knows his true nature. However Valerie's pleas were ignored by Lily who disowned her. Later at The Salvatore house he was brought back to life using the Phoenix Stone and a spell casted by Nora, Mary Louise and Beau.

In Our Town, it's Caroline's birthday and she's surprised with an enthusiastic Elena, Bonnie, and Matt wishing her a happy birthday. Elena explains that because Caroline ditched school she missed out on their "birthday work of art" displayed on her locker, so they're bringing the party to her. Caroline doesn't try to hide how disinterested she is. Caroline points out she's frozen and is never going to be eighteen. Bonnie, Elena, Caroline, and Matt walk into a strange old building that's in the middle of the woods. Elena says that instead of a birthday, Caroline needs a funeral in order to mourn her old life and move on. Elena, Matt, and Bonnie list Caroline's human qualities and accomplishments. Bonnie uses her powers to light the candles on Caroline's cake and Elena asks Caroline to make a wish. Later, Elena, Bonnie, Matt, and Caroline are still held up in the creepy building. Caroline is busy on her phone and Elena is skeptical about what she's doing. Audience Reviews for The Vampire Diaries: Season 1 Jul 19, 2019 Based on the popular book series, The Vampire Diaries delivers a strong and compelling first season 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 8 Photos They assumed Katherine would come interrupt before they even got to the vows, and then they'd stab her with a dagger made of her own bones In Death and the Maiden,Caroline is present in the moment that Bonnie is resurrected, she is very happy and immediately reminds Bonnie will be her roommate in college. Fresh off this week's insane reveal about Alaric's future, The Vampire Diaries is preparing to blow fans' minds once again on Thursday (The CW, 8/7c) — this time with a peek at Bonnie 2.0

Lucy Bennett was a witch and a distant cousin of Bonnie Bennett through her mother. She owed Katherine Pierce a life-debt and so helped her obtain the moonstone before helping subdue her. She was killed by Virginia St. John after sealing the Armory's Vault with magic. She later helped Bonnie combat the Maxwell bell's hellfire as a spirit. Lucy was a member of the Bennett Family As a Bennett witch, Lucy comes from a powerful bloodline of witches. When Bonnie and Lucy first met, she displayed a great knowledge of magic and control over divination, through touching Bonnie learned of the moonstone and showed her cousin that she could be trusted. SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the series finale of The Vampire Diaries, which aired on Friday, March 10. Executive producer Julie Plec promised an emotional.

4 more characters have been added to the cast list for the Vampire Diaries pilot. Source. Candice Accola is Caroline. Katerina Graham is Bonnie. Michael Trevino is Tyler. Sarah Carey is also listed to play Jenna The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017. Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take. Error: please try again. The Vampire Diaries finished its season with permanent deaths (or should it be permanent deaths?). Since the beginning, the series has toyed with the definition of being dead Caroline, Bonnie, and Jeremy are looking for Matt but Caroline is worried about the issue of Stefan having sex with Katherine, then she finds out that Bonnie has had sex with Jeremy and she is excited about the idea, Jeremy and Bonnie are uncomfortable with the conversation and decide to separate and leaving Caroline alone.

From 2009 to 2017, The CW's The Vampire Diaries was a fan-favorite show. The series led Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder to become well-known actors during a time when vampire-based shows and films were at peak popularity.. In the 11 years since the show first premiered, TVD cast members have gone on to star in movies, pursue music, and start their own families Then Bonnie and Caroline were already there when Matt showed up. Then Elena and Stefan followed. Caroline couldn't believe they'd all made it. Bonnie teared up but still said nothing about her death. She performed a linking spell that would link Elena to Katherine so that anything that happened to Katherine would also happen to Elena. This was Katherine's plan to ensure her survival in case her confrontation with Stefan and Damon ended badly. She then performed the unlinking spell once Katherine was stopped. One of Lucy's most notable spells was the enchantment she placed on the moonstone, as a result when Katherine touched the moonstone she was subdued in mere seconds. Later, it was revealed that Lucy was the witch that sealed the Armory's vault with the powerful Bennett Sealing Spell.

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In Fade Into You, sees Liv attending "Friendsgiving" with her brother, Tyler, Caroline, Liam, Elena and Jo. While Luke is more upbeat, showing old videos of him and Liv as children, Liv seems more distant and angry, revealing that she and Luke are twenty-two and that their Coven has plans for them. While watching the childhood video, Jo recognizes it and they come to the conclusion that she's their eldest sister. It's after this that Liv and Luke reveal that, as twins, they'll have to "merge" at some point with the stronger twin absorbing the power of the other while the weaker one dies, thus allowing the survivor to become the future leader of the Coven. Nora is a gorgeous young woman who looks to be in her early 20s, with dark, medium length wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. In I Went to the Woods, Valerie is seen mourning over Nora and Mary Louise's covered up bodies as she is the last Heretic alive.

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