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TaylorMade's new GAPR line of golf clubs has been created to give players a better option for filling the gap in their bag between their longest iron and their most lofted fairway wood. Three unique models are available to choose from depending on a player's needs, and each offers a different head shape and flight characteristics TaylorMade GAPR HI Hybrid Bridge the Gap. GAPR™ introduces a new category of golf club, designed to fill the gap between your longest playable iron and your shortest metalwood. Featuring three unique shapes (GAPR™ HI, MID, and LO), you can choose your preferred head design to bridge the gap in your long game. SpeedFoa For better distance and higher trajectory, designers placed a non-interchangeable center-of-gravity weight low and towards the back on the sole of the club head. A square toe and a wide “V” shaped crown cutout give the GAPR HI the look of a club that begs to be hit. TaylorMade GAPR MID Hybrid Bridge the Gap. GAPR™ introduces a new category of golf club, designed to fill the gap between your longest playable iron and your shortest metalwood. Featuring three unique shapes (GAPR™ HI, MID, and LO), you can choose your preferred head design to bridge the gap in your long game. SpeedFoa

Big Savings on Pre-Owned TaylorMade Golf Clubs. Money Back Guarantee TaylorMade GAPR MID Review. The GAPR MID is the model I feel that most single figure players should head for because the slightly deeper head has a deeper CG that helps get the ball up more easily. It does look like a compact better players hybrid, but one that comes more from the iron side of things Overall, the GAPR HI looks more like a variation of a typical hybrid than a new type of club. They can be used as direct replacements for their iron or hybrid equivalent, or individually as TaylorMade suggests - to fill the gap between a player's shortest wood and longest iron TaylorMade GAPR review: First impressions. These clubs came as a bit of a surprise to me when they were spotted in a few players bags ahead of The Open. They came quite hot on the heels of the TaylorMade P790 UDi 2-iron which was released to the public a couple of months ago Injected into every GAPR model, our revolutionary SpeedFoam™ technology enhances ballspeed and feel to deliver performance unlike any other utility club. ADJUSTABLE & FORGIVING FIND THE GAP IN YOUR BAG AND WE'LL HELP YOU DISCOVER THE GAPR THAT WILL COMPLETE YOUR GAME

TaylorMade research suggests that this gap occurs for most players between the 3-wood and five-iron.  TaylorMade GAPR Range Review. The new GAPR range from TaylorMade is aimed at golfers seeking either an iron-like alternative to their hybrid or most lofted fairway wood, or a hybrid-like. The TaylorMade GAPR Selector tool evaluates skill set & preferences, and fits golfers with the best GAPR to fill the gap in their game. Bridge the gap today All three GAPR models come with stock KBS Hybrid Shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips, with plenty of other options available for both.

Players at this level rarely suffer from gap issues because they do not struggle with long irons. But, even the world’s best golfers appreciate a little forgiveness from time to time. If the GAPR LO plays as well as promised, it may well become the long iron of choice on short par fours, out of thick rough, and off the short grass on narrow fairways. Tiger Woods swapped out his driving iron for a GAPR LO #2 at Carnoustie in the 2018 British Open, for example.Though they share a name and many of the same features, each GAPR has their own distinct shape, a unique center of gravity, and are targeted at a different range of handicappers. While the GAPR HI looks much like a standard hybrid, the GAPR MID looks nothing like a standard iron. While it uses some features usually reserved for game-improvement irons TaylorMade promises the GAPR MID will shape the ball as well as any iron out there but, with some added distance and forgiveness. Just like the M3, the GAPR HI has an adjustable Loft Sleeve that lets players tweak lie and loft settings to their liking. It also appears to feature an identical “Speed Pocket” to that of the M3. 

While the three are decidedly different in most respects, they do share a number of key technologies.  Cookie Policy Notification. www.taylormadegolf.co.uk uses cookies in order to improve the experience for our users. Find out more and set your cookie preferences here.By continuing to use our site you consent to use of cookies According to TaylorMade's Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director Product Creation, Metalwoods, the goal when designing the new GAPR line ($250 each) was to attack the part of the bag between the longest. Combine the look of a driving iron with power, precision and forgiveness by playing the TaylorMade GAPR LO Rescue. The smaller, player-inspired profile features a mid-thin sole width for maximum versatility and flight control M5 Tuning Manual M6 Tuning Manual. M3 Tuning Manual M4 Tuning Manual. M1 Tuning Manual 2017 M1 Tuning Manual. Shop All Styles. Secondary Navigation. To place an order or inquire about an existing order, call us toll free (within the USA) at. 1-877-860-8624. Customer Service Hours of Operation: M-F 6am-4pm PST. Closed weekends and most US Holidays

Thanks for the review. Clear and concise. Now I need to go hit one and compare to a Hybrid. I like my long irons and miss in my new M4 set the 3 iron. I have a old 2 iron im my bag and maybe a 3 GAPR is in order. Taylormade marketed the Gapr just for people like me. It took less than a bucket of balls at the driving range to develop my optimal stance and swing for the Gapr MID 3-iron. Now I have a 190 - 200 yard club that provides a relatively straight flight and a satisfying 'click' at impact - reminiscent of a traditional wood headed club TAYLORMADE GAPR LO. The TaylorMade GAPR LO is the model Tiger Woods employed at Carnoustie and will suit players with high swing speeds. With its appearance most resembling an iron, the GAPR LO is designed with a low CG (centre of gravity) that is positioned forward - as evidenced by the location of the weight screw on the back of the clubhead instead of the sole, like the MID and HI GAPR.

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Free Shipping on Orders Over $99. Authorized Retailer of the Best Brands in Golf 50 Words or Less. The TaylorMade GAPR HI is high launching and easy to hit. A solid long iron replacement or a way to get rid of an unreliable hybrid. Introduction. Hybrids were originally meant to bridge the gap between fairway woods and irons The GAPR LO is already being tested by Tiger Woods and could be a popular option at Carnoustie. Available as a 2- through 4-iron, the head is slightly larger than TaylorMade's Tour Preferred UDI.

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Published on Jul 29, 2018. PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the latest TaylorMade GAPR club on the course at Burnley Golf Club and at the Quest Golf Academy on GCQuad! Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to. 50 Words or Less. The TaylorMade GAPR MID is the driving iron for the rest of us. More forgiving and slightly higher launching than most driving irons. Great ball speed. Introduction. Over the last year or so, driving irons have become a major trend on Tour The TaylorMade GAPR seeks to fill the distance gap between the longest iron and shortest fairway wood golfers are comfortable hitting. GAPR Hi features traditional hybrid sole shaping along with a dropped crown feature for improved alignment and lower center of gravity. A low and back center of gravity location offers extreme distance with high. The GAPR family consists of three new offerings – the GAPR HI, the GAPR MID, and the GAPR LOW – each designed to fill that gap for a different level of player.

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The GAPR MID brings a newly shaped club head to the golf world. It looks more like an iron than a hybrid. A sole wide enough to fit the non-removable CG weight and TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket tapers into a wide topline. As the name suggests, high-handicappers are the target players for the GAPR HI. It comes in four right-handed lofts of nineteen, twenty-two, twenty-five, and twenty-eight degrees meant to replace the three, four, five, and six irons respectively. Lefties will have to settle for the three and four lofts only. TaylorMade's GAPR Hi Wedge features the largest head size in the GAPR family to promote easy launch, max distance, and forgiveness. The traditional hybrid head shape is created with a unique dropped crown contour. This allows for increased versatility and straight line drives

With its center-of-gravity low and in the center of the sole, the GAPR MID provides lower ball flight and lower spin than the GAPR HI. Instead of a cavity in the back, the back of the GAPR MID is closed and filled with TaylorMade’s proprietary Speed Foam. The TaylorMade GAPR lineup, which TaylorMade says is in an all-new category of club created by their revolutionary engineers, is designed to give players an alternative to traditional hybrids bridging the gap between their longest iron in the bag and their metal woods.. The baked-out fairways of Carnoustie presented TaylorMade with a perfect opportunity to premier the brand-new hybrid driving. Not to be confused with a gap wedge, TaylorMade created the GAPR line to fill the distance gap that many players encounter at the other end of the spectrum, between their shortest fairway wood and the longest iron they’re comfortable hitting. Mid-handicappers are the target audience for the GAPR MID which comes in three-iron and four-iron lofts for both right and left-handers, and a five-iron loft only for righties. TaylorMade is promoting the GAPR MID as a rescue/utility type club that closes the distance gap that some players have but, it’s easy to envision mid-handicappers swapping out their long irons for the three, four, and five versions of the GAPR. GAPR HI. Rounding out the lineup is the GAPR HI. Featuring what TaylorMade calls 'modern Rescue' shaping. An ultra-low, but back center of gravity should help generate high flying, low spinning shots

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GAPR Show Filters. 1 Results. Sort By: Sort By: Go. Showing 1 Results GAPR HI Back to Top. 1 Results. Sort By: Sort By: Go. Showing 1 Results Email Signup. Email Address ©2019 taylormade golf company, inc. TaylorMade created the GAPR LO for low handicappers and professionals. The GAPR LO comes in two-iron, three-iron, and four-iron lofts for right-handers, and two-iron and three-iron lofts for lefthanders.

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  1. Bridge the gap in your long game with TaylorMade's GAPR golf club. Our revolutionary SpeedFoam technology is injected in every GAPR club to enhance ball speed and deliver performance unlike any other adjustable golf club. Pick your shape. Choose your loft. Bridge your gap, with the GAPR Lo, GAPR Mid, or GAPR Hi today
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  3. Overall, the GAPR HI looks more like a variation of a typical hybrid than a new type of club. They can be used as direct replacements for their iron or hybrid equivalent, or individually as TaylorMade suggests – to fill the gap between a player’s shortest wood and longest iron.
  4. The GAPR high looks quite similar to the ​TaylorMade M3 hybrid when it comes to head size and shape. 
  5. At first glance, the GAPR LO looks almost identical to the MID version.  On closer inspection, however, the GAPR LO has some noticeable differences.  
  6. The TaylorMade GAPR Lo hybrid is the most iron-like model of the lineup. It has a low-forward CG position, delivering penetrating ball flight. Here are the rest of the features you'll find in the club. SpeedFoam. As with the other GAPR models, the GAPR Lo hybrid is filled with SpeedFoam. This material improves distance by allowing the face to.
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