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  1. The BOSS RC-505 Loop Station is a hands-on looper for all types of musicians. Whether you're a club performer, singer, keyboardist, or beatboxer, the RC-505 is a powerful loop station integrated for live performance. With simple hands-on control of five stereo phrase tracks and a multitude of loop playback options, plus effects for both.
  2. BOSS Loop Stations are renowned for their great sound quality, and the RC-10R offers the best to date. Its loop recording engine features 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing, providing audio performance that rivals the very best studio gear. And like all Loop Stations, it's possible to keep the dry signal 100-percent analog to.
  3. RC 505 and 202 Loop Station Roland Boss has 3,092 members. Here is a group for users of the RC 505 and 202 Loop Stations and related devices! Share your..
  4. BOSS TONE CENTRAL is a library service offering additional contents for BOSS products. By simply launching the dedicated BOSS TONE STUDIO application and connecting to the internet, you can download any of the free contents from our growing collection
  5. The Boss RC-505 Loop Station is the latest and greatest in a long history of Boss Loopers. The RC-505 is designed for tabletop use by DJs, Beatboxers, singers, and club performers who appreciate the possibilities of live control of five simultaneous stereo phrase tracks

Rc 505 alternatives? Are there any viable alternatives? It's a wonderful instrument, and I have no doubts it's high quality, but it's not cheap (I'm a student, so I'm not really swimming in money) nor common (so it's difficult to find a used one in my area) Never power-off your RC-505 while the update is in progress! If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the RC-505 won't be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs The RC-3 is powerfully equipped yet conveniently housed in a compact pedal. Enjoy up to three hours of stereo recording time, storage for 99 loops, a real drums rhythm guide, and USB 2.0 compatibility all in a small BOSS stompbox. RC-3 Rock Collection (Backing) Loop track collection for Loopers. A Track Set of 13 Rock backing tracks.For. This Boss RC-505 Loop Station is in excellent shape. I purchased it new and never really used it too much. It has never left my music room and comes with the original box with power cord and manual. Its pretty fun to play with but I've been too busy with other things so its just been sitting in. Boss RC-505 Loop Station Review 4 Peter 2019-05-30 07:08:32 Loopers are traditionally a plaything for guitarists. Boss has played their part in establishing this status quo, putting out numerous looper pedals of varying sizes from the RC-3 style stompboxes through to the behemoth options like the latest flagship, the RC-300

I own a Boss RC-505 and am trying to understand how to upload WAV samples to it. I am pretty sure I followed all the instructions in the manual on how to upload WAV files. Installed the driver, and dragged my WAV file into the appropriate folder, ejected the driver, pressed 'Disconnect' and 'WRITE,' as the manual instructed A Boss RC-505 minden loop funkciójának kontrollere testre szabható, hiszen mindenki másképp használja a looperét. Mivel a gitáros előadók általában lábkapcsolókhoz szoktak, ezért akár a nyolc loop funkcióból lábkapcsolóval, expression pedállal is működtethetők, beat boxerek, DJ-k akár szoftverből MIDI Control Change. [Deutsch] RC-505 Version 2.0 Supplementary Manual Boss Software License Agreement In no event shall Boss Corporation be liable to end-users for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to financial damages for any loss of profits or information arising from the use of, or inability to use this updater BOSS RC-505 Loop Station Review- based on Question/Answer format so you can skip around to what you care about. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any manufacturer, but we do offer affiliate links to purchase most of the equipment we discuss at 3rd party sites (such as Amazon.com)

Support - RC-505 Owner's Manuals. WAZA-AIR. A Revolutionary New Tone Experience for Guitar. SY-1000. Soar Into the Infinit However, performing artists often turn to the Boss RC-505 Loop Station as a reliable piece of hardware that can do it all. It's easy to see why The RC-505 features five channels on which you can record and loop stereo audio by pressing any of the big buttons Recovering demo data from your computer to the RC-505 In the BOSS_RC-505 drive, delete the ROLAND folder, and then copy the ROLAND folder in the rc505_demo_data folder from your computer to the BOSS_RC-505 drive. Writing individual WAV files from your computer to the RC-505's phrase memor Sign up to the Boss South Africa monthly newsletter and look forward to the latest gear news, artist-related features, how-to guides and much more in your inbox. Inspired by Boss's RC-505 Loop Station, AudioKit's L7 is a new app that promises to bring hardware-quality looper features to iOS.. Offering 16 tracks of looping, L7 enables you to apply up to eight different effects to each track individually, and there are both input (microphone) and output (performance) effects

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The Boss RC-505 Loop Station is a table-top Loop Station that fits right into a busy DJ booth or club environment, making it ideal for beatboxers, singers, and club performers. Just plug in a mic, instrument, smart phone or any other audio source and get started on the five stereo phrase tracks with up to three hours sampling time I've tried syncing the RC-505 as a slave to an MPC-1000 using all the correct settings that I could think of: RC-505: Midi RX channel 1 Midi omni - on midi tx channel - 1 midi sync - auto midi sync src - midi MPC-1000 is set as master sending midi clock on one of the outs (it has two) which is assigned to the rc-505

Re: Boss RC-505 - Saving Sytem Settings by Sam Spoons » Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:04 pm Tanks Wonks 4GB looks about right, 3GB is roughly 3 hours of stereo at 24/48 leaving plenty for firmware and any global stuff that needs storing RC-505 Tioneb Overview. Beatboxers, singers, and club performers, your Loop Station has arrived—introducing the RC-505, a unique and powerful live performance tool that's perfect for next-generation loop artists. Find Out More < > Habe heute die Boss RC 505 bekommen und muss sagen, ich war überrascht, dass das Gerät selbst nur halb in der Schutzfolie war, auf dem Gerät selbst zahlreiche Fingertapsen, das Programm 01 war bereits belegt mit irgendwelchen Geräuschen usw. Amazon, das ist ganz schlecht Support - RC-505 Owner's Manuals. WL-20/WL-20L. Wireless Freedom Made Easy. GT-1000. Industry-Leading Tone with Breakthrough BOSS Technolog Here comes the Boss RC-505 Loop Station Review! In early 2018 I traded in my beloved Boss RC-300 for the Boss RC-505 to take its place. You can read my post about the RC-300 here, and I'll do a true comparison review soon, to highlight the similarities versus the differences between the two.. While differences between these loop stations do exist, I would say that overall the two machines.

This is the factory preset data of the demo data. You can initialize the phrase memory of the RC-505 to the factory preset demo data by copying the WAV files included in this data to it. Boss RC-505 Loop Station Tabletop Looper Tabletop Loop Station, Five Stereo Tracks, 3-hour Recording Time, USB Audio/MIDI, Onboard FX, and Dedicated Looping Controls $ 499 .9 This channel provides information of the BOSS's best quality electronic musical instruments. Provides an overview of key features, functions and operational tips. Having got into looping with a Boss RC-2 I've thought about upgrading to an RC-300 with the 3 stereo loops, however the new RC-505 has 5 loops but is desktop based. I quite like the idea of not having to bend-down to make adjustments (cos of my bad back) but wonder if using a footpedal based system is really essential(?) Support - RC-505 Updates & Drivers: BOSS TONE STUDIO for RC Ver.1.1.0 for Window


4. Boss RC-505 Manual - It will be nice to also have a manual to check out all the possibilities. Boss seems to be a little slow in releasing the manual. Likely I'll get a Japanese manual since I'm in Japan, but hopefully soon an English one will be posted. 5. Size! I'm very curious about how big the Boss RC-505 is and whether I'll be. The Boss RC 505 Loop Station (My user experience, reviews, wish list and user tips.) My RC505 Wish List; The use of the live looper device has many creative musical applications and my personal use of it ranges from practicing, compositional, teaching, leisure, therapy, art and entertainment Support - RC-505 Owner's Manuals. CE-2W. The world's first chorus sounds, reborn with Waza Craft. RC-202. Powerful tabletop looping and multi-effects in an ultra-compact package

Angela Sheik, Boss US National Loop Champion, gives a looping basics lesson with the Boss RC-505 Loop Station at Full Compass Systems. The RC-505 is a unique and powerful live performance tool. Center negative pin as required by these products. Do not use positive center pin power supplies with these units! Boss RC-20XL Loop Station. RC-20XL Loop Station. RC-505 Loop Station. Compatible with the following Boss products So much so that I actually bought another one here in Japan. My current setup is one Boss RC-300 Master connected to two RC-505 slaves. I have found that the RC300 works best ( if not only best ) as a Master. The two RC-505 loopers can work well either as a Master or Slave. Tempo sync works awesome Boss's latest desktop looper might be small, but it's no lightweight in terms of features. The Boss RC-202 Loop Station is a trimmed-down version of the company's mighty RC-505, and is so named because it has only two stereo tracks, rather than the latter's five

Overall: The Boss RC-505 packs in a lot of features for being marketed as just a looper. It's really closer to a robust digital recorder or workstation than a pedal type looper. I purchased this to take the live recording/ looping load off of the back of my Octatrack, which in comparison has a very limited amount of recording, and most importantly, over-dubbing time Advanced looping possibilities for all types of musicians is now availble with the Boss RC505 loop station. . In a compact tabletop device, you have easy fingertip control of five stereo phrase tracks and various loop playback behaviors, plus INPUT FX and TRACK FX that deliver a wide range of real-time processing options for dynamic, expressive sound creation

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The RC-505 does come with onboard effects but no amp-modelled guitar processing, so guitarists will need to consider using an additional processor before the RC-505. Boss has thought about this though and added a second jack to cater for the stereo output of another pedal Selling my Boss RC 505. Its a 5 track independent length looper in perfect working condition and no longer needed as a looper. I mention the independent length since it was so hard find one that had this functionality. Went through a few EHX loopers before i made it here so beware. Comes with the device and the original power adapter RC-505 Updates & Treiber. RC-505 System Update Version 2.00. This program is used to update the RC-505 system software to the most recent version. BOSS TONE STUDIO for RC Ver.1.1.0 for Windows. This is the BOSS TONE STUDIO download page for the RC Series Check out the Boss RC-505 Phantom Power Switch page at Sweetwater — the world's leading music technology and instrument retailer! COVID-19 Update: FAST & FREE shipping on nearly all items, with additional safety for our team

Right out of the box the RC-505 felt surprisingly like a poor quality device. Cheap plastic housing and sketchy faders were definitely a big turn off at first, but I still decided to keep it due to the vast array of easy to learn features which are just absolutely amazing RC-505 Driver e aggiornamenti. RC-505 System Update Version 2.00. This program is used to update the RC-505 system software to the most recent version. RC-505 Driver Ver.1.0.2 for Windows 8/8.1. When using with Windows 8: When the Windows SmartScreen is displayed upon installing the driver, please perform the following procedure: 1. Click. Loading a backing track into your BOSS RC Loop Station is simple; all you need are three things: An RC series Loop Station with USB (RC-3, RC-30, RC-300, RC-202, RC-505) A USB Cable (if you have a USB printer you should be able to use the cable from that otherwise they are very cheap at your local music store) BOSS Tone Studio for RC RC-3 Loop Station. Also See for RC-3 Loop Station. Owner's manual - 25 pages. Most useful pages: More. Disabling/Enabling Sleep Mode Saving Phrase Deleting Phrase Panel Descriptions Turning On Power Overdubbing/Loop Playback/Stop Saving a Phrase for One-Shot Playback Cancelling an Overdub Basic Operation

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Buy BOSS RC-505 Loop Station Hands-On Looper for Modern Performers featuring Five Simultaneous Stereo Phrase Tracks, Dedicated Controls and Volume Faders, Wide Range of Effects, 99 Phrase Memories, 85 Rhythm Patterns, XLR Microphone Input with Phantom Power, Mono/Stereo Instrument Inputs, Stereo Auxiliary Input, USB for Loading/Saving and MIDI I/O. Review BOSS RC-505 This is the BOSS TONE STUDIO download page for the RC Series. RC-505 Driver Ver.1.0.2 for Windows 8/8.1 When using with Windows 8: When the Windows SmartScreen is displayed upon installing the driver, please perform the following procedure RC-505 Driver Ver.1.0.3 for macOS 10.13 To use this driver, you must set the USB Mode of the RC-505 to AUDIO/MIDI. If the message System Extension Blocked appear RC-505 Updates & Drivers. RC-505 System Update Version 1.12. This is the latest version of operating system for the RC-505. After downloading and extracting the compressed file, please refer to the RC-505_System_Update_Procedure pdf document included for the update procedure

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Boss RC-505 Loop Station also functions as a USB audio/MIDI interface, making it simple to integrate with your favorite DAW software for audio recording, MIDI sync, and more. Customized Looping Control. With Boss RC-505 Loop Station, you have the ability to set up customized real-time controls for the way you like to loop The Boss RC 505 loop station price is potentially a little expensive for some. However, it is an investment and will be by your side, accompanying you throughout your performances for years to come. Unlike a lot of equipment created by Boss, the RC-505 unit is mostly comprised of plastic parts, and despite it being well-built, it isn't as. BOSS RC-505 Loop Station Tabletop Looper Bundle with Blucoil 10-FT Balanced XLR Cable, and 5-Pack of Reusable Cable Ties 5.0 out of 5 stars 6 $499.99 $ 499 . 9

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BOSS RC-505 Loop Station Tabletop Looper Bundle with Blucoil 10-FT Balanced XLR Cable, and 5-Pack of Reusable Cable Ties 5.0 out of 5 stars 7 $499.99 $ 499 . 9 Boss RC-505 Slaved to Ableton Live Having recently purchased the Boss RC-505 to use for an Ableton Live based project, i'm having trouble finding info about slaving the 505 to the Live Clock. Currently trying to sync them via USB with no luck

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Free 2-day shipping. Buy Boss RC-505 Guitar Effects 5 Stereo Phrase Tracks Tabletop Loop Station, Black at Walmart.co Boss RC-505 Tabletop Loop Station SelectorAlthough floor-based Boss Loop Stations are perfect for many live performances, not everyone wants to use their feet to keep the show moving. The Boss RC-505 is a table-top Loop Station that easily fits into a busy DJ booth, meaning it's perfect for beatboxers, performers, an

This manual explains the functions that have been added in RC-505. Read this manual in conjunction with the RC-505 Owner's Manual. The main changes in version 2.0 are as follows. Improved looper functionality We added looper operation options in order to optimize live performance. & Phrase Memory Settings Improved effect functionalit Die RC-505 bietet mit fünf Stereo-Spuren, die simultan abgespielt werden können, mehr als alle bisherigen BOSS Loop Stations. Mit unabhängigen Record/Overdub/Play- und Stop-Tastern für jede Spur sowie separaten Volume-Fadern können Loops unkompliziert und spontan aufgenommen, gesteuert und gemixt werden Desktop Loopstation For stage and studio, Suitable for e.g. DJs, beatboxers and singers, Operated with hands, Five stereo tracks with dedicated controls, Wide range of input and track effects, Memory for 99 phrases, each containing 5 tracks,..

The MIDI functions also bring the RC-505 closer to your computer. Because the RC-505 can be used as a MIDI controller. You can assign up to 8 sources, each with 8 internal or external parameters or functions, to the RC-505. The parameters are editable in the Memory menu and assigned to the device presets Boss RC-20XL Loop Station Review 4 Peter 2019-05-16 06:49:22 For the loopers out there who are after a balance of functionality and price, unable to afford Boss's monster RC-50, the RC-20XL offers a wide range of features in a much smaller (and cheaper) package. It is a direct upgrade of the RC-20, which offered a lot of the same ideas in a more basic form, and has now of course been made. If I put a loop into the RC-300 it sent the required clock information to the RC-505 but the RC-505 was a beat out. By stopping my loop (on the RC-300) at a suitable moment and then re-starting it, the RC-505 was then fully synced and starting on beat one with myself. Billy T The Roland RC-505 takes looping to a high art.The RC-505 is a unique and powerful live performance tool that's perfect for next-generation loop artists. In a compact tabletop device, you have easy fingerti..

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Dear Gearslutz, I just bought an RC-505 and FS-5u footswitch to add to RC-505 looper. I am trying to get footswitch to REC/PLAY track 1. I set Assign source to Control 1 pedal and Assign Target to Track 1 REC/PLAY. When I click footswitch it just says CL Decksaver Boss RC-505. £38. 11 . Headrush Looperboard. £649. 9 . tc electronic Flashback 2 X4 Delay. £175. 406 . Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer. £218. 99 . Tascam DP-24 SD. £389. 2 . Zoom V6. £325. 144 . tc electronic Ditto X4 Looper. £177. 12 . Boss RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station. £259. 12 . Roland VT-4. £189. 68 . Electro Harmonix Voice Box.

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RC-505 Driver Ver.1.0.0 for Windows 10 This contains information on the RC-505 driver compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. To use this driver, you must set the USB Mode of the RC-505 to AUDIO/MIDI Boss / Rc-505 Loop Station Free Cash On Delivery Fee Rc505 Yrk. Description. Information The tabletop model of the popular LOOP STATION RC series. Achieve a variety of live performances with 5 loop tracks. LOOP STATION RC series is a classic live performance looper that captivates players all over the world. The RC-505 is a model that adopts. The RC-300 and RC-202 can support up to 8 Control Assignments per memory patch. The RC-505 (with Version 2.00 firmware) supports a massive 16 Assigns per memory patch. On all 3 of these Loop Stations, any external footswitches (as discussed earlier), are selectable as Assignment Sources For troubleshooting purposes, it would be better to go directly into the RC-505 so you can make sure that your problem is isolated to the RC-505 and not your signal chain before that. So, if you have an instrument or line instrument to test with and send directly, or if you want to send a mic directly into the RC-505, that's the way you should. To disconnect the connection, press the RC-505's [WRITE] In the BOSS_RC-505 drive, delete the ROLAND folder, and then button . Page 28: Connecting An External Midi Device MIDI settings For details on the RC-505's various MIDI parameters, refer to MIDI-Related Settings (p. 25)

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Known more for their guitar based effects units, Boss take a step closer to the EDM market with the release of the RC 505 Loop Station. Unlike most floor-based foot pedal loopers which are aimed at instrumentalists, this is the first tabletop loop station and is aimed more towards beat boxers, vocalists and EDM producers but also still accommodates instrumentalists The RC-505 features five stereo phrase tracks that can play simultaneously, the most yet in a BOSS Loop Station. Independent record/overdub/play and stop buttons for each track let you capture and control loop performances with your fingertips, and dedicated volume faders allow you to mix loop levels on the fly View and Download Boss Loop Station RC-20 owner's manual online. Phase Recorder. Loop Station RC-20 Recording Equipment pdf manual download

When using with Windows 8: When the Windows SmartScreen is displayed upon installing the driver, please perform the following procedure: RC-505 Updates & Drivers. RC-505 System Update Version 2.00. This program is used to update the RC-505 system software to the most recent version. BOSS TONE STUDIO for RC Ver.1.1.0 for Window The Boss RC-505 loop station is incredible! The first day I got it I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail. The knobs and faders are smooth, there's a simple interface for ease of use, and system edits allow for a vast amount of options to customize your pedal This is the BOSS TONE STUDIO download page for the RC Series. RC-505 Driver Ver.1.0.1 for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP When using with Windows 8: When the Windows SmartScreen is displayed upon installing the driver, please perform the following procedure

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(2014-06-02) Have you seen the light show when starting up the BOSS RC-505 Loop Station? by Boss Australia (2014-10-27) BOSS RC-505 LoopStation by Roland (2015-01-07) A quick video showing the BOSS RC-505 LoopStation loaded up with sounds from the Roland AIRA System-1 / then clocked with AIRA gear. Filmed at Roland U.S. HQ in our Product. The RC-30 contains a BOSS effects section with 5 effects available. This is to enhance your performance without the need for outboard gear. Pitch Bend Down, Step Phaser, Sweep Filter, Tempo-Synced Delay, or Lo-Fi effects are applied to your loop playback Documents, presets, manuals Boss RC-505 Loop Station - Audiofanzine. Log in; Become a member; ALL GEAR. Bass; Computer Music; Electronic instruments; Guitar; Studio; MEDIA. Images; Videos; Audio Files; PDF Manuals & Misc Boss Rc 505 Aide Mémoire (Ld) Boss Tone Studio Aide Mémoire (Ld) RC-505 Manual. The BOSS RC-505 Loop Station features five stereo phrase tracks that allow you to play different loops with the touch of a button. You can simply modify your sound or adjust your mix with the individual volume faders. Boss RC 202 Loop Station Looper RC-202 Regular Inport Original 4957054504526. $281.70. Trending at $299.99. Electro-Harmonix.

RC-505. Tabletop looper with five loop tracks, dedicated controls and powerful effects. RC-202. Advanced BOSS technology in a compact tabletop looper with two loop tracks. Win/MacDownload; RC-300. Floor type flagship looper with three stereo tracks, dedicated footswitches and controls for each. Win/MacDownload; RC-30. Two stereo tracks twin. Hello, I own currently a boss RC-505 and i'm looking at the octatrack as an upgrade. I wonder what i can get from the OT that i couldn't get from the RC-505. For those who aren't familiar with the RC-505, i will sum it up its features : 5 tracks recorder per pattern Time-stretching Reverse 1 input effect at once to choose from 21 (delay, reverb, transpose, chorus, flanger, slicer. Welcome to the Loop Station! The RC-30 is a pedal-type recorder that lets you record audio phrases from your guitar or vocal etc., and play them back by operating the pedal. You can create a wide variety of performances by layering sound while you record and carry out play back in real time. Page 3: Table Of Contents With the Boss RC 202 Looper, there is both good news and bad news Bad news first? Ok... Sounds like poo 16-bit digital mud farts in my opinion going under standard with sound quality is stupid, because the people using this aren't guitar players looking to have chords back up their solos at the local unemployment office talent sho Never power-off your RC-505 while the update is in progress! If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the RC-505 won't be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs

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  1. Protect your investment. Register your product and stay up-to-date with the latest warranty information.
  2. The effects are great and the overall workflow of the RC-505 is much better for me as a synth player. I found the Boss RC-505 sits perfectly on top of the Roland JX-8P which is one of my main synths now. I like the Boss RC-505 much much better than the RC-50 or RC-300, that is for sure
  3. So I just got the Boss RC-505 and I've been playing around with it and it has been fun. I have a question regarding the phones out port. I'm using my normal headphones which have a TRRS connector together with a headphone jack. However, if I fully plug-in the headphone jack, I get incomplete sound. If I pull it halfway out it works as expected
  4. The TRAILBLAZER - BOSS RC-505: Breaking out of the traditional foot pedal design, the RC-505 offers up some significant looping power - at your fingertips! Beatboxers, singers, and club performers, your Loop Station has arrived
  5. Perfect for club performers, electronic musicians, and beatboxers, the RC-202 packs powerful BOSS looping and multi-effects in an amazingly compact tabletop unit. Based on the popular RC-505 Loop Station, the two-track RC-202 offers the distinctive look and fingertip interface style of its big brother, plus a host of new features. Four Input FX.
  6. RC-505 Boss Loopstation tips and tricks. I don't personally have an rc 505, but I've learned about it all thru the internet. Hope it helps. level 1. evolakim. 1 point · 1 year ago. I have a question. I have an rc 505. I'm not really a brat boxer. I use it with other gear. Drum machines, synths etc. but I was trying to beatbox the other.

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Manuals and User Guides for Boss RC-505. We have 1 Boss RC-505 manual available for free PDF download: Owner's Manual . Boss RC-505 Owner's Manual (40 pages) Loop Station. RC-505 memiliki 5 track stereo phrase yang dapat dimainkan bersamaan,yang terbanyak di BOSS saat ini.tombol indepen record/overdub/play dan stop untuk setiap track memungkinkan anda untuk merekam dan mengontrol performa loop, volume fader memungkinkan anda untuk mengatur/mix loop level dengan mudah BOSS is pleased to announce the RC-505 Loop Station, the newest addition to its industry-leading lineup of live looping devices. Featuring five phrase tracks, onboard effects, rhythms, and a powerful tabletop design that can be easily operated with the hands, the RC-505 is ideally suited for next-generation loop artists such as beatboxers, singers, and club performers

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The RC-505 is equipped with a number of inputs for all kinds of audio sources that you can access in parallel while you build your loops. In addition to an XLR microphone input with phantom power, mono/ stereo jack inputs for guitars, synthesizers and other instruments, there is an AUX input for example, MP3 players or smart phones The Boss RC-505 is everything I could have expected in a loop station. The interface is very fun and intuitive. Phrases can be edited in a variety of ways by adding effects like filters, reverb, chorus, etc. Thats just for starters. 5 separate stereo tracks that can be twisted and mangled to how you see fit

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