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LFC Mens Washed Red Polo . As low as £30.00. Add to Compare. Add to Bag. LFC Mens Washed Vintage Red Polo . As low as £30.00. Add to Compare. Add to Bag. LFC Mens Washed Navy Tee . As low as £25.00. Add to Compare. Add to Bag. LFC Mens Washed Navy Zip Through Hoody. It's winter, You have made it to your mid to late 30's and you're tired of messing with frags that smell like candy, lipstick and the beach. Reach for polo give it some time to dry down and fall in love. Let your scent trail be the hypnotize others around you. A real mans frag. Leave that light, unisex stuff for everyone else and be the leader of the pack. Update: Just tested a current bottle at a local department store. Sprayed it on my wrist and some of it got on the sleeve of my hooded pullover, and two days later it was still there. Beasty. Polo Red After-Shave Gel. Save to your Wishlist. $53.00 - $88.00. Save to your Wishlist. Polo Blue Eau de Parfum. Save to your Wishlist. Polo Ralph Lauren. Polo Blue Gold Blend EDP. $77.00 - $99.00. Available in 2 colors. Save to your Wishlist. Polo Ralph Lauren. Polo Deep Blue Parfum. $85.00 - $105.00. Available in 2 colors. Save to your Wishlist

This is the Tony Montana of 70's Beast fragrances. I must confess I have a sneaking admiration for anyone who can pull off wearing this beast, but I could only wear this bad-boy indoors. Very green and very powerful - enjoy!, All american macho power house. Vintage formula 11/10. Reformulation 8/10. Great scent, no doubt, specially for the american noses.NOTE The reformulated version in stores is a far cry from the vintage formulas. The newer versions smell like a green tobacco leathery mess with sharp acrid notes screaming in different directions. The disappearance of oakmoss really killed this. ---------- Review: I uncovered two vintage bottles my father used to use. This opens up green and mossy. Initially a faint green scent, it morphs into something dark but every now and then I can catch the whiff of fresh grass or leaves that are just so softly sweet. The tobacco is there, giving this scent a rather spicy, dark edge to it. Oakmoss is the dominant note on my skin - so damp, so mossy, and rather "dirty", giving that whole edgy feel to it. Very classy, the scent of a refined man that's nothing like the whiny, girly men we see today. I'd buy a bottle for my boyfriend, if only I didn't associate it with my father. I feel protected when I smell this, but I don't think I'll ever feel turned on by it. I feel strong when I wear this as a female. Longevity is fantastic! Fantastic! The work of a good fragrance. Sillage is moderate for hours. So, so beautiful. P.S: I'm a 19 yo female.Polo by Ralph Lauren has a wonderful aura reflects elegance and class for their aroma, is very powerful opening notes, it feels like an explosion of pine and tobacco leather, impressive and slightly disturbing. The middle notes are harmonics of the chaos left by the first notes, are quite manly smelling green pine woods, the snuff and skin continue but with less intensity, allowing the first emerge. This fragrance stays too long in its middle notes, or to put it is not noticed when transiting the base notes, which are very similar. They are very manly aromas, warm and elegant ones in this fragrance. Preferable to use in social clubs, academic circles or similar activities, as the aroma denotes commands respect and class, but it is too powerful for a formal dinner or office, where they can be very intrusive. Nor is recommended for romantic dates, as the EDT entirely without notes for intimate moments, is too strong, the minimum recommended applications. That said, it is understood that Polo "separates children of men", meaning a child as anyone under 40 years old man. A full adult masterpiece.

Uhlsport Football Soccer 1. Short sleeve polo shirt. Material: 100% cotton. Color: red. Worldwidefrom 6,95 USD. Canadafrom 6,95 USD. United Statesfrom 6,95 USD Volkswagen Polo [2016-2019] Competitors: Polo [2016-2019] Allstar 1.2 (P) is competing against Jaguar F-Pace, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover Discovery, Lexus RX, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and. Extremely strong and one of the long lasting colognes by Polo. It is by far the longest one. However, it might be for people 35+ years old.

با سلام و ادب کاری بسیار پر قدرت از لحاظ پخش بو و دوام از سری کارهای خوب این برند و با تلخی بالا کلاسیک ، بسیار خوشبو و تاثیر گذار مردانه کلاسیک وزین مناسب برای پزشکان، مدیران مردان با جذبه و ملاقاتهای کاری و روی هم رفته عطری سنگین و مناسب برای محیط های کاری لوکس همانند گالری ها، ساعت فروشی ها، جواهری فروشی و ملاقاتهای رسمی شما را موقر و جنتلمن نشان خواهد داد با احترام گالری عطر مهرداد facebook: گالری عطر مهرداد instagram: mehrdad_gallery line: mehrdadgallery Kik: mehrdad_gallery E.mail: [email protected]Man, I love this stuff! It kinda smells dated sometimes, but it's super classy! And I don't think that it suits old men only, young guys with a manly attitude can pull this one off easily. If I lived in a dry place, this would be a no brainer, but living at the shore I would probably find it hard to wear.

It starts out very bitter and resinous, with about a 50% ratio of tobacco and another 50% of everything else. It's more bitter than quorum! But if finishes into an amazing fresh, bright & mildly sweet green smell with just a tiny bit of tobacco in the background reminding you to never forget it was there since the very beginning hahaha. Lasts a long time to me, even longer than aramis, and that's the latest formulation.My relationship with this scent is like with a cigar: I love the smell although I don't smoke. From the first time I smelled to the time my young brother bought one the liking remained the same, in the same way I think it will always be. The use went to banality since it was figured as one of the biggest synonym of masculine scent, so it may look silly according to the one is using it. For sure such thing like "silly using" is pure interpretation according to one's sense, but let's go on ... The scent isn't and will never be silly. In its essence, represents to me seriousness and class. I don't think at all its objective is to be seductive. Pine, tobbaco, leather at its most interesting. May be a bit dry on skin, but is very fresh on its great sillage. Lasts forever. Loewe Esencia pour Homme is intend to be a friendly scent in the same kind of smell. Modern Reserve is just less straigh, less in your face, more dry, and I would never change one for another. I prefer the original green. I hardly use it, but I love the smell.One of my all time favorites. Reminds me of my grandfather but not in a bad way..but in a more traditional/passing of the mantle type of way. Still stands the test of time.

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First impressions. Really impressed. This seems to contain all the qualities I have been looking for in fragrances like Aramis and Caron Yatagan. It is definitely a green leather chypre devoid of the awkward "celery note" of Yatagan and with a bit cleaner, more defined and spicier drydown than Aramis (the opening is very similar). I get mainly artemisia and pine, oakmoss and vetiver, tobacco, rugged old school leather accord (not the modern leather jacket one), just the right amount of sweetness in the background. Of course, it still has that boozy classic men's cologne smell that is far from clean by modern standards. At the same time, it has more depth than I would have imagined. Not sure about the performance, though -- seems to morph into a skin scent as fast as the two aforementioned classics nowadays.Polo along with Grey Flannel, Bowling Green, Drakkar Noir and Versace L'Homme are the fragrances in my collection I will never be without and have 2-3 vintage bottles of each stored away. Even after surviving the "Great 80's Spray-off" in High School I still have a deep love for Polo (when sprayed responsibly) and I am always amazed at how wonderful it smells to me after all these years. The new formulation is ok, but I would highly recommend getting vintage bottles if you can to get the full Polo 80's powerhouse experience. It's a masterpiece! The new Uniqlo U collection is the realisation of a dedicated and skilled team of international designers based at our Paris Research & Development Center. Discover our new innovative jeans in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes. IT'S IN OUR JEANS. SLOUCH RELAXED FIT TAPERED JEANS. ULTRA STRETCH SKINNY FIT JEANS

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The smell of mafia-style gangsters everywhere! Even with my deep affection for many 'alpha-male' fragrances such as Kouros, Cartier Dos Santos and Antaeus, this is the fragrance equivalent of 'shock and awe'. If I'm honest this scent represents the edge of the fragrance forrest, beyond which I am afraid to venture - even this far into the journey. Although I secretly desire to wear such a fragrance and imagine myself as an uber-male character such as Gordon Gecko or Rambo. The veritable antithesis of subtlety and gentleness! Bravo to those brave enough to wear this...Wonderful scent. Elegant, distinct, classic... and the most important: smells great! And forget this silly thought of "the age" of Polo or its "80's scent". Good fragrances don't become bad or old with time. On the contrary, they become classics. What´s a modern smell after all?

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Every man should have this one. I have had it for more than 30 years and i still love it. It is not only for older men. My son likes it as much as i do. This smell reminds me of a morningwalk in the woods.This is how a man should smell! Not a whiff of femininity; purely masculine, alpha confidence, haunting of nostalgia, an ode to tradition, mysterious, mature, handsome. Green woods and earthy outdoors with a perfectly subtle, dark hint of petrol? Ozone? What is it!? A brilliant blend from affordable and readily available Ralph Lauren.It was the first "adult" fragrance I started to use after high school. At first I just bought the polo deo sift, and there was no turning back. It is strong, and not for anyone. I'm a a pale guy, blond, and i don't have much smell of my own (sometimes its a good thing, but ladys like a manly smell), and somehow fragrances fade from my skin very fast. I love Givenchy gentleman and like davidoff adventure, but they just don't lust. I spray it on, and by the time I get to the office, the harshness is gone, and fresh green rule all day. Very forest like, maybe fall, smells like my grandfathers hunting tweed coat... and that's a good thing in my book. My wife loves it. I wouldn't recommend it for a Mediterranean guy. My Iranian friend uses this too, and I can well understand why some people find it too much.

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EASA update on impact of COVID-19 on its operations. In response to the COVID-19 situation, EASA has taken measures to protect the health of its staff and limit the spread of the disease. This includes the cancellation of all travel and external meetings, which means that scheduled site visits and audits, for example, cannot take place as planned Cologne (English: / k ə ˈ l oʊ n / kə-LOHN; German: Köln (); Kölsch: Kölle Latin: Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium is the largest city of Germany's most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth-most populous city in Germany. With slightly over a million inhabitants (1.08 million) within its city boundaries, Cologne is the largest city on the Rhine and also the.

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More reminiscent of Tom Ford Moss Breches than Italian Cypress IMO, and I'm a huge fan and wearer of Italian Cypress. It's very vintage in that 70's/80's way, they don't make them like this anymore. Reminds me of the 80's heavy moss scents that I love in "feminine" perfumes (I personally don't subscribe to gendered scents, at all), but perhaps even better.mungkin saya memang penyuka aroma parfum2 dr Ralph Lauren. termasuk yang satu ini. aroma rempahnya memang berat dan pekat, aroma tembakaunya terasa, terkesan formal berwibawa. sepertinya bukan untuk usia 30 tahun ke bawah. aroma pembuka yang nyaris tidak berubah hingga ke aroma akhir, cuma berkurang rasa segarnya. saya terkesan dengan keawetannya dan kekuatan pancar aromanya. jadi jangan semprotkan terlalu banyak.I love Polo. It has a very distinct clean manly smell. However, this is one of those colognes that works with body chemistry. So it all depends on the man wearing it. This is great to wear around christmas time because of the pine scent. Also, if you're taking public transportation, 1 or 2 sprays. This stuff is strong...It's a masterpiece with a mixes and mysterious notes. I have to add I can feel cinnamon all the time although not mentioned.Another great perfume that is but a shadow of its former self. For me it is unwearable having known the original. Ralph Lauren Polo, Cacharel PH and Dior's Fahrenheit are three of the most detrimentally affected reformulations I know. In their time, they were incredibly popular - and deservedly so. Now they are olfactory equivalents of faded photographs.

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Too strong and bright for my taste. One of my high school teachers used to wallow in this all the time and I got really tired of it. It screams "I am wearing Cologne!!" LOLScent is beautiful and makes me think of Christmas Time and the winter holiday with pine and Christmas trees-10/10 Beautiful,simple,and elegance in Design 10/10 Value-10/10 Longevity is long lasting.i get 9+hrs 10/10 Overall 10/10 Sillage is heavy in opening and moderate to heavy in the drydown. Smell is heavy but heavenly. This is my favorite and would be the fragrance that I would save from any disaster. Der Polo-Sport ist eine Nische in Deutschland. Nur wenige Spieler gibt es in Deutschland. Beim Polo geht es hart zu - vom Geldbeutel ganz zu schweigen. In diesem Wirtschaft TV Report erfahren Sie.

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the only ralph lauren scent i appreciate... very green... very masculine... very strong projection... this reminds me of the scent of my father's old hard and heavy samsonite with some moth balls in it but not in a bad way... just like a shirt would smell when it's new and out of the plastic seal...I like Polo Sport more than this....but this too has a class of its own...smells manly...clean, piney, woodsy, tobacco-ish & kind of leathery also...drydown is very nice & smells like how skin should smell...Overall 4/5.This is a good manly scent. I don't think anybody will think you smell good. It will create an aura of old man though. I'm thinking 50+ with a limp and a beer belly. Definitely clean shaven, maybe a mustache. I mean, I do like it and will probably buy a bottle, but I have a few years before I get there.

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  1. Ralph Lauren - More than just a simple designer He has created what is known as the American Dream. As the son of immigrant refugees from Belarus who have simple professions, he has built an empire and a fortune of almost 6 billion US dollars
  2. g across this fragrance! This was amongst my first round of aquiring 'real' fragrance. My friend, John, was wearing this and I thought then, "that's it"! John was rather a rich kid - his dad built this big, 10k sq ft house on the lake and I was enamored by the whole package. I still remember the smell of their house and that was all back in 1985/6. Polo, keep in
  3. I received a full size bottle of this in 2004 and I still have almost a full bottle left but the smell is amazing and I only use it on special occasions.i call it Ireland in a bottle.very classic smelling fragrance which transports you to a place (Ireland but I have never been there but can't help feeling that way when I put this on) it's very strong and lasts a long time on the skin.its money well spent?.☺
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Smells like being bashed around the head with a pine branch. I love it. The first fragrance I've loved rather than just liked, before I was pretty disillusioned with what was on offer wrt modern fragrances, I think I might favour the older ones.A classic as other people have stated . My father wore this scent so I have memories associated with polo original. It’s a heavy hitter and should be worn properly . definitely for a burly and confident man to wear . I’ve gotten a couple compliments from this fragrance and also love it myself .

This scent strikes me as classic, masculine, distinguished and a bit conservative. Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock would wear this. Not a hint of sweetness or floral notes to my nose; nothing a gruff CEO would consider mamby-pamby. And yet it's gorgeous. Has a cool, minty, grassy and piney quality entering into the heart that I can't get enough of. I smell more spice, almost like cinnamon, if I over-apply. Lasts forever. Lingers my collar and sheets for a long time, which is a powerful girl-getter. Strongly recommend. This is my old stand-by for cool or medium weather. Avoid in hot weather. FC Köln vs 1. FSV Mainz 05 - 2020-05-17 - Bundesliga Water Polo. Home. World Cup. World League. Euros (M) LEN CL. Euros (W) All Competitions. EPL La Liga Bundesliga Serie A Ligue 1 UEFA CL All Competitions Players Abroad. The Original Men's Fred Perry Shirt. Part of the British Subcultural Uniform Since the 1950s. Always Different, Always the Same My first serious fragrance. I wore it uninterrupted throughout my twenties. It now evokes so many memories when I wear it now I just sink into nostalgia. It is, I think, utterly unique. Woody, green, but floral at the same time. It starts bright, leaving trails of grass and moss, before drying into leather and Patchouli, which for me is its dominant note. It has amazing projection and lasts all day. I find echoes of Polo in Tom Ford's Patchouli Absolu, but the notes are entirely different. Even so, no surprise that the latter is now my go to scent on the basis that it is redolent of that lush green intoxicating Polo of my youth. Some say that it was a fragrance of its time, and is hard to wear nowadays. I disagree. It is a powerful antidote to watery, fresh scents; wholly masculine with a unique register of notes.I am in my mid 20's. The first time I smelled this and realized what this was, was about 6 years ago and one of my Sergeants in the Army told me it was the best cologne out for men. he kept it in his car and all I remember was smelling pine trees and vanilla-like odor. I thought, this is definitely an old man's scent as he grew up in the 80's and told me his father wore it as well. Last year, while visiting a beach in Georgia a 22 year old man was wearing this stuff ( a little too heavily) and I knew I smelled it from somewhere only it smelled a little sweeter and more modern like gucci guilty. i asked him what it was and he said Polo Green. Now, having smelled it on 2 people and liking it both times, I went to Macy's to test it out on my skin and it smelled so strong and piney and dated. I went home and smelled my wrist about 4 hours later and I felt this euphoric feeling of just comfort. It is a fragrance that I've smelled on men all my life and I associate it with a comfortable familiar feeling. Women tell me their fathers or uncles wore it and it associates them with familiarity and comfort as well. I will enjoy the hell out of this fragrance and wear it in very small doses. Even comfort can turn into a disaster if over applied. Update: It's been a it at work so far. A fellow co-worker (male) said he's going right out to buy it after I told him what it is. A female co-worker told me it reminds her of a big bearded man. Very masculine.


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This to me is an absolute classic, ultimate alpha male scent. I'm sure it is not a crowd-pleaser anymore and may be considered dated by today's standards, but to me it is pure confidence in a bottle. Complex, full of notes that are changing over time. Beastly projection, not for the faint of heart!Smells like cut grass. Very strong. Don't spray a lot or you'll have people choking haha. I see this as an "old man cologne", however I've had friends my age who liked it.Apart from being categorised as a Woody Chypre,this scent can be classified as an Aromatic Green frag.I have a tester of this masterpiece and enjoy every molecule of the timeless masterpiece called Polo Classic. CheersMy father was using this fragrance a lot when I was a kid. I remember I loved this smell but in the same time it was too sharp and too rough for me. Now I guess my taste has become a lot more mature and refined, I guess. I'm loving it and I'd say it's very sophisticated. It opens up on me with the strong pine and mix of florals with herbs. It's more potent than most of 'modern' fragrances available on market. Later on it dries down to leather, patchouli and tobacco but you can still detect pine and floral aromas. Patchouli and tobacco are very strong in this drydown. Because of the strength of Polo's sillage, I go with two sprays: one on the front of the neck and one on wrist, then I tap wrists together. It is a beast - on my skin it lasts 12-16 hours and sillage is enormous during 6 hours. Probably it was reformulated more than once but the current version is a true gem amongst fragrances. I'm loving it and it will be my next buy probably.Polo is a controversial yet legendary fragrance. I really like it despite its heaviness. I'm actually quite sad to see it relegated to the discount stores. Polo is easily one of Ralph Lauren's better masculines. The opening of Polo is super strong and almost dated in its approach. A fair amount of patience is required in order to enjoy the heart and drydown. Thankfully, once settled, Polo is a smooth, delicious and woodsy aromatic. The most dominant accords to my nose are the pine needles, tobacco, amber and patchouli. It almost smells like a Thierry Mugler fragrance, in that strong, chocolatey kind of a way. I honestly cannot stop sniffing Polo, and I have been utterly enchanted by it since the heavy top notes faded. It's a pity that Polo has decreased in popularity over the years. It still deserves to be at the top. None of my family members nor past lovers ever wore Polo, so I have no nasty associations when smelling it. To me it's new and exquisite. I wouldn't mind wearing it myself, as it's not so masculine that a woman should steer clear of it. I highly recommend.

Eau de Cologne (French: [o d(ə) kɔlɔɲ]; German: Kölnisch Wasser [ˈkœlnɪʃ ˈvasɐ]; meaning Water from Cologne), or simply cologne, is a perfume originating from Cologne, Germany. Originally mixed by Johann Maria Farina (Giovanni Maria Farina) in 1709, it has since come to be a generic term for scented formulations in typical concentration of 2-5% and also more depending upon its. Guilty pleasure , the tiny tittered doses that u must adhere to to make this one wearable are silly how small they are. I really like Loewe Esencia much more it’s more wearable for me being 26 m. Also polo crest (perfume oil) Shop for polo cologne online at Target. Free shipping on orders of $35+ and save 5% every day with your Target RedCard OJuniper.... nothing else... and why oh, why does every man who wears Polo need to bathe in it ? UGH! Kölner Tennis- Und Hockey Club is a field hockey team from Germany, based in Köln. The club was founded in 1906. The club is playing for the season 2019/2020 in the Men's German National Championship

Lately, it seems like every other fragrance either smells too much alike, doesn't perform or starts out unique and then simmers down to the same old base notes. That's where a masterpiece like RL Polo Cologne reminds me of how it used to be.Polo is Yatagan without the bite. The smell of damp, freshly-cut grass in late September, complete with the earthy tinge of wood and soil. There's some old pine needles resting in there, too. I like Polo, but I'm not so sure I would wear it. Other similar fragrances like Quorum and Yatagan can be had for less, and offer just as much, if not more. Men's Underwear, Boxers & Socks. Being well dressed and comfortable starts with men's underwear and socks from Nordstrom. You'll find plenty of choices in your preferred style—from the classic appeal of boxers and briefs to the sporty support of trunks and boxer briefs, and to the less-is-more philosophy of men's thongs Join a legion of hardcore collectors and shop Hard Rock's highly-coveted pin category, boasting rare, limited edition pins from a variety of cities, and some exclusive to our online Rock Shop. Shop The Guitar Hotel. Versatility, collectability and functionality exist at the core of our menswear collection, with designs crafted to help you. This stuff can be great, and it can be horrible. If you use just a light spray on a leather coat on a cool evening it is hard to beat. This stuff can be horrible if you spray a lot, just a little is the only way to wear this.

this is so extremly unsexy, sweet heavy and stinky, so oldfashion that it will reach the retro-status in about 150years from now;) a real erotic-killer! there are so many great classic frag`s for men (acqua di parma for example) on earth... this just smells powdery and cheep oldfashion like an old man of 70 with a liver disease, when i close my eyes while sniffle it... :(Overall a great classic scent, does harken back to a time of country clubs and yachts and such. As MANY have mentioned, just completely stay away from people the first 10-15 minutes to let the scent develop and lose some of its punch. As also mentioned, does seem to morph like a chameleon throughout the day and you will get whiffs of it even in the morning after a day/night of wearing. Not for young guys, or guys wanting to smell like young guys I shoud say....Who wants to smell like a boy band anways?? Give me moss, dirt, manly stuff!

Welcome to the TOM FORD online store. Complimentary shipping and returns. Shop shoes, bags, cosmetics, fragrance, and jewelry for men and women Very classic and old smell. Recommended for men who are over 45 years old. Very sweet, medicinal and full of tobacco. Incidentally, this tobacco is unpleasant. I'd rather get a good deodorant to buy this pefume. This fragrance does not even come close to the 'Polo Black', the best perfume of 'RL'. Anyway, taste is taste. The one's poison can be the other one's remedy.The current version is just pure water like was mentioned earlier. Sillage is zero. Its so weak, that i'm not sure it could even be a skin scent. Don't even think about buying it unless you get a vintage bottle, which i doubt... no one would keep an unused original bottle of this great fragrance.

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  2. Rock You Like The 80's The hallways of my High school were literally shrouded in the green cloud of Polo Green lol. We were kids. Oblivious to the concept of a little goes a long way. Everyone splashing it on just like it was water. I think Polo Green is the greatest and most recognizable scent the Ralph Lauren house will ever produce, ever. Loved it then Love it now. I wear this scent whenever I feel like it.
  3. I had a chance to test a new bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo. It still has that classic bottle but the juice inside is not the powerhouse I remember from the 80's. I don't know if it has been reformulated. The new scent is more refined but a bit spicy than the original and less aromatic. I thought I smelled a hint of lavender from the initial spray.
  4. i agree with Sparks. you need to be really patient for the first hour or so until that strange burnt ash note fades. The middle and base notes are far more pleasant. it lasts quite long; i could smell it on my shirt even after 15 hours!
  5. I like some elements of this fragrance but it's way too dry, hot and spicy for me. They should do a modern remake of Polo, maybe something like this. (Ingredients sorted from most to least prevalent) Polo Deluxe Top: Artemesia, Juniper, Bergamot, Grapefruit Mid: Basil, Thyme, Pimiento, Cloves Base: Pine, Birch, Patchouli, Agarwood, Tobacco, Vetiver
  6. Wife hates it... I love it. I'm 34, love the manliness of it. Exudes all the green wonderful smells of a forest, manly library, and every cool old man you've ever met. Love the stuff... will probably wear it exclusively when I get older.

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  1. If you are looking at this fragrance and never lived through the 1980's, you should consider it in the same context as dark, earthy masculine and mature scents like Chanel's Antaeus or, to a lesser extent, Caron's Yatagan; I mention these two rather than many others because they are, in my opinion, more classic than they are dated. Despite some of the nostalgia (or backlash) you may read in some reviews, Polo deserves some respect for representing the holdout heavy woody chypre. It is a dry, green, patchouli-heavy tobacco-leather combination with almost no sweetness (not a pipe tobacco, but an ashtray cigar...you get used to it) and an herbal cut greens accord that supplies an unexpected classiness and energy...The latter is less apparent in the reformulations than the vintage, but it is still a potent, distinctive and traditionally 'masculine' scent. Worth trying, but if you are new to its context, you must give yourself some time to adjust.
  2. ty green oil, and this re
  3. My other half wears this every day. It is a very harsh tone at first but it lasts all day and all night. I love how he smells.

Smelled this for the first time in a Macy’s. This is the worst fragrance I’ve ever smelled. I’m not sure what went wrong - but I don’t believe people actually wear whatever I smelled.I have sampled this 3 times within the past year. Today was the latest trial. Each time I sampled this fragrance I got a different smell all together. Lets go through the run down. 1. @ Sephora NYC last spring. This was the best version I sampled. It seemed like a dry tobacco was the most prominent note. I hadn't smelled it since the 80s until that moment, Even though it wasn't close to anything that I remember Polo being it was rather decent. I was very close to buying a bottle on the spot. 2. @Sears Tijuana Mexico 7 months ago. It was identical to Walmart's Classic Match Polo Green but the Walmart version trumped this in performance and smell. Verification that my purchase of $7.85 from Walmart was indeed an EXCELLENT buy. 3. @ Macy's Westfield Mall San Diego (today)- The most VILE smell I have encountered from any perfume in the last few years. I don't think the bottle was bad because it was sitting in a nice air conditioned store and they even had the latest Dior Sauvage on display so they must be on top of their inventory. So what did it smell like ? IT literally smelled like someone who has bad breath went to the dentist and had some new crowns put in and left with a metallic filling smell in their mouth. I immediately went to the bathroom to wash it off. You never know what you are going to get with Polo Green these days. Just more verification that Walmart's Classic Match version is the way to go.I managed to get a sort of vintage bottle of Polor (Luxory product ltd. pre-L'oréal) and have a serious note: never spray it on your clothes!!! The juice is so intensively colored green that it will leave your clothes stained especially if you wear white :(

In this day of ambroxan/ aquatic overload, Polo green is a breath of fresh woods! Yes it’s masculine, Yes it’s strong As hell, and yes it will get noticed (for better or worse) Only question is, are YOU man enough to wear this legend? Ralph Lauren is more than just a brand. The name embodies the ideal men's lifestyle, including elegance, sophistication, and culture. The hallmark Polo classic green is a timeless scent that has helped to define popular masculine scents since the late 70s, stemming a line of fragrances that have been helping men to boost their confidence at home and in the workplace for over thirty years

Still a quality fragrance.. but I was a touch infatuated with the tobacco-basil-oakmoss-cedar-patchouli-leather heart and soul of the bottle I had 13 years ago. There was without a doubt a reformulation. Now the leather plays a more central role, with less obvious tobacco, noticeably diminished basil, weak oakmoss. No longer has the wow factor.. but it's still good, just harder for a young man to wear.. and i'm seriously tempted to buy basil and oakmoss oils to layer this with. it's leather-patchouli-tobacco-basil-cedar. still a great combination but yeah. for a man 40's-70's where with the original formula I swear a man of any age from a 15 year old with gravitas up to a 90 year old could pull it off.One of my top five, but I haven't purchased in some time. Another one of the "smells like a man...a real man" EDTs.Quality **** Versatility * Durability **** Sillage ***** Top * Heart *** Base * Final score ** Fragranticans will hide the review, Basenoters will hate me, the fact is dated stuff is dated. Scary scent in that bottle. The good It's an icon, yes. The heart smells like a discontinued EDC from Atkinsons, After Sport, and I do have good memories from it, otherwise it'd get a plain and simple 1 star as final score. I'm unable to detect much of a synthetic vibe but then again I can't really find much in specific within that potent concoction. Longevity is good, sillage is nuclear when sprayed, it does mellow over time. The bad Dated scent, period. The very mature ladies will chase you around for sure: they say it smells like "real men". Fine... Too loud and sharp therefore not versatile. The ugly The best young girl repelent I've found so far, as soon as I sprayed it they all went "eeeeew". The only reason I didn't wash it off was to review it properly. I've smelled it before, and wasn't sure it was classic Polo. Thanks heavens I gave up on a blind on Modern Reserve, it can't be much far from that, even with the tame top notes.I have got to say their was a guy in my high school who wore this every day and it was glorious. It is really a chemistry specific cologne. Well I goes the chemistry always makes things more tantalizing! Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps

Dark, complex, spicy, and masculine. This was one of the few colognes my grandad would wear, definitely has an old-school vibe to it. The smokiness from the leather, cedar, musk, and tobacco notes that come with the drydown makes for one powerhouse of a fragrance. Classic, if a bit dated. Für Eiscafé Marco Polo in Köln sind 152 Bewertungen abgegeben worden. Einen Überblick aller 152 Bewertungen aus 3 Portalen gibt es auf werkenntdenBESTEN.de. über Yelp. am 16. Juni 2019. Das Eiscafe Marco Polo liegt direkt in Köln's Altstadt am Altermarkt

Asier Polo has worked with many of the major international orchestras, such as the Philharmonia Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Orchestr All your favourite designers in one place. Just an hour from Brussels and Antwerp , Maasmechelen Village is home to more than 100 boutiques from the world's leading brands Polo Green by Ralph Lauren 4 oz 120 ml edt Cologne Spray For Men Original Retail Packaging. 4.6 out of 5 stars 236. Polo Eau De Toilette/Cologne Spray By Ralph Lauren for Men, 8 Oz. 4.3 out of 5 stars 310. 2 offers from $115.13. Polo for Men by Ralph Lauren 8 oz Eau de Toilette Spray. 4.4 out of 5 stars 55. Ralph Lauren Polo Variety 4 Piece. Essentiel Antwerp is a unique Belgian fashion brand. It stands for refreshing, offbeat & luxurious fashion. Here you can find your country's Essentiel Antwerp website. Select your country. Products ordered online can only be shipped to an address in the selected region/country

My Vintage bottle arrived today, what a fantastic scent, so happy I found it. The current formulation is good but you can’t beat the Cosmair version. Been after it for years.a powerful masculine perfume with woody dominant scent..long lasting and all round usage.. one of my fave and timeless perfume.. superb..

Polo RL is the kind of essence of what we do and if our hands sampled the fragrance, we will have a pleasant, soothing, fresh, clean, soapy feeling ... Meanwhile, as if they were in the middle of a forest ...... and everything was green around us! We'll raise our hands and we do this again and again and again ............. Excellent perfume! There will always be a bottle for me!I often read that Polo Green is dated, played out, etc. That is just silly. If you liken fragrances to music, which in many ways they do have similarities, the current "hits" aren't necessarily special. They're just current. Polo Green is like a classic rock song. It is and always will be an excellent fragrance. Worthy of being called a classic. Sure I wear current fragrances as well but in most cases as in music, they don't make 'em like they used to. It takes a lot to get the notes right. And some note combinations are one of a kind. That's Polo Green.A timeless & priceless masterpiece that shall carry on for generations to come. Strictly not for teens who recently entered puberty. It's for a mature & confident man. It's not suitable for parties & dates. It is best suited for going to work or meetings. Cigarette smokers will love it.esm87 - I'm in the U.K. too and have a bottle of this from a few years ago, 2012 to be precise. There isn't anything printed on the nozzle or sprayer underneath the cap so no worries about yours being a fake. Boots don't sell fakes. I've seen the word polo written on a bottle on eBay today biut maybe that's just because it's a tester? Anyway, back to the actual fragrance... it's pretty brash and smells American rather than European. It's great to wear in the autumn a summer the leaves come down and it gets colder, not a sexy fragrance but quite classy and exudes confidence. My favourite fragrance from that era along with Versace L'Homme. As an example I'd say a rich and handsome guy like Blake Carrington from Dynasty would rock Polo.

Mature? Yes Old School? Yes Dated? No...classic and evergreen. A fragrance that deserves a place in the collection of everyone who appreciates the evolution of fragrances and how to make a scent smell unique. The green bottle clearly tells you what to expect. It is green and dry with tobacco and leather making it not a fresh...but distinguished fragrance. A person wearing this would come across as confident and decisive due to the mature aura Polo brings to the table Park and Fly Köln has approximately 250 parking spots on a paved parking lot near the Cologne airport. The friendly and flexible business has a reliable shuttle-service, which ensures a great start of your holiday. Your car is safe on the parking lot of Park and Fly Köln during your absence

Pine. Tobacco. Leather. Oakmoss. While the French ideal of masculinity focuses more on style and grace, as exemplified in fragrances such as Chanel Pour Monsieur and Habit Rouge, the American idea embraces the "macho" aspects - no frills, a meat-and-potatoes guy that can fix anything and doesn't have time to be well-groomed or pretty. And, what a better fragrance than Polo to get that message across? Strong, conservative masculinity - a man who sticks by his views and ideals his entire life, in a world where flamboyancy, attention, homosexuality, and self-discovery just don't exist. Polo smells nice, but it's seen more of the world than I have. I'm 20 years old, and millions of men before me have adopted this as their fragrance for life. I appreciate it, but it's not me.Strong old school fragrance. My Mrs hates it but I keep going back to it for more. Not an everyday one for me it has a time and place and will last me for ages. Escape Team is a project by Hemmert UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Fußfallstraße 40, 51109 Köln, Deutschland info@hemmert.eu Handelsregister: Amtsgericht Köln HRB 89986 Sitz der Gesellschaft: Köln Geschäftsführer: Sarah-Carina Hemmert und Fabian Hemmert Apple, the Apple logo, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, iTunes, the.

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I just scored a 16oz bottle of this great fragrance in an auction for 80$ and it's the WarnerLauren juice WOW!! this stuff is much more powerful and smells more natural than the present day Polo.سبزی تند و تلخی که قدیمی نمیشود ----------- Scent & Qualiy: 8/10 Longevity: 8/10 Sillage: 7/10 Creativity & Uniqueness: 8/10 Affordability: 8/10 ----------- Overall: 7.8/10I am currently wearing this scent and it really reminds me of the original version, (I am indeed old enough to have familiarity with the original!). My bottle came from the shelf of my local CVS and the batch code indicates it is from October 2014, damn near three years old - 2 years 9 months 27 days. It opens really strong, smells great, but doesn't seem to last very long on my skin. Sure wish I had some of the original.Ok!!! So i purchased a tester of this frag back in 2012-13. I did not understand the hype behind this as there where better frags in this genre. Recently i was reading reviews of this and i found out that the the production around 2012 was not that great and the resent production is much more closer to rhe vintage. I went today to try the latest production and man what a huge difference!!! The lavish green pine and the minty lush of cigarette tobacco behind it which turns to powdery leather towads the end.. just how a man should smell. Im sure this is going to turn few heads of the opposite gender :D even if not, who cares.. im gonna rock this scent!!A classic masculine fragance, strong, clean and complex. Very green. For those who aren´t afraid of power and substance in a fragance. Do not overaply! Great sillage and longevity.

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