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  1. g about how to make the Dior "brand" marketable to a younger generation. Then one says, "Too bad the Miss Dior name already belongs to that 1947 scent that's so out of fashion." Then another executive chimes in and says, "Oh we can get around that since not many women have actually smelled the original Miss Dior. We can take that name, make a completely new formula that has nothing to do with the old formula and no one would be the wiser, except for those crazy perfume bloggers on line. But who cares what they think?" "Yes, that's it!" says a third, and the perfume brief should read like this: Make a formula that smells exactly like that smell you get when you walk into Sephora. You know, that scent that's a mixture of every fresh, fruity floral on the shelf,
  2. ine. It's inoffensive to my nose. The rose is not too pro
  3. Elegant and delicious Amber fragrance. very warm and soothing. definitely a fall/winter fragrance. a character of its own, i cant compare it with Miss dior cherie at all..but if i have to then i would say that miss dior cherie had come of age. she's grown into miss dior le parfum now.

Cori.x: They are 2 totally different perfume. Le Parfum is an Amber Oriental, close relative to the old Coco Chanel. The EDP is a sweet citrus-jasmine, some say strawberry Fruity Chypre.At first spray it comes off a bit confusing but settles quickly enough. Soon after my first try, I fell head over heels in love with this perfectly balanced combination. For me, it has a bit of a dreamy, sensual feel to it yet it also has a sense of structure with layers of harmony.I was lucky enough to get a 2012 version of miss dior la perfume. Im pretty sure it's the preformulated version. This blossoms so beautifully on my skin! This is the first chypre in my collection and i love love love it! At first spray i smell oranges and lots of patcholi. As it dries down i swear i smell oakmoss though it's not listed in the notes, and it reminds me of agent Provocateur's Petale Noir. I had my husband smell it just to see what he thinks and he said it smells like oranges,buttered popcorn and tabacco. Lol. This is a very rich and thick perfume. As it continues to wear the ambery notes and roses peak out still retaining the oakmoss notes. The sillage is perfect and after a couple hours it becomes closer to the skin. Longevity is pretty good lasting between 6 to 8 hours on my skin and that's good to me seeing that i have perfume eating skin. Wonderful scent. I haven't smelled the new version but the 2012 is amazing.Miss Dior is a pretty scent and I enjoy it. I would say though that it is a safe fragrance and this can be a good thing and not a good thing. It is one that you can pretty safely buy as a gift for someone and can't really go wrong, such as, for example, fragrances like Ralph Lauren Romance, Chanel Chance, Marc Jacobs Daisy, etc. Not that it smells like these but you get the idea. A plus is that it is a crowd pleaser and an all rounder - one you can wear to work, out for the day, at night for dinner, etc. I understand the comment below that it smells like a blend of a bit of a lot of fragrances, like the smell of walking into a perfume store, I agree with this. I do really like it, it has a nice softness and freshness to it and is quite feminine.

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@ evelyn, this isn't dc'd. I just saw it at sephora. Anyways this is a very strong old school perfumey vanilla scentI wore this on our first date, will always remind me of him. This perfume is exquisite. Beautiful. Sophisticated. Will always have a place in my heart. Dior Sauvage wurde erst im September 2015 lanciert und ist doch schon jetzt auf dem besten Weg, ein echter Klassiker zu werden.Dior Sauvage hat alles, was ein Männerparfum braucht. Die aromatische Essenz besticht mit strahlend saftiger Frische und ist gleichzeitig so maskulin wie kaum ein anderes Elixier. Das war auch der Plan, als Dior den Herrenduft entwickelte Miss Dior Le Parfum departs from the fun girlishness of the rest of the Miss Dior line and creates a mood suitable for a seductive evening. Oh my gosh, this is along the lines of Coco. The Ambroxan is heavy (when is it not?), along with patchouli and a touch of rose and orange. Once I'm down to the base notes there is a lot of tonka. That is, I smell tonka the next day, because this lasts all the way through. Sillage is huge, as someone could smell me across the room and indeed throughout the house. That was with half a spritz. HALF. Now THIS is a perfume.

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Miss Dior war der berühmte erste Duft des Designers und geriet sogleich zur Ikone der Marke. Ein null , das den eleganten Look der Mode bis heute olfaktorisch begleitet und nun in einer weiteren, intensiv-femininen Variation lanciert wird: Miss Dior Le Parfum This is lovely, very sunny and bright, top notes are zesty fresh, I find it more suited for spring or summer though, it isn't what I usually wear, but I like it. Not a love though....it has amazing sillage, and longevity is great...nice creation, definitely the Dior touch, stylish. Feminine.modern with a classy edge!!this is just the most gorgeous scent I have tried in a long time! I think Dior released its best scent after my beloved Addict. This afternoon I sprayed some le Parfum on a strip of paper and when I got home I just put it on my dresser, a couple of hours later I entered my bedroom only to be met by the most beautiful, creamy and warm fragrance.I'm hooked and sold.

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mini-profumi , per tutti i collezionisti di flaconi dei profumi. mini-profumi , per tutti i collezionisti di flaconi dei profumi. Perfume miniatures, perfume and sample bottles for collections. Miss Dior Rose N`Roses Christian Dior: Forever and ever Christian Dior : Tubereuse Mystique Bvlgari (EdP) Insolence Guerlain (Shimmering This perfume is just pure luxury, you feel very special when you wear this perfume. It is blended so well, its just simply beautiful, classy and very french. Discover Chloé's free-spirited femininity and shop the latest designer ready-to-wear, bags, accessories and shoes created in Paris. Shop now Wow! The best release in perfumery of this fall. Fantastic,different from the traditional Miss Dior Cherie, more glamurous, more mature and elegant.

Macy's is posting miss dior le parfum as a limited edition...i can't believe this..why would dior make this limited edition it smells too good...anyone can verify what is going on because i really want to keep this as a permanent addition to my collection...this is one of my top scents i love...oh i will be sad if this stays limitedDoch nicht nur ihre außergewöhnlichen schauspielerischen Leistungen machen Sie zur perfekten Miss Dior. Vor allem ist es ihre Ausstrahlung, die auf so seltsame Art und Weise Gegensätze vereint: Sie verkörpert einen mädchenhaften, unschuldigen Charme, während ihr Blick eine ganz andere, verführerische Sprache spricht. Sie wirkt so zart und fast zerbrechlich, doch aus ihren Filmen kennen wir sie als starke, selbstbewusste Frau. Die Begegnung von Natalie Portman und Miss Dior war daher fast unvermeidlich.Wow, this really is a potent perfume. I was searching for a honey-ish perfume and this turned out to be the winner. At first I wanted to buy Elie Saab le Parfum intense, but it reminded me too much of my sister since I bought her the EdT version (I'm a guy btw). It's rich, thick and luscious. It leaves a beautiful trail of honey-like amber with wafts of gentle rose and sweet, dense vanilla. The mandarin counterbalances the aforementioned notes. The sillage is quite strong the first 3-5 hours. The longevity of this perfume is very good. It lasted a good 13 hours on my skin and I can still smell it about 2 weeks later on my jacket. It's quite expensive, but worth your money since you only have to spray once or twice. Overspraying would lead to enveloping yourself in a suffocating cloud of perfume. Guys please don't be shy and try this perfume for yourselves!Amber is so strong, almost explodes and I can barely detect rose or patchouli. Longevity is a monster. One spray to tester paper and after a day it is still there, not the mention and headache when you first spray. Luxury, mature and definitely hit 30-40 group Da Parfumdreams trovi un vasto assortimento di profumi e prodotti per la cura a prezzi estremamente vantaggiosi. Spedizione gratuita da € 40

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Absolutely gorgeous! So warm and sensuous. And long lasting! I sprayed it on neck for the first time at the airport, and it transferred onto my neck pillow. The pillow smelled delicious for many days afterward. Really impressed with this fragrance. It really speaks to those that didn't like the girly sweetness of the EDTs and EDPs. Seit 1949 pflegt Dior eine Zusammenarbeit mit der Baccarat Manufaktur, aus der unter anderem die berühmte Amphoren-Form stammt. Christian Dior hat sie seinerzeit selbst kreiert. Der transparente J´adore-Flakon spielt mit der femininen Rundung dieser Amphoren-Form, ist aber insgesamt schlichter und fließender designt I first try it and didn't like it, then like it again, then finally ask to get the sample from Sephora. When I got home and smell it again, no... I don't like it but then I smell it again after 2 months past. I fall in love. I order 2 bottles! It was a love hate for me at the beginning. I guess it is because the combo of rose and patchouli is very outstanding. But when I really smell the magic in this simple combination, you get the feeling fresh, bright, sensual, luxury and classic in one.

The most distinguishable note is amber, you say? *sniff at my clothes* Hmm, I might have found a new favourite note, and a new favourite perfume too! DIOR MISS DIOR Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette . DIOR DIOR ADDICT Eau de Parfum . Beschreibung. Der Ausdruck von Glück und Lebensfreude Dolce Vita, der Duft des Glücks, ist die sorglose, beglückende Erinnerung an eine Cabriofahrt entlang der italienischen Riviera Feminin, elfengleich und in gekleidet in wundervolle Roben – so kennen wir Miss Dior. Bis jetzt! Denn 2014 zeigt Natalie Portman ganz neue Facetten von Miss Dior: kess, selbstbestimmt und rebellisch.Wow! Beautiful! I don’t like rose and pachouli but.. but.. here these notes are addictive. This fragrance is classy, french, warm. I tried it after reading many enthusiastic reviews and I must admit that it’s a really good work. Here in Italy the price is high but I recognize Miss Dior Le Parfum deserves every euros. It’s gourmand in a very grown up way, not for girls. It’s perfect for women who love complex fragrances. Chic, comfortable and sexy in a very elegant way. Amber is wonderful here!Call me a basic bitch, but I freaking love this perfume! Yes, I know: every girl and her mom is wearing it... And how can you blame them? It smells rich, heady, dazzling at a distance! Basically, a real perfume! It's got spunk, grit. A good patchouli oriental with a boozy, back of the throat rasp and a touch of smooth vanilla creaminess to let you know you're still in chic French territory (and haven't taken the train straight to India) Strictly a cold weather perfume, btw. You don't want to suffocate people, nor give them "hippy-aunt" flashbacks. I think what I like most about Miss Dior Parfum is it's slightly unsentimental, almost medicinal freshness. This girl's passionate, but she knows how to keep her distance. ;)

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Dior Onlineshop bei FLACONI kostenloser Versand in 1-2 Tagen ab 19€ 2 Gratisproben Jetzt Dior Produkte online bestellen bestellen Miss Dior Eau de Parfum zelebriert die Schönheit der sinnlichen Rose aus Grasse, die von frischen Noten umgeben und einer Prise Rosenholz akzentuiert ist. Die moderne, entschlossene Weiblichkeit eines blumig-sinnlichen Parfums. Every time I smell this on someone, it brings me happy thoughts. I can't figure out why that is, but there is something tied to my memory. This is a must own for the ladies out there. It is patchouli and amber done right. When my ol lady rocks this, it really sets the mood.

Ein Dior Parfum hat immer etwas Wahrhaftiges und zeichnet sich durch die Verwendung edelster Inhaltsstoffe aus. Das erste Dior Parfum, Miss Dior, wurde 1947 lanciert und gilt heute als Klassiker. Die Dior-Produkte heute. Nach einer kurzen Krise in den 70er Jahren gehört Dior inzwischen wieder zur Top-Riege der internationalen Modehäuser. Sephora is selling online BUT only one amount available 1.35 OZ (40 ml) for $100. I believe it is discontinued, none of Notinos, fragranceX or other stores have it. Rituals bietet Parfums für Damen und Herren, sowie wohlriechende Pflegeprodukte an. Sie finden zum Beispiel The Ritual of Sakura, The Ritual of Laughing Buddha und The Ritual of Samurai in dem Sortiment der Wellness Marke I have received this one and Chance both for Christmas given by the same man...very similar at least he knows what he likes! I actually wanted the original Miss Dior which is now called "Originale" but after hearing a few reviews I am glad I got this one instead. I find all the Miss Dior/Cherie?new version extremely confusing but at least I like all the versions I have smelled. Is less fruity than Cherie and lasts longer as well. Parfum Dior Femme : Pub Poison Girl. Parfum Dior Femme : Pub Poison Girl Flaconi 213,154 views. 0:46. Coco Mademoiselle: MISS DIOR - The new Eau de Parfum - Duration:.

No, this is not L'Originale, though it is much confused with that one, or with the Miss Dior EDP, thanks to the Dior house who has driven us mad with the multitude of flankers. Ok, a small detailles, if U ever get as confused as I was, I tell You, the bow on the lid of Le Parfume, feels rough to the touch and it is mat, comparing to others. I would have loved this one to have been a fragrance of its own, not a miss Dior flanker. But beside name and being a flanker, this is an absolutely beautiful masterpiece. I love it, I really do and we will be friends for long now on I am sure. Yes, the 2012 reformulation was a bit different, but the 2015 is bit less sweet which for me is a good feature. I think now is time for a new release, Dior, hmmm? U didn't quite hit the roof with Your absolutely Blooming which personally, I would have released in spring, for being so flowery. But, well, You guys know better. The scent is described as seductive, elegant, sensual and intoxicating nocturnal fragrance, suitable for special rendezvous. It states its femininity with oriental - chypre character and prominent and opulent floral notes. @momo363 discontinued since last summer, so the prices will soon explode for the last bottles available on the sale websites. The best from the entire series, extreme longevity and sillage and an absolutely masterpiece. Like someone said here, this is the parfumery. Stunning and no wonder why discontinued too soon (old stock totaly disappeared from strawberry, luckyscent, notino or fragrancex....) great sillage and ENORMOUS longevity!Edit: I posted this for the wrong perfume initially. I just fell in love with this about half an hour ago. The initial spray is bright citrus and white flowers. Then it immediately goes into a powdery rose phase. There's caramel or vanilla mixed into this as well. Next is a spice that I'm not sure I can pinpoint. It's peppery, but not pepper. I want to say cassia, but I could be wrong. It's got a bit of a cinnamon-like smell. It's kinda smoky as well. I don't smell any patchouli at all, thankfully. And the musk grows in intensity with time. When I first sprayed this, barely any musk, and now half an hour later, the musk and rose are battling it out for center stage. I can't wait to get a bottle of my own!

Gentili amici, oggi vi chiedo un aiuto. Sto collaborando con un museo civico di Torino, Palazzo Madama, per una mostra sul profumo che inaugurerà il prossimo 14 febbraio. In mostra ci saranno reperti storici dal Museo Egizio, dal Museo di Grasse oltre a libri antichi, etichette storiche, cartelloni pubblicitari di Dior, Chanel ecc Als Catherine die Tür zum Studio öffnet, zieht sie sofort alle Blicke auf sich. Kein Wunder, schließlich ist sie einfach bezaubernd… Rund um den mit Entwürfen bedeckten Arbeitstisch sitzen Christian Dior und seine Muse Mitzah Bricard. Sie hebt die kunstvoll geschminkten Augen, sieht Catherine mit ihrem durchdringenden Blick an und sagt mit einem Lächeln: „Da ist ja Miss Dior!“ Christian Dior hält in seiner Bewegung inne: genau der richtige Name für sein neues Parfum.This was reformulated and repackaged in late 2015. The bottle looks very different with a thick, chunky top and the bow is much smaller and less ornate. The bottle looks top heavy now with the silly oversized cap. The fragrance is also very different. It's dustier and less sweet. I really don't like it anymore. My bottle and fragrance from 2014 are much nicer. If you want to try this fragrance, get your hands on the pre reformulation version. I was so disappointed when I recieved my new bottle from Macys.com a few days ago.

This is not as bright and youthful as Eau de parfum version. It's more sophisticated and elegant. I would use it as an evening scent when going to the theatre or fancy restaurant. Right now it's spring outside and I don't find it as suitable for spring as the eau de parfum version is. So the emotions are not super high for this one. But still, it's a luxurious amber scent, very deep smelling!This is one of the most beautiful perfumes I have ever smelt and that I could even imagine. Super feminine, slightly powdery but in a sweet way. Just stunning. This would be a stunningly beautiful woman in a black dress or a pink fuzzy sweater.I have only smelled it in a magazine ad, but I like it so much more than the original. It is sweet, spicy, and delicious smelling. Christian Dior, vintage perfumes, batch-code. The most important thing to know, if you are in a hurry , it is the presence (or absence) of the traditional EAN barcode/greendot on the box: Christian Dior began to use the EAN barcode (bars plus numbers) during 1991.This fact is very important because it is precisely in those years that were introduced in the first serious IFRA restrictions. Wow.....what a fragrance! I recently bought this based on all the reviews and recommendations on here. I sprayed one spray on left wrist, dabbed on right wrist and spritzed once lightly on my neck. Boom! Patchouli bomb, amber, tobacco?, citrus, that "old lady" perfume smell that I associate with diaper pails and ash trays. I almost scrubbed it! But, I decided to wait it out and I'm glad I did. After the first couple of minutes this settles into a beautiful caramel, boozy, minty, slightly rose, warm ambery goodness. This is not for the faint of heart! This is a womanly, powerful, sexy, mature, classy...definitely night time and winter time scent. This is a scent that I would reserve for a special night out with a loved one whom I only wanted to pay attention to me. I swoon a liitle bit when I smell this dry down....definitely a candle light dinner, dancing, romantic, cuddling and then "who knows what gonna happen" type of scent! In my opinion anyway......:)

Hands down the best of the modern miss dior formulations! This is rich, full bodied and expertly crafted. I would often sneak sprays from the tester at work. I would actually consider buying this if I could get my hands on it. Stunning.The house of Dior continues to expand its line of Miss Dior fragrances, formerly known as Miss Dior Cherie, with the new edition Miss Dior Le Parfum launching in September 2012. Miss Dior Le Parfum is the new perfume extract, more dense and rich with pronounced sophisticated character.

Dear House of Dior, I am going to ask Santa to bring you a dictionary for Christmas. An old fashioned book type dictionary, so that you can close your eyes, flip open any page starting with D, and stick your finger on new D names for your fragrances. Feel free to flip open anywhere because I am flippin' mad at trying to sort out which Miss Dior I have/want/regret buying. Yes, you might open the page at DOG or DEAD, but you did bring out POISON so how bad can it be? If it helps anyone out there, Dior does list the Miss Dior's on their official site. OK, rant over. Sorry. In respect to THIS Miss Dior (Miss Dior Le Parfum 2012), it comes now in 75 as well as 40ml and is not discontinued. As others have said, this is linear - what you get at the start is what you get - and that's not a criticism, because I can smell each note anyway. It's beautifully blended. Is it worth the elevated price though? IMO No. While it is absolutely lovely, Miss Dior Le Parfum is not groundbreaking nor revolutionary. Dior is doing a Keloggs - reducing the volume of the cereal while upping the price. However .....if money is no object (drat you), and you love this, go for it. I'll save my hard earned for Dior DEAD Extrait.I see Miss Dior Le Parfum as Oud Ispahan’s older sister. Both exist to highlight a similar rose note; their shared genes, their family resemblance: the flower in chiaroscuro. OI surrounds its rose with smoke and oud and resins—regal though a bit pompous. MDLP bolsters its rose with the warmth of jam, patchouli, and amber. She’s confident, responsible, a steady presence—there to deflate her brother’s over-inflated ego, reminding him of his manners, of their roots. Try as she might, she’s never gotten him to quiet down or go to sleep.

After trying it several times, I knew I had to have it. I don't enjoy the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum very much, but Le Parfum is completely different. Actually it should have been given another name instead of being an irrelevant Miss Dior flanker. It is warm and classy: I mostly smell amber and roses, a little bit of vanilla and patchouli. Not a patchouli bomb IMO, but Le Parfum has just the right amount of it to give depth and sillage. I have Prada Amber on one wrist, and Le Parfum on the other. I don't get the similarity. I love Prada Amber but I think it is harsher and more bitter, with a medicinal note. Le Parfum is softer, sweeter and definitely more floral. It is also more feminine and alluring. To me Le Parfum is a must-have for colder seasons when you want to feel both cosy and sensual. Miss Dior si ispira alle fragranze di rosa e gelsomino. Nell'aprile 2005, il mitico profumo è stato rivisitato grazie al lancio di Miss Dior Chérie. John Galliano ha voluto renderlo più giovane. Bought a beautiful gift set at Macy's which has the spray bottle of perfume and an additional miniature dab on perfume. The box is pink. I'm a sucker for pink colored perfumes. This was a treat. This is really very nice. It's so grown up without feeling like it's your grandmother's old rose perfume. Smells clean, floral, green, womanly, elegant, simple. It's a romantic dinner date scent but can be worn to any dress up occasion like church or an evening dinner party. The first spray is soft and subtle with a mix of citrus and rosebush. The citrus and rose pairing is pretty common and I've smelled it before on frags like TEA ROSE but the dry down is what makes this a high end fragrance. The roses are sweet and very retro but they are not loud or heavy. Smells like catching whiffs of roses from rosebushes at a safe distance. It's a calm soothing soapy floral. Clean. The dry down however turns a tad louder with deep dark Oriental touches of patchouli leaves and amber. The patchouli is pretty strong but it's good. If you like dominant notes of rose and patchouli or a dry down of patchouli and amber in the style of most Orientals this is gonna blow you away. Finally I'd like to say that this beautiful perfume is great for autumn and winter. It's not giving off that fruity summer vibe. It's also not as powdery as others. It's warm and sedate lady like but with a sex appeal of its own. Once I finish this bottle I am going for another one. I'm in love with this perfume.

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Based on what I was told, this is being discontinued. I decided to buy a bottle of this. It had been in my want list for a while now, it was only fair. (I keep telling myself that) This is going into my winter perfume list to be worn on those not so cold days. I love the EDP, I believe I like this one a little more because of its deep aroma.Fragrantica in your language: | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Sri | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Beauty Almanac | Trotzdem noch meilenweit über den Idealo-Preisen. Flaconi-Deals zu 90% cold. h0ratio_ Miss dior funzt net. Lukasz_Gala. Wieder ohne dior? GelöschterUser1382650. Wie gesagt, ich habe alles bekommen und relativ viel bestellt. Konnte ich auf alles anwenden. Zb Yves Saint Laurent. Schade das es bei dir nichts gab some guys say that this one's notes are very similar with midnight poison so this can be rid of midnight poison's discontinued but IT'S WRONG. let me tell you why, yes the under lane goes with the same vibe but the upper lanes different. midnight poison gives you a spicy upper lane and le parfum gives you amberbased sugary upper lane. different stories, but both of them are gems. Gloria Vanderbilt Eau De Toilette Glass Spray Bottle Hi y'all hope you all had a fine Christmas and an even happier New Year. Carolyn here back for another review. This time it's a beautiful day wear perfume from the house of Gloria Vanderbilt. Now this is a perfume I've worn since it's release

Exquisite....deep, rich and captivating. I love Miss Dior EDP ( or Miss Dior Cherie 2011) and this brings a whole new,dimension to an already sensual and elegant scent. I'm not a huge fan of patchouli, but this is so well blended it has changed my mind about it. The mandarin in the initial blast is so pure and juicy! The dry down is just intoxicating and remains with me ALL DAY. It is worth remembering that a slight hand is needed here, don't be greedy with her, treat her with respect and she will work her magic for you ;-) Fantastic quality and worth the money in my humble opinion <3This is really quite different than Miss Dior / Miss Dior Cherie creations, rose accent is stronger and it is kind of candied rose with balmy/ambery undertones. These notes reminds me limited edition of Armani Diamonds, Black Carat, candied rose with balmy/woody notes. It is a nice scent with good staying power but not a big innovation.Really is the best present Miss Dior edition, is really elegant and super feminine. Different from all editions. Very long lasting. It has a strong start, but then settles into an ambery - patchouli note always giving importance to the luxury roses. It is classy, french. Very well done, with great quality. Very very Dior. News, Nachrichten und aktuelle Meldungen aus allen Ressorts. Politik, Wirtschaft, Sport, Feuilleton und Finanzen im Überblick I just bought this for my sis but she didnt like it so i wear it to work & got compliments frm both male & female friends.... So i dont realy care its for women or girly perfume..,i'm gonna wear it like its a Fahrenheit,which happens to be my fav frags frm Dior of all time. Yayyy :-)

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Already owning and loving the 2017. Jedes dior parfum bei flaconi. Shipping on orders over 59. Free shipping in the us. Grab a bargain from australias largest department store. Up to 80 off department store prices. Shop for miss dior cherie. Un large choix de parfums pour femme parmi les plus grandes marques de parfum When I first smelled this, I didn't like it; in fact, I totally dismissed it. The opening felt cloying and I was getting a heavy hit of rose, which I'm not usually a big fan of. However, after about 20 minutes, the lovely vanilla and amber accord emerge. This fragrance is reminiscent of sitting by a fire, all wrapped up in the dead of winter when it's snowing outside with a glass of port in your hand. It is such a cuddly, sweet, rich scent, perfect for nights out or to warm you in the cold.Amber, amber and just amder. Warm, elegant but very generic. For my amber needs I 'll stick with my lovely l'ambre des merveilles. She's the queen of ambers for me. As for miss Dior le parfum...where is miss Dior??? This one has nothing to do with the other miss Dior perfumes, which is fine if you don't like them, but if you do want them (something similar to the 2005 and on Cherie) the eau de parfum is the best choice imho. And that's what I bought today.

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To me this is the most "grown-up" of the Miss Diors out in the present marketplace. It is elegant and powdery and really, really beautiful. It has a little bit of a throw-back to the original Miss Dior DNA without letting it hit you in the face, although for that reason a lot of the younger crowd might be turned off by it. It's not too sweet at all but it fits right in with my need to wear at least some sort of vanilla these days. It's warm and cuddly and elegant in my book! I really hope this one doesn't get discontinued, because I know it's not the biggest seller, but it IS so, so good.Unfortunately it let me very disappointed. I love the Miss Dior line (mostly the ones between 2005 - 2012) and even though I was aware this is not similar, I had hopes it would be good. Well, it's pleasant, but it smells exactly like when you walk into a perfumery. You know the smell of all those perfumes together? The smell of any perfume shop in the world? That's it. EDIT: Sooo, months later I've found a great deal online on a used bottle from 2014, so I bought it. Oh yeah, now I know what everyone talks about. THIS is a beautiful deep amber with rose perfume. Not the generic reformulated thing I tried before. I really wish people were exaggerating when they complain about Miss Dior reformulations, but I've try ALL of them now and there is no reformulation of this line that made the scent better, IMO. I still enjoy some "second versions", but the 3rd and so on are getting more and more generic. What a pity...

Miss Dior nei tre flaconi originali del lancio nel 1947, creati da Baccarat. l'allestimento esterno della mostra per l'evento di presentazione: una delle sale della mostra: i flaconi esclusivi per la fragranza J'adore: Invia tramite email Postalo sul blog Condividi su Twitter Condividi su Facebook Condividi su Pinterest I can definitely see why someone has said this is similar to Youth Dew - on the dry-down there are the same "coca-cola" notes, however although I like it more than Youth Dew and it's nice enough, it hasn't particularly wowed me as I thought it would. Salutation. A delightful trail of undeniable magnetism.I simply love this perfume. MISS DIOR LE PARFUM is a distinctive and luscious without being cloying.a blend of florals for a young girl's whimsy with a sophistication that pleases the mature woman.this perfume is a great mixture of mandarin,rose and patchouli blended together to create this lovely delicious scent.it is better than MISS.

Is this a real perfume concentrate or an intense EDP? At the Dior counter, they said, it's stronger than an EDP, but not as strong as perfume. I'm confused here. :-)Was going to leave the sample in the Hotel room for the maid; then, all my parfum was packed, for the flight, and I needed something....I spritzed this on...then, lo and behold, compliments galore...used the tester up to the bone...bought it as soon as it hit US counter with two bottles left.... I Love this!! The sillage it leaves on the clothes is divine..Not a fan of Dior..went through my Cherie stage of sweet...bye, bye. Le Parfum is a powdery, afternoon tea, soft pastel, nude lipgloss, white/pink roses kinda of a day parfum..Lovin' it right now. Coco Mademoiselle and all the Chypre's do great with me. But, Quelques Fleur Royale will always be my signature.This is the grown up/night version of Miss Dior Cherie. To me, it's like they took the latest version (now called Miss Dior) and added a powdery musk to it. It would be perfect on a cool night out, and it would make a great date fragrance. Unfortunately, I chose to try it out on a hot summer day when I have absolutely nothing going on. It doesn't work.. This fragrance is very pretty though, and you only need a little bit (very, very strong). I won't be purchasing a bottle because I don't think I'd get much use out of it. However; if you go out more than I do, you may really enjoy this..

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  1. je l'ai essayé aujourd'hui.Au début c'était un peu de l'ambre que je sens,puis aprés 2 heures ça devient un floral oreintal avec ll'ambre toujours présent. parfum trés riche trés femme!! un sillage ENORME!! j'ai lavé ma main 2 fois et l'odeur de l'ambre est toujours là! ça évoque l'odeur des temples ou d'un lieu sacré!
  2. g Bouquet eine durch und durch florale Komposition mit einem Herz aus sanfter Pfingstrose, eingebettet in einer Basisnote aus samtigem weißem Moschus.
  3. I was in a pursuit of a new spring fragrance. I really wanted to like this perfume but the patchouli was too strong for my liking. However, I do like amber in this one but wished for a stronger vanilla scent that to my nose wan't too noticeable. I'm glad I did not make a blind buy!

Buy what you love at your favourite shops. Discover the variety of shops that have Klarna payments via our directory Well, this is my second try with the beautiful Miss Dior. I got a new sample tonight of the Parfum. Originally I really liked it but the more I'm honest with myself...I just don't live it that much. I'm sorry to say this but yes, it's Dior, it's a beautiful creation. I just smell about a hundred sorority girls packed into a bar giggling and doing shots. Too young forme despite the beautiful notes and longevity. Too much of something that's just everywhere. And this is from someone who wears Coco! I'm sorry to not really comment on the notes of the actual juice; that's been covered already.

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IL RITUALE DEL BAGNO E DELLA BELLEZZA MISS DIOR Questo deodorante profumato offre protezione e freschezza per tutta la giornata. La sua formula di estrema dolcezza, arricchita di estratto di rosa, protegge la pelle a lungo. Delicatamente profumata, la pelle è più fresca e il profumo Miss Dior lascia una scia ancora più intensa I went to the Dior counter to try Miss Dior today...and tried this by mistake. There were about seven bottles there and two of them looked almost identical. Oops! The truth is, this is an AMBER perfume. It is possibly the most amber-filled creation I've ever tried. Luckily I like that, but I wasn't quite prepared for it based on what I thought I was reaching for. This is intensely spicy amber laced with patchouli and vanilla. There was maybe a hint of rose in there at one point, but I got no citrus at all. This one was very nice on me. It's extremely strong and projects a lot, and the lasting power is incredible (8+ hours at the least). The drydown is creamy, beautiful vanilla. Mm. 28 dic. 2015 - Explora el tablero MISS DIOR Blooming Bouquet II de b191105m, que 169 personas siguen en Pinterest. Ver más ideas sobre Miss dior, Nathalie portman y Natalie portman Beautiful fragrance, just got my sample today. Thankfully its nothing like miss dior cherie, which is too sweet for me. This is like the mature, sexy, big sister. theres just enough sweetness, powder, citrus and spiciness and it blends so nicely A very classy scent, i will probably be ordering a full bottle.

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tijgetje, is your review for Miss Dior Le Parfum or for one of the other Miss Dior flankers, as Le Parfum was only released just over a year ago and does not contain a Jasmine note. I would certainly agree that Miss Dior Le Parfum is a masterpiece. It really reminds me of one of my all time favourite fragrances, Coco Chanel (they do share several notes, mandarin, rose, amber and vanilla). I didn't really think I'd find another fragrance that I'd class in the same league and with the same 'feel' as Coco, until now. I would never have thought to try this perfume had it not been for the rave reviews here on on Fragrantica, so thank you! This is currently right at the top of my 'must-have' list. A truly beautiful scent with excellent lasting power. Nicer in my opinion than the new Miss Dior, which does remind me of Coco Mademoiselle, as others have mentioned. For me, Miss Dior Le Parfum is just perfect. Nel 1967, Grace accetta di fare da madrina al marchio Baby Dior e, insieme al Direttore Artistico, inaugura la prima boutique per bambini. Decora il suo bagno con flaconi di profumo della Maison e riceve, a Palazzo Grimaldi, Serge Heftler-Louiche, amico d'infanzia di Granville di Christian Dior, divenuto presidente di Christian Dior Parfums Le parfum....i try it today and it,s indeed a nice fragrance but. ...reminded me coco edp a lot ! Coco edp it,s sweeter and stronger in the base notes . It,s the amber note that makes it so similar to Coco !2005 schlug Francois Demachy ein neues Kapitel in der Miss Dior Geschichte auf.  Er verlieh der charakteristischen Signatur einen neuen Anstrich und hob den Klassiker Miss Dior ins Hier und Jetzt. Entstanden ist ein Duft, dem es gelingt, seine klassische Eleganz zu wahren und gleichzeitig moderne, strahlen frische Akzente zu setzen.

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This is so delicious! It's a heavy, very sweet, slightly spicy patchouli. The rose is there but in this composition it's sweet and jammy not sharp or powdery. I can't stand sharp, powdery Rose notes, but I could bath in sweet, jammy rose. Dior Miss Dior bei Flaconi Versand in 1-2 Tagen, kostenlos ab 19€ Große Auswahl 2 Gratisproben | Jetzt Dior Miss Dior online bestellen I tried this on my wrist when I was testing Coco Noir. I had CN on one wrist and Miss Dior Cherie LP on the other. And I gotta tell you, there was a lot of similarity between the two of them on me. Out of both of them however, MDC should be considered the Noir. Its a beautiful perfume. Its a stunning, killer long lasting perfume. I mainly get a lot of patchuli, mandarine, rose, and amber without the soapy drydown of Coco noir. If you want to make a statement with your perfume and need something with killer sillage and longevity. This is worth trying. Its Miss Dior Cherie all grown up and worldly.

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Miss Dior Le Parfum is a modern chypre floral for a person who does not really want to wear a chypre but wants to smell grown up and sophisticated. You can spray your arm one time or 20. Somehow, it will never be too much yet also never too little. It smells like "perfume" in the sense that no one note stand out. Smooth and well blended. I have almost no tolerance for risk yet I find this perfume a little too "safe". Wow! I still had a test strip of this that I had soaked in my car. I haven't even been noticing it but suddenly this morning it seemed very strong. I realized what it smells like. It smells like a modern softer updated version of Chanel's Coco. Miss Dior by Dior is a chic and daring new classic. Get free beauty samples and ship with your Miss Dior order at Sephora. Miss Dior. Miss Dior Le Parfum features a warm blend of Italian mandarin essence and damascena rose absolute, underscored by elegant Indonesian amber patchouli essence. Dior - Miss Dior Eau de Parfum is my favorite perfume

This is such a nice, classy perfume. I spray it on my chest before dressing and throughout the day, I am enveloped by a cloud of roses. My husband loves this on me. I can still smell it on my clothes the next day. A LOVE for me.Miss Dior Le Parfum oozes warmth, rich opulence and luxury. I mainly detect sweetened rose (like in Turkish delight), amber and patchouli. The overall feel I have is that of an aromatic tobacco. I'm still testing this, not sure if I dare to wear it everyday. Maybe I should wait a few more years and grow up a little more.Walked into a store looking for Ysatis by Givenchy and it was out of stock. The Sales lady then said this would be a good alternative. WOWEEEEE what a pleasant surprise! It's so sophisticated. The scent of a mature, classy older woman that refuses to be associated with petty drama! Thank you Dior!

Love at first sniff! I got myself a sample of Miss Dior Le Parfum at Sephora months ago and forgot about until just a few days ago. How could I have forgotten this? It's rich, warm, and just sweet enough--a delight from its mandarin top to its amber-vanilla bottom. To boot, its long lasting, lingering on my arm until late at night. There's not a single moment of this beauty that I don't love, and just added a bottle to my collection. I usually go for the hard-to-love vintage variety (think Shalimar or Youth-Dew). This to me is different--it's modern, elegant, and simply beautiful. Flaconi - https://www.flaconi.at - Jetzt bei Flaconi Parfum, Pflege & Make-Up online bestellen! - Franklinstraße 13, D-10587 Berlin Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum bei FLACONI schneller Gratisversand in 1-2 Tagen 2 Gratisproben Kauf auf Rechnung Jetzt Miss Dior Parfum bestellen 9 nov 2019 - Esplora la bacheca Flaconi di profumo da donna di ccrestanello su Pinterest. Visualizza altre idee su Profumo, Profumo vintage e Bottigliette di profumo. Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum Christian Dior para Mujeres Creed Aventus for Her is announced as an empowering, confident, mesmerizing and irresistible fruity - fresh perfume. It begins with top notes of patchouli, green apple, bergamot, lemon, pink pepper and violet. The middle notes are composed of Mysore sandalwood, rose, musk and styrax. The composition ends with a base of sweet peach, black.

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  1. A big fan of Dior fragrances, however, when I first smelled it I thought of a very odd yet delightful smell. Wasn't expecting it since I know how most Dior fragrances are like. Either ways, I bought it couple of weeks ago and now it's one of my top three favourite perfumes. The flourish elegant smell stays almost all the day and you can wear it pretty much everywhere and in any season.
  2. g. It is an absolute shame that they reformulated Le Parfum. The reformulated version is like a ghost of the original...still there, but barely.
  3. ute errands to take care of and a group of coffee-break employees stopped me dead in a stairwell,the compliments were overwel
  4. This is a truly glamorous, elegant fragrance. It is warm thanks to the amber and vanilla. Incredibly pretty, this is definitely a more grown-up version of the others in the Miss Dior line up. This would be perfect for an evening event or a romantic date. Yet, I still feel it could be worn to the office to add some glamour to your work day. The amber isn't overly sweet or buttery, instead it's rich and sophisticated. The vanilla and patchouli are incredibly well blended. The rose is perfection. It is very long-lasting, yet the silage is a little bit tame for a pure parfum, which I find sexy and alluring. You want to get closer to the wearer to smell this gorgeous fragrance, which makes it very sensual. Modern, elegant, chic, sensual.
  5. „Ich habe ihre blumige Facette verfeinert, damit sie sinnlich und ansprechend wirkt. Sie sollte aufleuchten wie Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Eine Liebeserklärung an die Liebe! “ - François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur des Maison

Oh, this one is strong. Definitely an evening perfume, very dense, with non-gourmand sweetness, beautiful amber and spices. I can't help thinking of "Coco", when I smell it, of almost unimaginable for me earlier, "Coco" without its cloves. Overall, it stands far from Miss Dior EDP or EDT, it is more like a new perfume, not a flanker. And I just can not wrap my mind around the idea that this comes not only in 40 but also in 75 ml bottles. Dior Miss Dior woda perfumowana online na flaconi.pl Bezpłatna dostawa w ciągu 2-3 dni dla zamówień od 119 zł 2 próbki gratis | Zamów Dior Miss Dior woda perfumowana tera Avec ses notes de roses printanières, l'eau de parfum Miss Dior nous fait songer à un bouquet de mille fleurs, dont la délicatesse et les senteurs enivrantes s'emparent de nos sens. Ponctuée d'accords de jasmin suaves, de notes d'agrumes de mandarine de Sicile et d'une essence veloutée de rose, le tout rehaussé par des accents boisés et ouatés, l'eau de parfum Miss Dior ne manque pas de bons points pour nous séduire. Conçue pour coller à l’amour des fleurs qu’éprouvait Christian Dior, cette fragrance pour femme romantique rend hommage au célèbre créateur avec ses essences florales et fruitées. Jouant sur le charme de la séduction, elle se dédie à une gente féminine audacieuse et pleine de grâce (incarnée par Natalie Portman). Mais entre senteurs et valeurs, un acteur incontournable se dresse pour finir de convaincre les femmes : le flacon !This is one of the best fragrance on the market. Very special, very elegant, very heavy and oh so enormously sexy. I feel like a goddess wearing Miss Dior Le Parfum. It has nothing whatsoever similar to Miss Dior eau de parfum or Miss Dior eau de toilette, this is a whole different kind of scent, made for a very strong, classy, confident woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. Love at first whiff.

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  1. This is an intense EDP and not exactly a pure perfume extract, however pure joy for your nostrils. The rose, patchouly and vanilla combo has been done so well in this scent that when I spray it on me the whole room stays amazingly perfumed for hours. I bought this as soon as it came out and I am enjoying it very much:this time Dior answered our prayers!
  2. Miss Dior Rose N'Roses ist ein prickelnder, floraler Duft mit üppigen Noten von Rosen aus Grasse, denen Bergamotte-Zesten Frische verleihen und die von einer intensiven Note von weißem Moschus betont werden. Geranienessenz verfeinert die Komposition mit ihren spritzigen, zitrischen Aromen. So wird der unwiderstehliche Duft eines riesigen Blumenfelds perfekt nachempfunden.
  3. Meinung bezieht sich auf: Dior Miss Dior Chérie Eau de Parfum. Mein Lieblings Parfüm ever! Der passt zu mir nicht nur 100% sondern ist ein Teil von mir,der Duft berührt meine Seele. Bin einfach komplett wenn ich den Duft trage. Susanne G. 27.07.12 via Meinung bezieht sich auf: Dior Miss Dior Chérie Eau de Parfum.
  4. Miss Dior Le Parfum is a decadent, full bodied, jammy rose fragrance with an alluring heart of amber essence that sorrowfully takes too long to make its presence known on my skin. For those who are rendered a'fever by sumptuous, voluptuous rose scents, I envy you and supplicate for your mercy, as heavy floral fragrances sadly aren't for me. But Miss Dior Le Parfum, with its unapologetically linear cocktail of sultry, syrupy rose absolute tempered by the softest hint of vanilla and patchouli, is masterful in its simplicity. This is charisma in a bottle for all who savor its opulent floral accords.

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  1. DIOR Miss Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette Roller-Pearl Eau de Toilette (EdT) € 39,49 / 20 ml Grundpreis € 197,45 / 100 ml DIOR Miss Dior Körpermilch. € 48,99 / 200 ml Grundpreis € 24,50 / 100 ml DIOR Miss Dior Miss.
  2. ine and grown up fragrance. It’s very long lasting. On my skin I’d say more than 12 hours, on clothing - dayyyyssss. This projects really well and sillage is enormous! I went to church with my MIL and niece and my MIL was sitting in between. I heard my 21 yr old niece say “someone smells really good.” As we hugged goodbye she was like “OMG, you’re the one that smells really good at church!” I only wear this on colder months. It’s too heavy for summer IMO.
  3. @HANSON 26, I understand your view on this..BUT..this scent HAS to be sprayed very lightly, and as in just a touch because it is concentrated and good quality and its a beautiful scent and its not for the office...this is fine elegance, an event fragrance and ppl are spraying it on heavy...and yes that will make it seem like your in a cloud ..overall...this is worth it if worn at the right time and the right amount, at the right event with the right chemistry :)
  4. Love this! Sophistication in a bottle. This is NOTHING like the other Miss Dior fragrances out there. I am not a fan of any others, but this one. It's warm, ambery, & woody. This lasts a long time on the skin! It's got great sillage too. I feel really special & luxurious when I wear this. Definitely made for a woman, not a teenager.
  5. Yelena Thomas Ästhetische Dermatologie, GSM Service Expert/Експерт Сервиз, Magus, NCandles, Порятунок тварин Харків / Animal rescue Kharkiv, Ukraine, Списание Жилища, Сглобяеми конструкции RENCO, Brillen Rottler, KONZEPT WEISS, dm-drogerie markt Deutschland, MAKE Up-Miss BONI.
  6. I also only smelled this from a perfume strip, but it's way better than Miss Dior Cherie. Miss Dior Cherie has a melon/strawberry/weird fruity note, that I can't stand. Miss Dior Le Parfum to my nose, smells very similar to The Pink Room Darkly Audacious. I'll know for sure when I get a sample.

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Ok, I've given a review if this before But I tried one in a pharmacy or maybe the dept store and it was in winter/spring and it was this sweaty wood for hours, though the dry down was amazing. I couldn't justify the price if I had to sit through sweat for that long. I did not check the product codes for these. I tried this again in mid summer, from another pharmacy and it was a woody vanillary bomb, I loved it. I checked the product code and it was fresh. I bought one online and it's a bit older but, it tends to skip past the woody notes and go straight to the lovely dry down I love. I want the wood, but good to know yeah??Aw my... this scent s just perfect in a way. As someone said, its the old chypre vibe mixed with modern warmth. Its a modern classic. Chic for the women who do not want to wear theirs mothers scent anymore but make their own history. Strong and warm at once. I just love it. Silage: just right Longevity: endless 10/10I don't like the initial spray of this but that only lasts a few minutes. The amber and patchouli are quite heavy and prickly. It's a bit rough and sharp initially. But then the florals kick in and finally the warm vanilla makes its appearance and it smells so good. It's a real 'cuddle' scent. It warm, sensual and comforting. Once all the ingredients have melded together it combines and smells like cinnamon and vanilla. It's so nice and pretty. It's sweet but still mature and sophisticated. Perfect for date night and intimate occasions ;D I smell like a walking cinnamon bun! Yummy!Absolutely gorgeous Miss Dior le parfum' I lucked out a bottle as a blind buy and don't regret it, it's rich sophisticated and luxurious. The amber honey and vanilla with the Roses hit me right away the patchouli is less pronounced on me it's missing something for me perhaps a woodsy note oakmoss or bergamot, it's not to sweet or have a wow factor but overall nicely done and longevity is perfect... Its not a loud chypre by all means but I think Monsieur Demachy did a great job considering all of DIOR'S finest fragrances are being discontinued and reformulated which is such a shame! Midnight Poison Miss Dior Cherie Addict Tendré poison and many others! Dior needs to keep it real Why fall in love if halfway up they gonna drop you. Its time for a new PILLAR!Absolutely delicious! Signature scent from now on. Even better than my fave Coco mme. Please keep it on the shelves for me!!! :-)

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To my nose, Miss Dior is subtly sweet, a bit creamy, like vanilla froth, with warm floral notes. The fragrance has a strong smelling scent but it is not offensive. The initial starts with an ambery, creamy, kind of a chocolatey, citrus praline notes, very warm, sweet and seductive from the beginning. This lasts for about an hour. Then, it develops to a ambery-woody fragrance, with subtle floral notes. Out of many Miss Dior varieties, (with the exception of the vintage and Miss Dior Cherie 2005) that outrage and confuse all the Miss Dior fans, I think this is an exception, and I do like this fragrance very much. It's longevity and silage is dropdead exceptional. Miss Dior Le Parfum and J'adore L'or, I place both next to each other, and their 'mini' size really a feast to my eyes. I wonder, what is next 40ml fragrance from the house of Dior, and what certain is, I'd buy it, for sure!Very elegant, for evening , rich and exclusive smoke. When I close my eyes I see Tom Ford fragrances.I bought a big 75ml bottle of this a few years ago as it was love at first sniff! An absolutely beautiful scent, deep and best for colder months. It is of course discontinued now ... you just keep on breaking my heart Dior :( This is not an everyday/work scent, it's very strong & lasts forever (one spray is enough). I reserve it for special occasions now that my bottle is running low.

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Miss Dior Le Parfum by Christian Dior for Women - 2.5 oz Parfum Spray Christian Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Women's Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce Dior Eau De Parfum 1.7 oz / 50 ml for Wome I bought this without smelling it first because I assumed that it would be a stronger version of the original miss Dior. When I got home and sprayed it on my skin , I realized that this was a completely different perfume. This is a rich, classic powerful fragrance . I can't detect any of the original miss Dior DNA in it . It reminds me , although they don't smell alike , the organza by Givenchy. They both have the same warm,sweet creamy quality. All the Dior perfumes have an airy,thin electric quality but this one is very full, rich ,grounded ,thick and creamy . Although it has that sweet candy caramely quality it has be done very well and tasteful and it doesn't feel cheep or very hip and modern this scent to me screams rich classic and expensive. It's definitely a winter perfume because of its thickness and warmth. But despite its warmth it's not comforty or huggy and cuddly it's a scent I would wear to go out on a dinner in an expensive restaurant. Although it seems to be very strong when I first wear it after a while calms down to a soft sweet powdery caramely ambery scent. It has good staying power and good sillage . Those types of scents pretty much always are good for both sexes but this on is definitely more on the feminine side . Although I adore this perfume I find it a bit too much for everyday use I keep it for special occasions only Hypnotic Poison wird nicht getragen, es trägt Sie.Mit Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette hat das Maison Dior eine moderne Parfumlegende mit faszinierendem und sinnlichem Duft kreiert.Ein orientalisches, betörendes und furchtbar sinnliches Parfum.Mit seinem frechen, erobernden Charme präsentiert Hypnotic Poison einen orientalischen Duft, der aufwühlt und wachrüttelt. Hypnotic Poison Eau. I am so over Dior and their constant reformulations! Why on earth would they make a gazillion versions of Miss Dior and to make it even much worse, each flanker the FLANKER is reformulated so it is essentially a different scent each year. Who can even keep up with Miss Dior Blooming 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003.... CRAZY. Is their some shortage of names? This has pretty much made me stop buying any of them. You never know which "version" you're going to get. This one, however, may have to be an exception. Based on the notes and reviews I am going to love this one. I don't know if anyone has experienced this with Miss dior everything but every single Miss Dior that I own smells just like the other one, even with different notes. All I smell on many is a strong perfumey floral scent that all blends together. They don't necessarily smell bad to me but so unoriginal. If they had just stuck with one or two flankers, I bet they would sell much better overall.The only sane reformilation of Miss Dior. This is pure elegance. Now this is how you do a reformulation/flanker.

I really do understand why Miss Dior Le Parfum grabbed RugosaAlba's attention... It is a very warm, prominent amber fume with somewhere a soft whisper of that girly Miss Dior. But seriously, a very soft whisper. Staying power is great, silage in comparison with staying power medium. A cozy scent definitely. The face of the perfume is elegant yet natural actress Natalie Portman who shows a new aspect of her seduction: more confident and more womanly. Miss Dior Le Parfum is available as a perfume extract in a bottle of 40 ml. Insgesamt erhält Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet dennoch gute Bewertungen. Wenn Du noch etwas fruchtigere Noten bevorzugst, empfiehlt sich ein Blick auf Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. Mit einer Herznote aus Mai- und Pfingstrose sowie einer Moschus-Basisnote fällt die Duftnote ähnlich aus I love this perfume! This is definitely my personal favourite from Miss Dior series... Firstly I want to say to those that don't like other Miss Dior fragrances, do try this one, as to me it's a completely different take on Miss Dior and doesn't bear much resemblance to the other perfumes from this line. The notes are perfectly balanced here and they all work in synchrony to create this delicious composition. I feel like it's very hard to describe how this perfume smells, as the notes are in high concentrations and they are detectable even after long hours! I personally can't smell much of a rose here, but amber definitely stands out in this scent. I feel like if this perfume could be a woman, she would be beautiful, sexy, dark, charismatic and seductive and yet very very mysterious... I feel like this fragrance is so feminine, powerful, slightly seductive, but also very elegant and timeless. I wear it for special occasions only as well as it's a perfect scent for a date! I simply adore this fragrance and Dior, don't you even dare to discontinue it or change formulation here!Abgerundet wird Miss Dior durch indonesischen Patchouli. Er verlieh schon dem Miss Dior Original Eleganz und Klasse und taucht auch das Eau de Parfum in eine Aura der Sinnlichkeit.

I loved this scent, on the paper strip! I put this on my wrist and I ended up smelling like my grandmothers respite group.. Sadly this wasn't for me, I might wait a few more years until I mature into this fragrance.Oh yes, this one is a beauty ! It has a classy presence and takes a wonderful journey on my skin ! This development is gorgeous.! it starts warm , a slitty sweet mandarine , followed by the patchouli which melt with the roses to an amber / vanilla. Each steps are so smooth , it's a blend which defined itself beautifully on my skin . I am in love ! Finally it has been a while Dior !To me, Miss Dior Le Parfum is the queen of all fragrances - after a long journey, I have found the scent that defines me, uplifts me makes me feel alive. But so as not to waste such a precious juice, I like one spritz of Miss Dior Le Parfum spread between pulse points, then use about four spritzes all over with Yardley Jade, and use Jade to top up during day - both scents are chypre-florals and complement each other like magic. I think I have found my perfume nirvana! If this combination does not work with your skin chemistry, try a dab of your favourite EDP and find an EDT in the same fragrance family to layer and top up for that uplift in the day...good luck in your unique fragrance hunt! :)

Miss Dior Cherie - C. Dior Donna cod. MDC49 Flaconi da: Flaconi da: 15 ml 50 ml 100 ml € 11,60 € 20,10 € 25,50. Disponibili anche:-bagno doccia -ricarica da 150 ml, -estratto (olio) da 5 ml -roll on. Less patchouli from the tomboyish EDP made Le Parfum a womanist perfume. An ideal Valentine's Day gift. EDP is like beer while Le Parfum is like an old fine red wine. You must like the heaviness to appreciate it's fineness. Update: I spray it again at cold night. The opening makes me think of the fruity chypre, citrus opening of Guerlain Mitsouko. Wonderful! Sillage wise, the EDP still projects more.This, I much prefer to the new edp -- warmer, a little spicier with the patchouli but still smooth and voluptuous, though perhaps in the vain of a 18 year-old to 20-something range. (I do think any woman/girl is capable of wearing and pulling off any scent she truly loves.) I think I'd feel more like my adolescent self if I were to wear this, so it's not really for me. I do get a strong caramel note, though it's not listed. Must be the warm amber and mandarin. Either way, this is a worthy successor of the 2005 Miss Dior Cherie! They are not the same, but are a part of the same bloodline. Dior has really disappointed me with the quality of their fragrances, so this was a pleasant surprise. I didn't get any synthetic notes from this, just a warm, sensual amber with playful fruit and sassy, sharp patchouli. Something Lolita (Delores Haze) would wear, for sure. Fondata nel 1946, la Maison Dior cambia per sempre il volto dello stile femminile il 12 febbraio 1947, rivelando il New Look al leggendario numero 30 dell'avenue Montaigne. Il rivoluzionario stile è accompagnato da una fragranza, Miss Dior, tocco finale di tutte le mise, pensata per lasciare una scia di desiderio dietro ogni donna

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My baby has been drastically reformulated! Miss Dior Le Parfum was full of spices, citrus, amber, rose, patchouli and dare I say oud even. You could smell the slight citrus on the tops but as she transformed she was a total dense spice bomb. So mature and sophisticated and a breath of fresh air..right up there with Coco Chanel..She was just that good. I can't say that about her now. I got an authentic 2.5oz bottle tester that came in later on and I can honestly say she has been stripped of her former self. She still smells like amber and some patchouli but her deep spiciness and rose is somewhat gone. What made me fall in love with her is gone. Unless I get another vintage bottle, this maybe the last time I repurchase her. But if you do get a vintage bottle she is amazing and last all day and you only need 1-2 sprays max. Why did they change something that was already so remarkable Dior? If it wasn't for the Poison line, Dior Addict & Feve Delicieuse I don't think I could handle all the reformulations anymore.The first phase is BIG TIME PATCHOULI, on the order of TM Angel's killer evergreen patchouli, maybe even too much for me at first. But after the first two minutes you are rewarded with a gorgeous sweet amber and Madagascar vanilla base, with just enough greenery to keep things interesting. I don't get much rose at all, and only a hint of orange peel (think orange twist in a glass of bourbon). Similar to the Prada EDP that was my first foray into ambers, but this is more sweet and vegetal, and less smoky. So delicious and sensual, and with the "le parfum" concentration (more like an intense EDP than an extrait) it lasts forever and a little goes a long way. Dior, you did good, kid. Not sure Dior can come out of the doghouse yet, what with the J'Adore flanker mix-ups, Miss Dior Cherie shenanigans and especially the reformulation of my beloved Addict. They have a lot of apologizing to do, but Miss Dior Le Parfum is a good start. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Fenjal Miss Fenjal Touch Of Purple fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies

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About the Bottle: The iconic Miss Dior bottle is inspired by women's couture. The signature Miss Dior bow evokes elegant femininity. About the Fragrance: It had to burst like that feeling of falling head over heels. A declaration of love, to love.—François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creato It is an intense version. Mandarin as a top note make it fresh and citrusy. Roses instantly coming across the scent. I can sense a lot of roses to make it very flowery. In dry down i can smell a lot of amber and patchouli. Amber and patchouli are so rich to make it wet powdery and bit earthy. Yes, vanilla note is still there but in minimal drops. This perfume is absolutely potent, warm, rich, sensual, sexy and mature. Comparing to Miss Dior EDP, this perfume is richer, deeper and stronger compositions. Longevity and sillage are amazing. it last 10 hours on my skin.A true perfume. Feminine, classy, and classic but still remarkably unique. Very tasteful and alluring. I'm very drawn to this perfume and it's become one of the most popular in my wardrobe. If only the bottles were bigger than 40ml, then we'd be in business! Amber, rose, and patch are the key players here, and they all share the spotlight. One doesn't dominate over the other, they all blend together as a perfect trifecta. I don't get much vanilla, but there's certainly a detectable hint of orange there which lends the perfume a sweetness. Overall, Miss Dior le parfum has an almost thick, syrupy quality to it. Not in a cloyingly sweet way, just in the sense that the ingredients are rich and concentrated. I love it so much that I'd probably wear in summer too but with one or two sprays vs. the three of four i've been wearing in winter. its an elegant but young scent, and i think anyone could wear this. its really beautiful. very femme, quite a regal air about it... Miss Dior EDP 100ml Purchased May 2017. Bought as gift so return date had passed. This is not the traditional Miss Dior we are used to wearing. I cannot state that it is a fake but it is a possibility because the smell is so far off the original one. I am going to inquire with my local Trading Standards as to if anything can be done about it

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Eine, die den Vergleich mit Miss Diors Namensgeberin Catherine überhaupt nicht scheuen muss, ist Schauspielerin Natalie Portman, die seit 2011 für nicht nur das Gesicht des Parfums, sondern auch der Dior Beautykampagnen ist.  Seit ihrem 13. Lebensjahr steht sie vor der Kamera, mit „León, der Profi“ wird sie berühmt, mit ihrer Rolle in Black Swan unsterblich.Oh, eventually a meaningful one from Dior again! I see that many got lost and bored in the long saga of Miss Dior/Cherie with all the horrid versions and sickening edge. That was an abuse of a concept as if Dior wanted to push and sell just anything using a name. Same with J'adore range: same name, totally different perfumes that don't usually even share a common theme. I avoided Dior for long time after they changed old Dolcevita and I only appreciated Escale a Portofino. There is a commercial on TV, quite banal, but appealing nonetheless: the beautiful girl who is beautiful, elegant AND sexy, good-looking man, flowers in a luxury mansion... same old story. Well, a good story, indeed. I wanted to try it and I'm glad I did, because this Miss Dior Le Parfum really deserves to be tested and probably taken! I'm not sure if I can endure the perfumey vibe that make it still too "commercial" but the thick oil rose won my mind and I cannot say that I wouldn't buy it if I could. It's very potent but not so projecting. I like this type of thicker jus, especially if they smell so good! This is a lovely rose/patchouli typical combo, not an original idea in itself, but one of the best recent renditions.Amazing one really gorgeous the best one in all miss dior line 😍😍so unique and warm perfect in winter and fall days

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I love this! It's so rich, deep and expensive smelling. The amber is sensual and sexy and the patchouli is not abrasive or harsh like you might expect. Everything is well blended, smooth, romantic and sexy. This is definitely a winter scent and one that you save for special or romantic occasions.When I was given the test strip of this in a perfume shop, I was smitten instantly. The perfume was crazy! I think, the most precise way of describing it is - it's what being in love smells like. Overall, a beautiful, sensual, sweet, cheerful, feminine, uplifting, alluring and truly sophisticated perfume. The choice of the face of the perfume, Natalie Portman, could have been different perhaps, because the scent of Miss Dior Le Parfum feels more free-spirited than the slightly tense, mysteriously demure impression she conveys (Miss Dior Cherie's dreamy, springy, hedonic campaign filmed in Paris and featuring "Moi Je Joue" sung by Brigitte Bardot seems to fit the spirit much better). It's essentially feminine: it manages to be both girly and motherly (my 9-month-old niece nuzzled against my neck instantly - I think she was feeling comforted by the smell). It's euphoric, supernatural, an alchemically balanced wonder - gentle, beamingly warm, head-spinningly seductive. Mystical, whimsical, enchanting - yet joyfully, royally calm and grounded. Carefree and knowing. On a side note, it seems that wearing it too often can get tricky (it's probably not a good idea to put it on before sleep and then again in the morning, unless you take a shower in between. Being a night owl, I only take a shower in the evening as I can't force myself to get up earlier to do it in the mornings). If it hasn't been washed off, the residue perfume mixes with the freshly sprayed, giving strange results.Mettant en exergue l'intensité de son jus rose ambré, le design du flacon de l'eau de parfum Miss Dior est un rêve visuel qui nous conduit dans un champ printanier. Conservant la forme triangulaire du premier Miss Dior lancé en 1947, la bouteille se pare du nœud emblématique de la marque et incarne à merveille tout le romantisme de la maison. Véritablement délicieux avec son élégance à fleur de peau et ses pieds de poule en bas du flacon, ce sublime écrin de verre se dévoile tel un objet de convoitise qui séduira les femmes de tout bord. Plus qu'un simple contenant, le flacon de l'eau de parfum Miss Dior va fièrement trôner sur l'étagère de la salle de bain et se révéler comme un bijou de créativité. En hommage à sa composition aux nuances printanière, la bouteille de cette fragrance se dessine comme une robe de mille fleurs !So, well, I treated myself with this one: a gift for myself. On that day I tried lots of fragrances at Sephora and this one definitely stood out and was my number one choice, no contest. It was different, rich, sophisticated- and Dior ;-) So yes, I do like it- and I feel very good when I wear it to work from time to time. However, it is not like I can't stop myslef from smelling it - and I wouldn't put it on my bedshets either. For me, Miss Dior Le Parfum is more like an expensive good quality fragrance for special occasions. Perfume for the rich? definitelyThis scent lasts for days on clothing and maybe 8 hours on skin! It's got an impressive lasting power and it's such a soft romantic scent. I definitely get the orange and patchouli when first sprayed and the dry down is mostly a powdery patchouli. It's not exactly my cup of tea but it's nice for a soft, clean, sweater weather type of feel.

Alcool etilico puro - Le migliori marche. Dopo un po' di tempo (e acquisti sbagliati) hai capito che le recensioni e le opinioni degli altri acquirenti sono un ottimo modo per capire se quel Alcool etilico puro è quello che stavi cercando I had seen Dior GB site has the 75ml version, appear on ebay too, but this one not to be seen at the official Dior counter at the mall. Can anybody here know why?

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming e Miss Dior Blooming BouquetDior Rouge Dior Lippenstift bestellen | FLACONIEver Bloom | Scent of a Woman | Parfümerie, Duft undMiss Funny Face: My perfumes collection

Parfum. Tra purezza e forza, l'estratto di profumo fa vibrare il cuore. Concentrato in un prezioso estratto, il profumo si rivela nella più ricca delle sue espressioni, in un sentore intenso ed avvincente. Scopri con Sephora gli eccezionali estratti di profumo, tra grandi classici e tutte le eleganti novità dei brand più famosi My local Dior sales assistant confirmed just prior to Christmas 2018 that Miss Dior Le Parfum has been reformulated. I’d noticed that the one she was selling was a different, lighter colour and didn’t smell anything like mine, which features amber and patchouli prominently. Mine is a dark amber coloured liquid possibly 2014 or 15. I’m sorry I don’t have any more information than that at the moment. I’ll try to discover more. Das neue Miss Dior Eau de Toilette ist ein berauschend-erfrischender, blumiger Wirbelwind. Ein ungezügelter Walzer umtanzt die Rose von Grasse und ein Hauch von Maiglöckchen, so leicht wie ein Tüllrock. Eine strahlende Miss Dior, die sich in diesen endlosen Strudel des Lebens und der Liebe hineinstürzt. In der Herznote von Miss Dior Eau de Toilette entfaltet sich die runde und. This is so beautiful. On my skin, this is a boozy, syrupy GORGEOUS vanilla - and that is all I get from it. No patchouli (unless if I try to use it in warm weather, which I don't do because otherwise it smells differently and is no longer that ultra feminine, elegant timeless perfume), and only a hint of rose. I hope that they never discontinue this, it's perfect as it is and I know it will stand the test of time.

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