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  1. And just recently I came across an article translated from Polish into English where the Polish style and use of quotation marks was preserved. Personally, I think I prefer the Polish style. M-dashes are a lot less hassle than quotation marks when typing dialogs. But what baffles me is where the Polish cudzysłów is hiding on my keyboard. I.
  2. ASCII code 173 = ¡ ( Inverted exclamation marks ) ASCII code 174 = « ( Angle quotes, guillemets, right-pointing quotation mark ) ASCII code 175 = » ( Guillemets, angle quotes, left-pointing quotation marks ) ASCII code 176 = ( Graphic character, low density dotted ) ASCII code 177 = ( Graphic character, medium density dotted
  3. Accented Es instead of apostrophes, quotation marks, slashes . I just reclaimed my computer from my mother who 's been using it for the last while, but something must have happened, because I can 't type slashes, quotations, or apostrophes in my browser anymore
  4. Active quotation marks. Automatic management of nested quotations so that you can pretty much always just say 'quote this' and csquotes will figure out the right thing to do. Quotation marks which adapt automatically to both the global language of the document and, optionally, the local linguistic context, if different
  5. The German keyboard doesn't provide typographic quotation marks (inverted commas) such as in Guten Tag!. Neither can you type guillemets (angle quotes) such as in »Guten Abend!«. Then again, the same counts for English too. There is neither n..
  6. In Unicode, 30 characters are marked Quotation Mark=Yes by character property.[95] They all have general category "Punctuation", and a subcategory Open, Close, Initial, Final or Other (Ps, Pe, Pi, Pf, Po). Several other Unicode characters with quotation mark semantics lack the character property.
  7. Double quote and Apostrophes ' not appearing until another key stroke Here is the solution 1. Go to the Windows settings / control panel - Time & Language - Region & Language 2. Click option.

Before iOS 11, the default quotation marks were the ASCII ' and , but now they are changed to '' and (curly quotation marks). I have to long press the quotation mark key on the soft keyboard to type the normal ones and have no way to type them on a Smart Cover © Unicode Character Table, 2012–2020. Unicode® is a registered trademark of Unicode, Inc. in the United States and other countries. This site is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Unicode, Inc. (aka The Unicode Consortium). For the official Unicode website, please go to www.unicode.org.

2) If you want [Shift + " ] to then wait to see if you want an accented letter (e.g. [Shift + " --> e] = ë)  then you probably want some variant of the International Keyboard.I agree. The simplest approach (and the one that worked perfectly well for decades) was to type Shift+" to make the opening quotation mark appear, input the text you wanted to include inside the quotation marks, then type Shift+" to make the closing quotation mark appear. (Left and right quotation marks are also known as opening and closing quotation marks.) Straight Quotes. The straight marks are easier to use because there's only one kind. QWERTY and other keyboard layouts reserve one rather than two keys for the single quotation mark and apostrophe. So there's no separate key for the left single quotation. Many of these icons are symmetrical in the horizontal plane. Even if the entire text is inverted, they will remain unchanged.

by the way I have been unable to find the setting where I can get out of the international keyboard - none of the guidance on the web works Welcome to Useful Shortcuts, THE Alt Code resource!. If you are already familiar with using alt codes, simply select the alt code category you need from the table below. If you need help using alt codes find and note down the alt code you need then visit our instructions for using alt codes page

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In Finnish and Swedish, right quotes, called citation marks, ”…”, are used to mark both the beginning and the end of a quote. Double right-pointing angular quotes, »…», can also be used. The term smart quotes (“…”) is from the name in several word processors of a function aimed this problem: automatically converting straight quotes typed by the user into curved quotes, the feature attempts to be "smart" enough to determine whether the punctuation marked opening or closing. Since curved quotes are the typographically correct ones, word processors have traditionally offered curved quotes to users (at minimum as available characters). Before Unicode was widely accepted and supported, this meant representing the curved quotes in whatever 8-bit encoding the software and underlying operating system was using. The character sets for Windows and Macintosh used two different pairs of values for curved quotes, while ISO 8859-1 (historically the default character set for the Unixes and older Linux systems) has no curved quotes, making cross-platform and -application compatibility difficult. The Unicode standard introduced a separate character U+2015 ― HORIZONTAL BAR to be used as a quotation dash. In general it is the same length as an em-dash, and so this is often used instead. The main difference between them is that at least some software will insert a line break after an em dash, but not after a quotation dash. Both are displayed in the following table. The quotation marks key and other punctuation keys are not working on my Chromebook. Does Flash, Java, or Silverlight run on a Chromebook? Our Chromebook cart is only charging on one side

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Some fonts, e.g. Verdana, were not designed with the flexibility to use the English left quote as the German right quote. Such fonts are therefore typographically incompatible with this German usage. I don't know when this started, but I believe it had something to do with the last big update, which required rebooting several times. Since this might be an intended feature by Microsoft, I don't know if it's fixable, so any and all answers would be appreciated. Draft saved Draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Submit Post as a guest Name Email Required, but never shownThanks Ian. The same problem had been bugging me. When I started to implement your solution, I think I stumbled on the underlying problem: by default, Windows 7 uses ALT-SHIFT to toggle between available keyboard layouts. If the user has defined ALT-SHIFT as part of some other shortcut (eg in Word) it silently toggles the keyboard. So it is not necessary to remove the International Keyboard option: just disable the shortcut for keyboard switching, then pick the keyboard you want – and it will stick. Thanks again.

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  1. To add to the answers above, here's how you can use the right kind of quotation marks on your computer. On Mac, while using Russian keyboard layout: Simultaneously push option, shift and = to type «. Simultaneously push option and = to type ». On Win
  2. Standard English computer keyboard layouts inherited the single and double straight quotation marks from the typewriter (the single quotation mark also doubling as an apostrophe), and they do not include individual keys for left-handed and right-handed typographic quotation marks. However, most computer text-editing programs provide a.
  3. The style of quoting known as Usenet quoting uses the greater-than sign (>) prepended to a line of text to mark it as a quote. This convention was later standardized in RFC 3676, and is now used by email clients when automatically including quoted text from previous messages (in plain text mode).
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  5. Sweden (and Finland) choose a convention where both marks equally pointed to the right but lined up both at the top level (”…”).
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But I gathered from some forums that before the update, if the language was set to Dutch, the physical keyboard behaved like the US International keyboard layout in Windows. This means that the keys for quotation marks were dead keys that make it easy to create accented vowels (like ë or é), something we need on a regular basis in our language Question: Q: How to handle Quotation marks? Hi, I've got a problem with Pages. As a German user I'd like to use German quotation marks, those that open low and close high. At the moment I can use only English quotation marks, opening and closing high. to learn more about the Apple keyboard, launch Systemeinstellungen and choose.

The closing single quotation mark is identical in form to the apostrophe and similar to the prime symbol. The double quotation mark is identical to the ditto mark in English-language usage. It is also similar to—and often used to represent—the double prime symbol. However, the quotation marks, the apostrophe, and the prime serve quite different purposes. Quotation marks. Here is one area where punctuating with a typewriter was easier. If you look at your computer keyboard, you will find (on US-English keyboards) a single key with both a double quotation mark ( ) and a mark that can be either an apostrophe or a single quotation mark ( ' ) Reply On the traditional German type writer (and) computer keyboard there is only one key (shift + 2) for quotation marks (opening and closing) this type is also used to indicate inches and seconds. Typographic quotation marks are used in printing and in formatted text in word processors. You can set e.g. Microsoft Word to use them

The curved apostrophe is the same character as the closing single quote.[94] "Smart quotes" features, however, wrongly convert initial apostrophes (as in 'tis, 'em, 'til, and '89) into opening single quotes. (An example of this error appears in the advertisements for the television show 'Til Death). The two very different functions of this character can cause confusion, particularly in British styles,[d] in which single quotes are the standard primary. Following these first eight punctuation marks are different types of brackets, which are also a kind of punctuation mark. The remaining items included in the table are symbols that are not punctuation marks, but symbols that are used enough in everyday writing that they are included on a standard American computer keyboard You should try Keyboarder when is ready (1month) http://www.getkeyboarder.com IT should make this kind of problems go away, or at least you can put the desired symbols in another space. For me, for US International Keyboard, I can type quotes by hitting spacebar before my finger lifts up off the quote key, or even hitting it after I typed the quote. So, for example shift + ' + spacebar = Not sure if that will work for you too

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How to type real single-quote and double-quote characters on Mac OS X. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: June 4, 2016. I like real single- and double-quotes -- not the fake ones on your keyboard next to the Return key -- and after a little research, here's how you can type them on your Mac OS X system: Left double quote. Recently purchased Inspiron 15r. Love it, except the quotation mark button is wonky. First time it is pressed, nothing appears; second time, you get double quotation marks. Noticed that this was mentioned by at least a couple users when reading reviews of the 15r on the Dell website. Relatively. Unlike English, French does not set off unquoted material within a quotation by using a second set of quotation marks. Compare:

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Unicode support has since become the norm for operating systems. Thus, in at least some cases, transferring content containing curved quotes (or any other non-ASCII characters) from a word processor to another application or platform has been less troublesome, provided all steps in the process (including the clipboard if applicable) are Unicode-aware. But there are still applications which still use the older character sets, or output data using them, and thus problems still occur. Hi,I'm having a problem with one of my spreadsheets where I can't get the quotation mark key to enter into a cell or formula. It only enters a symbol instead of the quotation mark, It's the letter E with an accent mark over it. I think it has to do with some kind of default which I somehow have changed but I can't figure out how to put it back Simple keyboard shortcut to make right double quotation mark in windows is 0148 Press the alt key and hold it down while typing 0148 on the Windows keyboard. This is the simple page to learn how to type / make right double quote on your windows keyboard

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  2. In American writing, quotation marks are normally the double kind (the primary style). If quotation marks are used inside another pair of quotation marks, then single quotation marks are used. For example: "Didn't she say 'I like red best' when I asked her wine preferences?" he asked his guests. If another set of quotation marks is nested inside single quotation marks, double quotation marks are used again, and they continue to alternate as necessary (though this is rarely done).
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  4. Issue with the charatcter (quotation mark character) 2014-11-27, 0:19 AM. If you click on it, the Removebutton will be disabled. that's because you have to have at least another keyboard in the tree that says English (United States) > Keyboard. So first we add one, and remove the bad one..

3) The Original Post, had trouble getting a " with different keyboards and techniques. Good luck to him! (sorry I can't help) Solution for Keyboard issue/problem - Apostrophe and Double Quote, Quotation marks, Tilde and Hat do not appear until another key is pressed on Windows 7 38 By Ian Posted on April 19, 2012 in Hardware Issues , Windows The Other Marks on Your Keyboard. Your keyboard contains a number of other characters, most of which are not properly punctuation marks at all, and very few of which are normally used in formal writing, except in certain specialist disciplines

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The above rules have not changed since at least the previous BN-76/7440-02 standard from 1976 and are probably much older. You need not Delete keyboard just change it to other drop down option. and don’t forget to restart. changes will only take place after restart. Thanks The keys on the keyboard should be what appears on the screen from the get go. I don't know why you would think anything else is acceptable. Sure some people may want to type letters with accents above them. Great, let them change the settings. This is the first keyboard in 40 odd years that I have had with this issue. Changing the settings to non US - International doesn't resolve the issue.

Typing quotation marks on a computer keyboard. Standard English computer keyboard layouts inherited the single and double straight quotation marks from the typewriter (the single quotation mark also doubling as an apostrophe), and they do not include individual keys for left-handed and right-handed typographic quotation marks. However. Let me add my thanks – I got a new computer, and this happened, finally annoyed me so much that I searched for a solution, and voila! All fixed Inverted Commas/Quotation Marks: Whether it is for a direct speech or for marking a significant quote, we see inverted commas all the time in written English. Sometimes they can be single styled inverted commas, other times they are the double styled inverted commas. See how to use inverted commas in this article Periods, commas, question marks, and exclamation points were probably at the top of your list, followed by apostrophes and quotation marks. There's also the colon, semicolon, parenthesis, and more—too many punctuation marks to count. These are the marks we use on a daily basis, to express everything from a brief pause to excitement

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  1. Very strange problem at a Sunshine Coast Business IT client where quotes “ and apostrophes ‘ would not display until the client pressed another key. Then this key and the quote or apostrophe would appear on the screen.
  2. How are the special characters on the French Canadian legended keyboard generated? First you must choose the standard French Canadian layout (as outlined here) in your operating system.Once this is done, French Canadian keyboards are legended to provide you with indications of the differences between the French Canadian layout and the standard English Layout
  3. The French Imprimerie nationale (cf. Lexique des règles typographiques en usage à l'Imprimerie nationale, presses de l'Imprimerie nationale, Paris, 2002) does not use different quotation marks for nesting quotes:
  4. How to Type Japanese: Key Tables. MS-IME: KOTOERI: Functions: Convert / Choose an option from the list: Choose an option from the list: Choose an option from the list [Control] + [ J ] Convert into Hiragana [Control] + [ K ] Convert into Katakana bracket, quotation mark (Migi) Kakko.

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These same systems often drew the grave accent (`, U+0060) as an open quote glyph (actually a high-reversed-9 glyph, to preserve some usability as a grave). Thus, using a grave accent instead of a quotation mark as the opening quote gave a proper appearance of single quotes at the cost of semantic correctness. Nothing similar was available for the double quote, so many people resorted to using two single quotes for double quotes, which would look like the following: The single quotation marks in the above sentence are intended to send a message to the reader that friend is being used in a special way: in this case, sarcastically. Avoid this invalid usage. Single quotation marks are valid only within a quotation, as per Rule 7, above Double quotes key requires second key press. I have four systems, each with a regular+cyrillic keyboard and have been using them for years with Windows 7 & 8.1, switching between the two formats, without a problem. As an aside, a couple of the systems, having bought them in Bulgaria, have non-English messages but the few that occur, although. The Portuguese-speaking African countries tend to follow Portugal's conventions, not the Brazilian ones.

The marks at the left are straight quotes and a straight apostrophe or single quote mark, relics of the typewriter age. A straight apostrophe can never be backwards. But it's not the mark you expect to see in professionally printed documents Re: Problem with double quotation marks instead of single by floris v » Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:14 pm What you described is the normal behaviour of the English (International) keyboard in Windows I believe I specified a US-Intl keyboard layout during installation of Linux Mint 18.3 (subsidiary question, how to check that?). I'm able to get accents, for example, right-alt+,+c prints ç. But not French quotation marks. I tried right-alt+[, right-alt+z, and right-alt+\, which are solutions found in several posts/Wikipedia, they don't. Need an IT Support Company? - Contact OJ Networks Now - Call (07) 5329 3200 or fill out the form below...b The same U+2019 code point and glyph is used for typographic (curly) apostrophes. Both U+0027 and U+2019 are ambiguous about distinguishing punctuation from apostrophes.

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  1. To enable it, go to Settings → Time & language → Region & language (sidebar). There, select the language (English, Dutch, whatever) you want to modify, click “Options”. Then, under “Keyboards” add the “United Status-International” layout. Then remove the regular US layout.
  2. More appropriately referred to as a quotation mark and alternatively referred to as a double quote or inverted commas, a quotation mark is a symbol ( ) on a keyboard. It is located next to the Enter key on a US QWERTY keyboard
  3. Quotation marks are a type of punctuation you use to show that you're quoting what someone else said. Whenever you use quotation marks, you're showing exactly what someone said or wrote. For example, take this sentence: We used quotation marks to repeat what Harry said. In other words, we quoted Harry. Because we used his exact words, it was a.
  4. Alternatively, an en-dash followed by a (non-breaking) space can be used to denote the beginning of quoted speech, in which case the end of the quotation is not specifically denoted (see section Quotation dash below). A line-break should not be allowed between the en-dash and the first word of the quotation.
  5. There are no hotkey applications installed. There are only the laptop native Fn Function keys, however the corresponding keys don't have any additional functions in this (F1-F12 and arrow keys etc. have additional functions). 
  6. In typewriter keyboards, the curved quotation marks were not implemented. Instead, to save space, the straight quotation marks were invented as a compromise. Even in countries that did not use curved quotation marks, angular quotation marks were not implemented either[citation needed].

Adding this to your preamble will use the double quotation mark character as your delimiter for outer quotes. csquotes will then translate it to what it needs to be in your chosen language, which in your case is american english and so will appear as . You should therefore have nothing else to change in your document. improve this answer I get a popup message saying The formula you typed contains an error, but when I copy a formula text from somewhere around the web and just change what's inside the quotation marks it magically works. My keyboard is set to American English and my Excel is set to American English, but when I type it doesn't work I have to copy the quotation. Sometimes, for instance on several French news sites such as Libération, Les Échos or Le Figaro, no space is used around the quotation marks. This parallels normal usage in other languages, e.g. Catalan, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or in German, French and Italian as written in Switzerland: On Windows documents, you can hold one of the alt key on your keyboard and press the code using number pad. For example, Alt + 8263 will produce double question mark symbol like ⁇. Alternatively, on Word documents, you can use the hex code in the second column with alt and X keys. For example, press 22EE then alt and x keys to type vertical.

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This punctuation mark is a paired one. They designate a direct speech, or a word that is used in a meaning that does not correspond to the usual speech, for example, in the opposite. There are several kinds of quotation marks. Names went from the country where they were invented and from the similarity of the outline with some objects. You can type in Spanish on Microsoft Windows machines—complete with accented letters and inverted punctuation—even if you're using a keyboard that shows English characters only. There are essentially three approaches to typing Spanish in Windows. First, use the international keyboard configuration that is part of Windows, best for if you frequently type in Spanish The US International English keyboard layout is recommended for those who are comfortable with the qwerty keyboard and need a variety of accent marks or symbols. It uses an intuitive method which works with most (perhaps all) Windows applications such as MS Office and web page software, while keeping the familiar qwerty layout Thank you for your thorough response. I have tried out the options you suggested. I was aware of method one, however for day-to-day writing this is not a viable option for me. I cannot have the on-screen keyboard open for everything I want to type. Method 2 and 3 both did not work for me. I removed the keyboard and added it again, rebooted the system but the problem persisted. Also I have created a secondary Microsoft account for the purpose like you suggested, but in both accounts the problem remains. 

Although not generally common in Dutch any more, double angle quotation marks are still sometimes used in Belgium. Examples include the Flemish HUMO magazine and the Metro newspaper in Brussels.[62] Simple keyboard shortcut to make right single quotation mark in windows is 0146 Press the alt key and hold it down while typing 0146 on the Windows keyboard. This is the simple page to learn how to type / make right single quote on your windows keyboard Quotation marks and other punctuation marks. Does punctuation go inside or outside quotation marks? This question mostly refers to the sentence-ending punctuation marks—punctuation marks that introduce a quote are never placed within quotation marks. Sentence-ending punctuation is a whole different story

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You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. You can try using the On-Screen keyboard and see if you get a different results. To open On-Screen keyboard, type osk in the search bar on the Taskbar and hit Enter. My quotation key () is not working right. When I press the key [Shift '/], I do not immediately get the quotation mark. To make the quotation mark appear, I must type a space after the quotation, but the space does not appear. In other words, to type Thank you very much for your help. I was on the verge of sending my PC back thinking it was a hardware problemHistorically, support for curved quotes was a problem in information technology, primarily because the widely used ASCII character set did not include a representation for them. To use non ASCII characters in e-mail and on Usenet the sending mail application generally needs to set a MIME type specifying the encoding. In most cases (the exceptions being if UTF-7 is used or if the 8BITMIME extension is present), this also requires the use of a content-transfer encoding. (Mozilla Thunderbird, however, allows insertion of HTML code such as ‘ and ” to produce typographic quotation marks; see below.)

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I know it is not a hardware or driver problem because it has not always been like this. My laptop came with Windows 10 pre-installed and it worked fine. Later I installed a secondary keyboard layout (Russian), however I have always kept the US International one installed and removed Russian again. I am not sure if the problem originates from this, but it might, if that is any help for finding a solution. The fact that the angle (French) quotation mark keys are arranged left-mark-on-left & right-mark-on-right makes this look like a design oversight— but that doesn't explain why it hasn't been corrected with other keyboard changes in more-recent iOSes In this lesson, we're going to look at apostrophes and quotation marks. Both of these symbols are found on the key to the right of the home row on a standard QWERTY keyboard, between the ; key and the Enter key The use of English quotation marks is increasing in French and usually follows English rules, for instance in situations when the keyboard or the software context doesn't allow the use of guillemets. The French news site L'Humanité uses straight quotation marks along with angle ones. Legacy support of narrow non-breakable spaces was done at rendering level only, without interoperability as provided by Unicode support. High-end renderers as found in Desktop Publishing software should therefore be able to render this space using the same glyph as the breaking thin space U+2009, handling the non-breaking property internally in the text renderer/layout engine, because line-breaking properties are never defined in fonts themselves; such renderers should also be able to infer any width of space, and make them available as application controls, as is done with justifying/non-justifying.

According to current PN-83/P-55366 standard from 1983 (but not dictionaries, see below), Typesetting rules for composing Polish text (Zasady składania tekstów w języku polskim) one can use either „ordinary Polish quotes” or «French quotes» (without space) for first level, and ‚single Polish quotes’ or «French quotes» for second level, which gives three styles of nested quotes: The other thing you could try is switching on the soft-keyboard (it's the button on the IME bar that looks like a little keyboard). There will definately be a on the soft-keyboard, and so long as you're in Chinese punctuation mode it will come out as a 、 The soft-keyboard should also give you a clue as to location on your keyboard of the key

This time around, to create the quotation mark, you put two quotation marks together inside the text portion of the formula. The previous formula results in: NY Times calls the movie Some random title amazing. That's much better. If that example is a little confusing, check this one out: =I said it was awesome not awful!! The English Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org) has an extensive, well researched and definitive article on the use of quotation marks in most countries of the world. The graphics for the quotes are set out in two main columns (Primary and Alternative usage), with each main column subdivided into the graphics for double and single quotes

I seem to have broken my keyboard. When I press SHIFT -2, instead of the quotation marks I get an @ symbol and when I press @ I get quotation marks. This problem is caused by having the wrong layout selected for your keyboard. British layouts have quotation marks appear when you press SHIFT-2, while American keyboards have an. In Switzerland, however, the French-style angle quotation mark sets are also used for German printed text: «A ‹B›?» Place close quotation marks at the end of only the last paragraph. use double quotation marks to identify the overall quotation and single quotation marks (or an apostrophe on the keyboard) to indicate the quotation within the quotation: During the 1960 presidential campaign, Republicans were accusing John F. Kennedy of using his family's. For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avwy3. No, you wouldn't use double double quote marks - you could use the single glyph mark on the first top key on your keyboard. `Quiet, says one of the Guardians behind the counter, and we hush like schoolgirls.` If your sentence is a direct quote, then it's sufficient to use single glyphs at the start and end of the quote

Now, when I press the button, I get 2 of them immediately. Aside from being just a pain in the gluteus maximus, it also doesn't allow me to type apostrophe characters. The 'new and improved' method mandates typing Shift+, moving the cursor left to insert it between the quotation marks, inputting the text you want to include inside the quotation marks, then moving the cursor right to clear the quotation marks. An increase in complexity for no gain. I'd like to know the rationale for this In Hungarian linguistic tradition the meaning of a word is signified by uniform (unpaired) apostrophe-shaped quotation marks: ' spanning several paragraphs had an opening quotation mark at the start of each paragraph, ' but a closing mark only at the end of the last paragraph) ' 3. stand-alone acute and grave accents are assumed to be single quotation marks, and will ' be converted as such. ' The routine uses a subroutine to perform the search and replacements In Portugal, the angular quotation marks[44][49] (ex. «quote») are traditionally used. They are the Latin tradition quotation marks, used normally by typographers. It is that also the chosen representation for displaying quotation marks in reference sources,[48][66][67] and it is also the chosen representation from some sites dedicated to the Portuguese Language.[68]

Thank you so much, I have been trying to fix this for months. Fortunately I didn’t need to reboot my system – glad the problem is solved! Thanks again. Unlike the Chinese quotation marks described above, with title marks you used the double marks (《》) first, and then if there's a title within that you use single ones (〈〉). I don't think Mac OS input has any key combinations for Chinese title marks; please correct me in the comments if that's wrong Quotation marks are necessary to literally quote something, but in practice you can quote phrases without using literal quotes. Just like in English you can write she said yes without using quotes around the word she said, in Japanese you can write kanojo wa hai to itta 彼女ははいと言った without quotes Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. The normal way I've always typed em dashes is to press Alt and type 0151 on the numerical keypad. Only thing is that Chromebooks don't have numerical keypads. In fact, most laptops don't.

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The United States-International keyboard layout assigns new functions to the right ALT key (the ALT key on the right side of the keyboard). key, QUOTATION MARK ( ) key, ACCENT GRAVE ( `) key, TILDE The change is made because the United States-International keyboard has all the keys in the U.S. keyboard and also supports additional. Use quotation marks for the titles of poems, short stories, and chapters in a book. Put one set of quotation marks around these titles to off set it properly. Only put quotations around the title, not the author's name. For example, if you were citing the poem One Art by Elizabeth Bishop, it would appear as One Art by Elizabeth Bishop Format dashes and quotation marks in Pages on iPad. Pages automatically converts double hyphens (--) to dashes (—) and converts straight quotation marks to curly quotation marks as you type. You can turn this setting off or on at any time Did this solve your problem? Yes No I switched my keyboard to French but had no success. If I use Caslon Pro which has the correct quotation marks, I can access them through PopChar but not from the keyboard in either U.S. or French. Thank you for the suggestion

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Quotation marks are most commonly used to indicate the exact words that someone else said. This is known as direct speech or direct quotation. Keyboard. Word / Article; Starts with; When this happens, we put an opening quotation mark at the beginning of each quoted paragraph, but we only put a closing quotation mark after the last. whenever I try to type out quotation marks, it just turns into two dots, like this: ¨ and this : ´ 1 Recommended Answer 42 Replies 196 Upvotes I have been trying to type out quotation marks, but it just will not work. It sounds like you accidentally switched your keyboard. In the shelf of your Chromebook, click on the area at the bottom. Guillemets (/ ˈ ɡ ɪ l əm ɛ t /, also UK: / ˈ ɡ iː m eɪ /, US: / ˌ ɡ iː (j) ə ˈ m eɪ, ˌ ɡ ɪ l ə ˈ m ɛ t /, French: ) are a pair of punctuation marks in the form of sideways double chevrons (« and »), used as quotation marks in a number of languages. In some of these languages single Guillemets (‹ and ›) are used for a quotation inside another quotation.. Guillemets. Corner brackets are well-suited for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages which are written in both vertical and horizontal orientations. China, South Korea, and Japan all use corner brackets when writing vertically. However, usages differ when writing horizontally:

There's the Euro symbol (€), which you can easily type on your American keyboard by hitting option, shift and 2. There's also the French quotation marks, which differ from the western ones - French quotation marks look like «this» Spanish / French Quotation Marks: Option + \ (start), Shift + Option + \ (end) Upside-Down Exclamation Mark: Option + 1; Upside-Down Question Mark: Shift + Option + ? Wrapping it up. Typing those accented letters is super easy on your Mac keyboard with these two simple options

The Código de Redação[69] for Portuguese-language documents published in the European Union prescribes three levels of quotation marks representation («…“…‘…’…”…»): Use in different languages. The rules are not strict (if at all), do not be surprised if they are poorly observed. It is more interesting, why in Sweden not Swedish backquotes are used. Basic and spare (put inside the main, if necessary):In Central Europe, however, the practice was to use the quotation mark pairs with the convexity pointing inward. The German tradition preferred the curved quotation marks, the first one at the level of the commas, the second one at the level of the apostrophes („…“). Alternatively, these marks could be angular and in-line with lower case letters, but still pointing inward (»…«). Some neighboring regions adopted the German curved marks tradition with lower–upper alignment, while others made up a variant with the closing mark pointing rightward like the opening one („…”). Normally when using US (International keyboard) settings, typing [ Shift + ' + Space ] gives you [ " ]. However, for me both typing [ ' + Space]  and typing  [ Shift + ' + Space ] all give me [ ' ]. In order to type a quotation mark, my only option is to type [ Shift + ' + ' ], which gives me [ ' " ], and then I can delete the single quote. I have tried different keyboard settings, but they don't fix the problem. Does anybody know how I can fix the issue? Please, feel free to ask for any additional information if needed.

How to Use Curly Quotes on Mac OSX and Windows • Chris Bracc

The use of English quotation marks is increasing in Spanish,[citation needed] and the El País style guide, which is widely followed in Spain, recommends them. Hispanic Americans often use them, owing to influence from the United States. I did some further testing and the tilde ~ and the hat (is that what it is called?) ^ also didn’t appear when pressed until another key was pressed. The problem continues to appear even if another keyboard  is installed. So the setting had to be inside the Windows 7 Settings.

In Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Georgian, Romanian, Lithuanian and Hungarian, the reporting clause in the middle of a quotation is separated with two additional dashes (also note that the initial quotation dash is followed by a single whitespace character as well as the fact that the additional quotation dashes for the middle main clause after the initial quotation dash are all with a single whitespace character on both of their sides): These true quotation and apostrophe marks are curled left and right, unlike the straight single and double quote marks that show on a keyboard's apostrophe key. Here's how to access and properly use curly quotation marks—also called smart quotes—and proper apostrophes on a Mac or Windows PC Make sure you have your language AND your keyboard set to the correct region. Also check on the other tabs that you have the correct region set. It sounds like one of your settings is still wrong. If you are in the UK then make sure it is all set to “United Kingdom”. Recently, I learned about some functional differences between straight and curly quotation marks. Straight marks. Straight marks were invented for use on typewriters. Due to physical and mechanical constraints, you can only fit so many keys on a typewriter's keyboard

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In English the period goes inside the quotation marks. En español el punto va fuera de las comillas. How to create angle quotes on your keyboard: MAC: alt + ' \ ' (for opening quote) alt + shift + ' \ ' (for closing quote) PC: alt + 0161 or 173 PC (US international keyboard setting): RightAlt + ' [ ' RightAlt + ' ] Shortcuts for special characters. Original source page. On MacOS, the option key functions as a modifier key like the shift key. Hold it down and press another key simultaneously. For option - shift, hold down both the option and shift keys and press another key simultaneously. On Windows, the Alt key functions as a modifier like the shift key

On a standard keyboard, the symbol (Shift+') is most often called a quotation mark. This is also a double prime used to denote inches and seconds (also see prime). In typography, these straight double quotation marks are often referred to as dumb quotes when used as quotation marks straight and curly quotes Always use curly quotes. Straight quotes are the two generic ver­ti­cal quo­ta­tion marks lo­cated near the re­turn key: the straight sin­gle quote (') and the straight dou­ble quote ().. Curly quotes are the quo­ta­tion marks used in good ty­pog­ra­phy. There are four curly quote char­ac­ters: the open­ing sin­gle quote ('), the clos­ing sin­gle. To place quotation marks in a string in your code. In Visual Basic, insert two quotation marks in a row as an embedded quotation mark. In Visual C# and Visual C++, insert the escape sequence \ as an embedded quotation mark. For example, to create the preceding string, use the following code AZERTY Keyboard Options. The AZERTY keyboard is a variant layout where the Q and A keys are switched from the English QWERTY layout. The layout is used in many French speaking countries because it also supports other French characters. Both Windows and Macintosh can simulate an AZERTY or other similar layouts as desired Nested Quotations. Use double quotes for a quotation. Joe said, Will you marry me? Use single quotes for a nested quotation, when someone repeats what someone else said. Joe smiled and said, Jenny said 'yes' when I asked her to marry me. If you need another layer of quotation, just keep alternating between single and double quotation marks

In English writing, quotation marks or inverted commas, also known informally as quotes, talking marks, speech marks, quote marks, quotemarks or speechmarks, are punctuation marks placed on either side of a word or phrase in order to identify it as a quotation, direct speech or a literal title or name. They are also used to indicate that the meaning of the word or phrase they surround should. Hi I've just written a book in English on a Spanish keyboard layout and am editing my book but I don't know which keys I have to press to make the British single speech marks appear. I have to submit a draft this Sunday 8 December and I really need to know as soon as possible To eliminate possibilities, we would suggest you to create a new user account, add the US (International keyboard) and check if the issue persists. Please refer the article Create a local user or administrator account in Windows 10. period (US) or full stop (UK), comma! exclamation mark? question mark: colon; semicolon quotation marks ' ' single quotes ( ) parentheses { } curved brackets [ ] square brackets @ at sign or symbol * asterisk ~ tilde / slash - dash # pound sign $ dollar sign & and or ampersan Other languages have similar conventions to English, but use different symbols or different placement.

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Thanks Ian, this exact problem has been bugging me for months now! I changed to the standard US keyboard and removed the US Intl. from my list, as you suggested, and after a rebbot my “s, ‘s, ~s and ^s are now all working correctly again – perfect! Computer keyboards followed the steps of typewriter keyboards. Most computer keyboards do not have specific keys for curved quotation marks or angled quotation marks. This may also have to do with computer character sets: This style is particularly common in Bulgarian, French, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.[60] James Joyce always insisted on this style, although his publishers did not always respect his preference. Alan Paton used this style in Cry, the Beloved Country (and no quotation marks at all in some of his later work). Charles Frazier used this style for his novel Cold Mountain as well. Details for individual languages are given above.

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